37. Gemstone Kasina

Gemstone Kasina

‘Kasina’ is a meditation practice whereby the practitioners focus their minds at a meditation object such as a crystal ball, earth, water, and fire.  Once the minds are concentrated, it gives rise to ‘jhana’ or meditative absorption, yielding different emotional experiences in meditation. 

Gemstone Kasina is to meditate by focusing one’s mind at a natural gemstone.  The different colours cause different mental experiences and empowerment.  Moreover, the jhana from gemstone kasina can unlock the energy and transcendroid (gemstone guardian) within a gemstone for further utilising whereas such gemstone must be cleansed with meditation power beforehand.

For Buddhist monks, the possessing of gemstones for meditation practice may be inconvenient, so it is recommended that they do gemstone kasina upon a picture of gemstone instead. 

by Pirajak T.S.

18 June 2021