36. The Timely & Timelessness of Atom

The Timely & Timelessness of Atom

By Pirajak T.S. (Pittaya Wong)



[1]  Electron’s rotation around nucleus is made possible by ‘electro magnetic means’ similar to planets which orbits around the sun in the solar system.  The random revolving of an electron around it’s nucleus causes the atom to depreciate over time.  In addition, the speed of electron itself is the ‘speed of time’ whereas the speed of revolving electron signifies its correlation with rapidity of aging. 


[2] As electron revolves quickly, the rate of aging is faster whilst the slower revolving of electron normally leads to the slower aging for both living and non-living beings.  This is a reason why people of certain races age faster or slower than each other.  Since the functioning of atoms in humans with the electro magnetic means is supervised by the central controller at the solar plexus which conjoins the immaterial karmic programmes energized by the electro merit and sin energy stored within one’s body and carried on over lifetimes, the atoms all over one’s body can be fluctuated by the electrical merit and sin energy. 


[3] When one meditates until one’s body and mind calm down reaching the hibernation state, the electrical system in one’s body becomes more positively settled, causing the electro magnetic system of atoms to turn more stable like the calming down of Solar Storm.  As such, most meditators who can reach hibernation state of body and mind can experience calmness of the mental electricity which consequently leads to the slower speed of electron revolvement and slower aging when comparing to other people.  Moreover, if one can meditate until being able to regulate the immaterial karmic programmes as well as the immaterial merit and sin energy within oneself, one will be able to control atoms in one’s body from the solar plexus. 


[4] To do so, the electron would revolve around nucleus with a certain organised pattern of orbit resulting in the ‘progressive orderly functioning’ of atoms which affects the youthfulness and elderliness of oneself.  However, in the case of a ‘celestial atom’ of celestial beings like angels and the Dharmakaya in the Nirvana, the electron is likely to revolve slowly (in case of celestial beings in heavens) or stop revolving (in case of Dharma-Dhatu or Dharma Element which makes up the Dharma body).  As a result, there is minimal or no depreciation of atoms for angels and Dharma bodies.

[5]  As time flies along the revolving electron around nucleaus, this can be accounted as 'the time flow' at certain speed of electron.  If we can reverse the revolvement of electron around nucleus, it will be possible to reverse the 'time atmosphere.'  However, it is not possible to reverse the revolvement of electron, so we cannot reverse what have been going on.  But if the time atmosphere were to reverse, the electron of time atmosphere must be reversible.   If we are to move at the speed faster than the average revolving speed of electron, we will be able to move faster than time of a certain time atmosphere. 


by  Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)

Founder of www.Meditation101.Org

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