33. How to upgrade a transcendroid (Kaya-Siddhi)

How to upgrade

a transcendroid (kaya-siddhi)

By Pirajak T. Suwapatdecha


Referring to my article about the transcendroid or celestial droid (‘kaya-siddhi’ in Thai), I would like to share the method on how to upgrade them to the level of Buddha-Chakra or Imperial Holiness. Although there are many approaches one can do the upgrade, my method is an uncomplicated one for DIY.
1. Purify the transcendroid with our meditation power and install a lotus bud onto the top of the head.
2. Dress up the transcendroid with the golden imperial decorations ornamented with selected empowering gems.
3. Crown the transcendroid with the superknowledge sphere on the top.
4. Provide the jhana seat to the transcendroid (when moving, turn it into a belt-buckle where the precious bladed discus can be downsized and affixed onto it).
5. Provide the Seven Precious to the transcendroid.
6. Program the precious crystal ball with superknowledge accordingly with the superknowledge sphere, the ornamented gems, the jhana seat, and the six other precious.
7. Place the precious crystal ball into the transcendroid’s heart of machine of right or other.

8. Connect the '-gha' merit energy stream cable(s) to the transcendroid.
9. Various components needed for upgrading the transcendroid can be acquired from meditation masters or specific realms by ways of exchanging or trading.
10. This method is copyrighted by Pirajak Tisuthiwongse Suwapatdecha of the Golden Lineage, on behalf of the Bodhi Clan.  

Appendix: Q&A on Transcendroid Upgrading

(A)  What should we do when upgrading a transcendroid whose original creator is still aggressive?

In this case, we may use the method of ‘flipping the element & essence’ and lock them firmly.  However, if one is uncertain that the locking will be good enough, one may choose to fill the transcendroid with black element and turn him into the wholesome essence.  Please ask the black crystal ball shown on our website www.meditation101.org for assistance. (20 April 2020)

(B)  Another approach for locking the element & essence of a transcendroid is to lock the transcendroid’s machine with the Seven Precious, especially the Precious Bladed Discus which spins clockwise.  It is recommended that one can provide as many as three Precious Bladed Discuses in a row to spin at different speed below the transcendroid’s base.  The different speed of many Precious Bladed Discuses will make sure that the interval of machine’s motion will be minimized.  When the transcendroid’s machine conjointly operates with the motion of Precious Bladed Discuses, it is more likely that the transcendroid’s machine will work soundly and clockwisely, in a more wholesome way; otherwise, the transcendroid’s machine will agitate or crack. (20 April 2020)

(C)  Referring to my suggestion to program the superknowledge over the superknowledge sphere, the multi-color gems, and the six other Precious, it is to stipulate the Right & Power onto the whole system of transcendroid.  This seems like the superknowledge instruction.  If one cannot do it by oneself, one may seek for assistance from other competent transcendroids who can supervise superknowledge among transcendroids.  (Please contact Wat Luang Phor Sodh Dhammakayaram in Thailand where transcendroids who are superknowledge supervisors are available in Buddha amulets)  Otherwise, please contact superknowledge meditation masters to get yourself assisted.  (20 April 2020)

(D)  When upgrading a transcendroid, in order to prevent the creator of transcendroid to bring back or intervene the transcendroid’s functioning during our use, we may negotiate with the transcendroid’s creator by paying merit energy, providing superknowledge, or upgrading the topmost original transcendroid of the creator in an exchange for disconnecting the controlling cable.  Then, our transcendroids will solely belong to us and be fully under our supervision.  (21 April 2020)

(E) Normally, the creators of transcendroids have different objectives in creating and sending the transcendroids to do their duties.  For example, the hermits who create the Sacred Metal (Lek-Lai) and hide them in caves.  When the Sacred Metals are called and brought out from their concealment, the hermits who created them and already passed away to the celestial realm would control the Sacred Metals by sending power and energy, so that the transcendroids can protect and assist the human owners.  For example, some transcendroids are very helpful in leading the human owners to deepen into jhana or meditative absorption.  If the human owners wish to disconnect the controlling cable, the human owners have to negotiate with the hermits who are creators.  Otherwise, when the human owners pass away, the transcendroids will change the owners by the creators’ will and continue their duties until they find out the superknowledge  masters or achieve the mission.  If the transcendroids continue to exist until the world breaks down, the hermits will call the transcendroids back to their celestial realms where they can transfer the superknowledge or power that the transcendroids gain from human owners.  So, the functioning of a transcendroid is like ‘helping and gaining benefits in return.’

