24. How to Write Quotes

How to Write Quotes
by Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)


First Version: 28 November 2018

Latest Revision: 29 June 2021


1. Find out what inspires us
2. Based on our inspiration, consider the Dharma, fact, philosophy, nature or idea which we wish to reflect, express, or explain
3. Derive a few key words that signify our concept

4. With key words, create incorporating phrases and sentences
5. Find out grammatical potential to render our quote 
6. Do on-line researches to check thesaurus, synonym, antonym, idiom, spelling, sentence structure

7. Being aware of connotation and stereotype, make the best word choice
8. Mix and match, try several ways to arrange the message

9. Try different sentence structures to make all key words fit into phrase and sentence very well
10. Prove and defend the quote if it is true and logical against others’ opinion and criticism

11. Draft the quote
12. Modify, adjust, and revise the quote to be correct and precise
13. Finish our quote by retouching it in details
14. Check on-line if our quote is similar or close to others’ quotes
15. Improve or develop the quote from time to time after our idea becomes more crystallised later on