Season's Greetings 2021 - 2022

Happy Holidays 2021 - 2022!


The year-end and New Year’s holidays are coming soon, and we would like to take this opportunity to exchange gifts with our members and fans.  Selected outstanding quotes of Pirajak are created in the JPEG and PDF format for your download and print-out in the format of either letter or A4 paper size.  The print-out can be laminated or framed to decorate your home or hand to others as gifts. 

We do this free of charge for non-commercial purposes.  In return, we would like to request for your courtesy to voluntarily ‘share’ your favorite materials on our website,, to your family, relatives, friends, and fellows onto your social media.  However, we keep this simple without any monitoring or following up.  We hope you enjoy our quotes and gain mutual benefits.


Best wishes!

Pirajak & Crews


* Quotes are numbered and corresponding dowloadable files are listed below according to the given numbers in both Letter and A4 paper format.


1.      Having a lifelong love is worthy to live a last long life.

2.      Ingredients season our dishes, experiences season our lives.

3.      A good grab or Dharma requires a good grip on Vinaya.

4.      Love is never too early to return, and life is never too late to retry.

5.      Vaccine immunises our bodies, likewise, morality immunises our minds.

6.      Smiling is silver, laughter is gold.

7.      Meditation is an art by its approach and a science by its application.

8.      Our breath can be the formless mantra.