Chapter 30. The Push & Pull Scenario

Suffering is one of the significant concepts in Buddhist teaching.  As the first one of the Four Noble Truths which comprise of suffering, cause of suffering, cessation of suffering, and path of suffering ending, many Westerners misinterpret the concept as being pessimistic about life.  Indeed, the Buddhist teaching about suffering is to get ‘realistic’ by raising awareness about this truth in order to motivate Buddhists to further their practice to end suffering.  In addition, the true happiness of Nirvana as the end destination is also promising.  According to these teachings, we can conclude the approach as the push & pull scenario in Dhammonomics whereas happiness or bliss in Nirvana can be regarded as a ‘pulling motivation’ whereas the suffering which motivates us to practice Buddhist teachings is a ‘push’ to get away from it.  Thus, the push & pull motivate our mind to achieve enlightenment which is the goal of Buddhism.

- Pirajak S. (formerly Pittaya Wong)

18 Feb 2020