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1.  How to be a Buddha (US$9.99)

This e-book will tell you what it means to be a Buddha. Each Buddha has to go through eons of cultivation of virtues, merit, and perfections as He began his path toward Buddhahood as a commoner similar to us. He had invested much effort and patience in order to attain enlightenment. However, there are many types of Lord Buddha who reborn to the human world from time to time. Most of all, it is important for every human being to be aware that ‘Buddhahood’ lies within everyone whether one is a Buddhist or not. Once you fully cultivate virtues and train yourself until discovering the Buddhahood within you, you can also become an enlightened Buddha.


2.  When Animals Go to Heaven (US$5.95)

This is an e-book for children with stories from the Buddhist Tripitaka about animals who could cultivate virtues and reborn in the better realm, as a celestial being.  Also, there are Buddhist teachings which tell you how to take good care of your animal companions to improve their livings both materially and spiritually.

3.  Dhammotronics (US$10.25)

The systematic correlation between Dhamma, humans, material & immaterial realms, and the existence, explained in scientific and technological phenomena. 


4.  Tips for a Natural Weight Loss

Many people rely on chemical substance, surgery, and complicated ways in order to control their weight. However, weight loss can be achieved easily and naturally simply by implementing easy tips which allow one to improves his or her lifestyle and habits. This book tells you how.