Pirajak's Official Emblem

The Story of Dhamma Suriya Emblem

The Buddhi-Chawala Emblem is the first emblem that inspired Pirajak to create another emblem for himself as the Dhamma Chawala Emblem would become the official logo of www.meditation101.org.

In the beginning, Pirajak had drawn the Dhamma Suriya Emblem as inspired by his own will. There were three drawings which partially resemble each other. The first one has the clockwise swirling in the middle. The second one has the star in the middle. The third one looks like the first and the second one but finished with surrounding bladed discus.

After pondering, Pirajak chose the one with clockwise swirling in the middle which shows that the Dhamma Suriya Emblem is in-line to the Buddhi-Chawala Emblem. Then, he had Mr. Sarawut doing the computer graphic design.

The Dhamma Suriya Emblem is more complicated than the Buddhi-Chawala Emblem, but they share the common core value which is the clockwise swirling in the middle. Next to the middle, there is a solid circle with eight solid lines of ray. This symbolises the radiating sun, followed by the overlapping eight blooming lotus petals which connote the Dhamma and loveliness. Each lotus petal has a star in the middle to reflect the strength of virtues including magga and phala or path and fruition in Buddhism. Finally, there are lines of glorious radiation which make the emblem look like the elegant shining insignia that can be deemed as a big star where a sun is hidden within.

Altogether, the Dhamma Suriya Emblem reflects the Buddhahood which yields the grace of Dhamma which is powerfully spread to all directions by virtue of both strength and loveliness.

Presently, the Dhamma Suriya Emblem has become the personal formal emblem of Pirajak, and it is used in every occasion to represent Pirajak when he makes charitable donations and generous contributions.


By Pirajak Suwapatdecha
(formerly Pittaya Tisuthiwongse)
14 March 2020