Wat Paknam (Bangkok) - The origin of Dhammakaya Meditation

Facebook: Watpaknam.bkk

Wat Luang Por Sodh - A branch of Wat Paknam in Rajaburi Province (Thailand) where Dhammakaya meditation instruction and retreat are provided to English speakers


Dhammakaya Coach Club - A venue of Dhammakaya coaches led by the Senior Master Karun Boonmaunch and Master Manus Komoltha based in Chantaburi Province, Thailand

Mind Developing & Brightening Club 

Offering Dhammakaya meditation instruction at:

Wat Molee Lokayaram on Arun Amarin Road, Wat Arun Sub-District, Bangkokyai District, Bangkok 10600.  

Contact: Mr. Suchart 089-9691590


Dhammakaya Meditation Class in Hollywood, California, USA.

Instructed by Guru Vasin Sornprasitti (Paul)


Wat Luang Por Sodh, Norway Branch


Wat Mongkoldhammakayaram - A branch of Wat Paknam in Chiangrai Province (Thailand)


Wat Mongkolthep - Located in Bangkhla District, Cha Choeng Sao Province (Thailand)


Suankaew Dhamma Center - A nunnery branch of Wat Paknam in Rajaburi Province (Thailand)

Saddha-Dhamma Foundation - A non-profit Buddhist organization providing Dhamma & meditation instruction, training, and retreat to Buddhist monks and lay devotees in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand


Wat Paknam Japan


Wat Paknam New Zealand


Wat Paknam America


Wat Paknam Michigan, USA             


The On-Line Centre of Dhammakaya Meditation Masters

If you wish to contact us, please visit us or send a regular mail to:

Mr. Pittaya Tisuthiwongse

252/12-15 Jarunsanitwong Rd., Banchanglor,

Bangkoknoi, Bangkok 10700 THAILAND


Mon to Fri / 9.30 am - 5.00 pm


Our Facebook Fan Page:


*** Due to our problems with hackers, we are unable to receive your messages sent via the internet properly.  If you really wish to contact us, please send a regular mail. We would like to apologize for your inconvenience.  However, in case of an urgency, please contact our meditation master via email or telephone at