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The Story of Buddhi-Chawala Emblem


The Buddhi-Chawala emblem which is the iconic emblem of www.meditation101.org was originally designed by Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (formerly Pittaya Tisuthiwongse) and graphically computerised by Mr. Sarawut, a professional Thai graphic designer.

The emblem resembles the ‘fire ball of omniscience’ which Theravadian Buddhist artisans usually add to the top of Buddha statues to symbolise the Lord Buddha’s outstanding wisdom and omniscience power.


In addition to the shape of a fireball, Pirajak adds the swirl in the middle which looks like the rare clockwise encircling of the conch, one of the eight sacred symbols of Tibetan Buddhism.


Also, the clockwise swirling from outside towards the middle connotes ‘the righteousness’ of wisdom, morality, and concentration which altogether lead to ‘the middle way’ in term of Vijja Meditation.


Moreover, the swirling represents the Lord Buddha’s insignia hair line which normally appears on the forehead of every Lord Buddha as the symbol of grace.


Formerly, the Buddhi-Chawala Emblem was the personal emblem of Pirajak, but after he built the www.meditation101.org, he decided to make Buddhi-Chawala Emblem the formal logo of his website in order to connote the work and mission in sharing the knowledge and wisdom from Vijja Meditation and Dhamma practice to people of the world as non-profit activities.

By Pirajak Tisuthiwongse

14 March 2020