Chapter 31. Global Economy Healing

In order to sustain the global economy during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, the World Bank as well as national governments need to intervene the international and local markets.  We need the World Bank to cooperate with member nations to settle the agreement to ‘lock’ the currency exchange rates as well as the prices of import and export commodities to prevent inflation that may occur from granting amenity cash given to people by each government as a reimbursement for lack of income during the lock down. 

Every nation can join together to make the ratification that allows national banks to give money to their people whereas the sum amount is granted by the World Bank and backed by laws and statutes as well as other financial instruments in the same way that the U.S. Federal Bank can do to U.S. dollars. 

However, these measures may continue on temporarily until the Covid-19 pandemic can be solved with the discovery of vaccine or necessary medication.

By Pirajak Tisuthiwongse Suwapatdecha

1 May 2020