(F)  The transcendroid-items like the Sacred Cave-Metals (Lek-Lai) are just the celestial droids of hermits.  But some hermits add their ‘selves’ into the items.  However, this approach is not widespread because the human owners who have superknowledge may ‘steal the selfhood’ of the hermits or manipulate it, and this may cause troubles to the hermits who create the transcendroid-items.  Mostly, the hermits or superknowledge masters would create the transcendroids and empower them as well as transferring some superknowledge, so the transcendroids will be capable enough to work.  This is like the Buddhist Masters who build Buddha amulets and bless the amulets to protect, secure, and help the amulet owners in many ways, without becoming ones with amulets by themselves, but with some exceptions solely depend on the transcendroid creators .  (21 April 2020)

(G) In order to promote the rank and competency of a transcendroid to become the ‘Imperial Holiness’ or ‘Buddha-Chakra,’  there is one more tip that I wish to share.  It is to decorate the transcendroid with ‘stars’ in the same manner that we do with multi-color gems.  Hence, the method for acquiring the stars with superknowledge and meditation power is more or less difficult similar to the acquiring of gems.  However, if we wish to acquire the stars by way of physical deed, we can do so by making donation or contribution to receive the [royal] decorations where the rules and regulations differ from nation to nation.  Once we receive the [royal] star decorations, we can designate to our transcendroids to make them even more superb and mighty. (21 April 2020)

(H)  The [transcendental] ‘Star’ that we acquire from a [Royal] star decoration is empowered by the nation’s nurturers or securing angels.  Although our planet were to reach the end and break down, the superknowledge master can still ‘lock’ the energy received.  This is similar to a college diploma received prior to the college’s dissolvent , but the Ministry of Education still verify the diploma to continue bearing its full right.  Likewise, the celestial world has the realms that can verify the right and power given by the nations’ securing angels. (21 April 2020)

(I)  The star decoration of a nation may have more or less power according to the boundary of sovereignty.  If the receiver of a star decoration is within the boundary of a nation who bestows such star and title, the receiver will have full dignity, right, and power, as given by the state angels.  When the star receiver goes to another nation, the dignity, right, and power will be decreased and limited.  This is similar to a Thai who lives in Thailand, (s)he has full right as a Thai citizen.  When (s)he moves to another nation, the right is limited depending on the laws of such nation made possible by the securing angels.  We can exemplify the Thai ambassador who has full authority at the Thai embassy abroad, with less authority outside the embassy, as permissible by the laws of designated nation.  (21 April 2020)

(J) Yesterday, I wrote about designating ‘stars’ to our transcendroids by ways of acquiring from either the [Royal] Star Decorations or superknowledge means. Some may doubt if we can designate the sun and the moon to adorn the transcendroids. I think the acquiring of the sun and the moon with superknowledge can be a bit difficult, but it is still possible for some competent superknowledge masters. Otherwise, we have to look for the [Royal] Sun or Moon Decorations, as we can divide the decorations’ celestial power and designate to the transcendroids. We may also need to ‘lock’ the power and ‘disconnect’ the controlling cord where negotiation with the nation’s angels who incorporated such decoration is a must. However, the sun and the moon decorations are rare with exception to Japan who has the ‘Order of the Rising Sun.’ The celestial power of this decoration can be tremendous, but the opportunity to have it granted to commoners can be rare.  (22 April 2020)

Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Rising_Sun

(K)  In order to upgrade a transcendroid to be the 'Dharma Chakkavatti,' we can do so by installing the lotus bud or the flame of omniscience obtained from the Dhammakaya of Lord Buddhas by way of exchanging whereas the sphere of superknowledge is removed and charged into the crown instead.  (11 May 2020)

(L) What does it take to turn a transcendroid into a Buddha-Chakkavatti (the Holy Imperial Body)?

There are many approaches as we can do it with the right & power from the crown and ornaments, colourful gems, and superknowledge.  However, my recommendation is to use the Precious Bladed Discus from the Nirvana to naturalise the transcendroid.  We can do so by acquiring the crystal sphere from the middle of the Precious Bladed Discus and install the crystal sphere into the heart of transcendroid’s Machine of Right.  Hence, the transcendroid will be turned into a Buddha-Chakkavatti.  Moreover, in term of the Dharma-Chakkavatti, we install the ‘lotus bud top’ from a Lord Buddha’s Dhammakaya as mentioned earlier.  (12 May 2020)

(M) If we can modify a transcendroid with various items to turn him into a Buddha-Chakkavatti, why don’t we just invite the Buddha-Chakkavatti transcendroid from the celestial realm like Nirvana?

To answer this question, I would like to refer to my earlier explanation that the modifying of a transcendroid is suitable for the ‘upward modification.’  This means that we modify the transcendroids on earth created by the hermits, wizards, sorcerers, and vijja masters such as the petrified and metalized items which are more robust than the transcendroids created in the celestial realms.  However, the transcendroids in the human world usually have some basic superknowledge installed by the hermits, wizards, sorcerers, and vijja masters, but the trade-off is that they are not as clean as those of the celestial realms, so it takes extra work to purify and modify them.  

