Words of Wisdom


        Words of Wisdom

   of Phramongkolthepmuni (Sodh Candasaro)


Curing the body and freed from misfortune, one survives

Attaining Dhammakaya as the by-product is excellent

This wholesome deed is the foremost splendid

May you hold it bright… the crystal that shines



Row and row, my dear child

the business will be over and the lotus will dry

how can you go by any further

without unlocking the key and the fetters



Be confident when you persevere without recklessness

Do your best to control your passion

The wise learns how to stand firm and stay safe

Hence he will be secured in the sea of life



Keep digging if you wish to find water

Digging deeper as there is none when it is shallow

The water will flow when your shovel reaches its place