Chapter 32. The Appreciation of Merit

The Appreciation of Merit

‘Anumodana’ is the mental, speech, and action of appreciation upon others’ meritorious deeds.  This allows one to earn merit from making one’s mind wholesome and meritorious.  Some people mistaken that ‘anumodana’ is to share merit with others where some one loses merit in exchange with others’ gain.  In fact, the merit earned is not from sharing, but from the mutual meritorious mind.

When one thinks, speak, and act in an appreciative way upon others’ merit, the Karma Programme will process the wholesome appreciative thought, speech, and action, proportionately to the volume and intensity of others’ merit.  Then, the merit energy is calculated, withdrawn from the source, and transferred to the appreciating one.

In addition, the original owner of the merit also earns additional merit energy once he or she recognises and acknowledges the merit appreciation by others, with wholesome and meritorious thought, speech, and action as well.  Thus, the merit is mutually earned whereas the appreciating one can earn as much as 1 to 80% of the original merit earned depending on various factors such as the quality of appreciative thought, speech, and action.

By Pirajak T. Suwapatdecha (formerly Pittaya Wong)

16 June 2020