Master Nun Wanjai Chookorn


Reverend Wanjai Chookorn (Archan Maechee Wanjai Chookorn) was born on Saturday, 15 October 1934 in Samutsongkram Province, Thailand.  When she was twelve year old, she had an opportunity to practice meditation with the Most Venerable Phramongkolthepmuni (Luang Por Wat Paknam) for the first time.  Then, in 1952, she was ordained to be a Buddhist nun at Wat Paknam and practiced advanced Dhammakaya meditation with Luang Por at the meditation workshop of Wat Paknam until Luang Por passed away.  Later on, Reverend Wanjai Chookorn established a nunnery center for Dhamma study and meditation practice in Rajaburi province where she runs many religious services and activities to promote peace and the cultivation of virtuous perfections among people from all walks of life.

1944 - Finished Grade 4 at Wat Suan Kaew School in Samutsongkram Province

1945 – Started practicing meditation with Phramongkolthepmuni, the great master of Dhammakaya meditation

1952 - Ordained to be a Buddhist nun at Wat Paknam when she was 18 year old

1958 – Taught Dhamma at Wat Khlong Bho in Rajaburi

1993 – Received an honorary doctorate degree in education from Rajabhat University, Jombueng Campus

1993 – Received the Dhamma wheel trophy from Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn in recognition for her works which benefit Buddhism in term of promoting meditation practice

1994 - Received a certificate and an honorific pin from the Teacher Training Division, Ministry of Education, in recognition for her contribution for building a Buddha shrine for Rajabhat University, Jombueng Campus

1996 - Reverend Wanjai Chookorn Foundation received an honorific plaque from the National Foundation League of Thailand for its running many activities which benefit Buddhism and the public in a broader context

2002 - Received an honorific certificate from the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) in recognition for her dedication as a Buddhist nun who propagates Buddhism

2008 - The Suan Kaew Dhamma Center was selected by the Office of Cultural Affairs of Rajaburi Province to be a leading Dhamma center which is capable of joining the virtues and morality promotion projects.  Its information was publicized in the government’s religious services website at

2008 – Reverend Wanjai Chookorn Foundation was selected by the Division of Religion, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, and Rajaburi Province, according to the ‘Thailand Has Good People Project,’ to be an organization that benefits the local community, sub-district, district, and the province of Rajaburi.

2008 – The Suan Kaew Sunday Dhamma Study Center was selected by the Religious Division, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, and the Sangha of area 15, to be their model Dhamma study center.


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