(12 May 2020)

(N)  How can the transcendroid acquire superknowledge or vijja by himself?

I would like to recommend to installation of the magnifier and telescope (please see more details in the Supernormal Magga & Phala Vol.2) from a senior Dhammakaya or Chakkavatti, so the transcendroid will be able to investigate superknowledge more competently by himself.  The superknowledge sphere can be placed on the transcendroid’s palm so he can save the superknowledge he found from investigation automatically like an AI or Artificial Intelligence.  In addition, superknowledge masters can provide the transcendroid with magnifier and telescope in various colors so the transcendroid can investigate superknowledge from different lineages of color.  To enable the transcendroid to instruct the superknowledge, we have to add the ‘sphere of superknowledge authority’ to the transcendroid.  The sphere may be added to the body of transcendroid directly or to the transcendroid governing body who is hidden in the secured realm where a row bodies are chained and linked to the interface-transcendroid in the human world. Thus, the authority of superknowledge can be safely directed and transferred from the secured realm.  (13 May 2020)

(O)  Is there any shortcut to enable the transcendroid to instruct superknowledge without adding the ‘authority of superknowledge’ into the body of transcendroid?

Different superknowledge masters may have different methods, but my suggestion for DIY is to acquire the ‘superknowledge throne’ where the transcendroid can be seated and instruct superknowledge.  The superknowledge throne is a transcendental item created by the superknowledge master of Wat Luang Phor Sodh Dhammakayaram in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand, where the statue of Throned Chief Lord Buddha of the Nirvana Realm is built to preside and govern the superknowledge sphere.  This throne is created with the designating rank, right, and authority over the superknowledge.  The transcendroid can be seated on the throne and stay alone in a superknowledge boundary; otherwise, the transcendroid governing body in the secured realm can be seated instead.  Moreover, subordinating transcendroids can be added to surround the throne in order to exercise the superknowledge together according to the instruction.  In addition, owners of transcendroids can also establish the ‘meditation factory’ by preparing a container, space, or altar where the item of throned transcendroid is placed in the middle and surrounded by other subordinating transcendroid items, so they can work on the superknowledge together upon the request and direction of the transcendroid items’ owner.  However, the throned transcendroid must be taught to investigate and instruct superknowledge as well as doing the mudra (optional).  The author would like to mention that the transcendroids’ power from exercising the superknowledge may be ‘lighter’ than the robust human body of superknowledge masters with some exception, but the transcendroids can be very helpful as they do not get exhausted or need to rest like humans.  (13 May 2020)

(P)  The lotus-bud-top which is placed on the top of the transcendroid's crown can empower the Dharma-energy which makes the transcendroid wholesome.  However, in case that we wish to reserve the top of the crown for some other item like the jhana sphere, superknowledge sphere, or the dart-peak, the lotus-bud-top can be transformed into blooming lotuses that form levels of the crown instead. (13 May 2020)

(Q)  Upgrading the transcendroid’s Seven Precious

According to my earlier article about Chakkavatti-transcendroid that, normally, a Chakkavatti has the seven precious in his possession and control.  Some Chakkavatti, either a human or transcendroid, has more than one level and/or one set of seven precious.  Moreover, it is possible that a Senior Grand Chakkavatti Lord can have the seven precious who are also Chakkavatti themselves.  As such:

(Q1) The Noble General is the Noble General Chakkavatti Lord.

(Q2) The Noble Lord of Gem/Crystal is the Noble Gem/Crystal Chakkavatti Lord.  (in the form of a crystal ball or a human or celestial body who supervises crystal balls)

(Q3) The Noble Lord of Treasury is the Noble Treasury Chakkavatti Lord.

(Q4) The Noble Lady or Gentleman is the Noble Chakkavatti Lady or Gentleman.

(Q5) The Noble Elephant is the Noble Chakkavatti Lord of Elephant.  (in the form of an animal or human or celestial body who supervises elephants)

(Q6) The Noble Steed is the Noble Chakkavatti Lord of Steed.  (in the form of an animal or human or celestial body who supervises steeds)

As for the precious bladed discus, it must be supervised and controlled by the Chakkavatti Transcendroid who owns the seven precious himself for the sake of security.  After we upgrade the seven precious to become Chakkavatti, the Chakkavatti Transcendroid who owns the seven precious will become more powerful in manifold.  However, the authority per rank should be assigned appropriately in order to avoid the mishappening among transcendroids and to smoothen the authorizing among them. (15 May 2020)

(R) The Advanced Transcendroid Upgrading

The advanced upgrading of transcendroid can be done by allowing the transcendroid to put on the Magnificent Jeweled Ornament Set (Mani-Lankara) and the Swan Suit (Hangsa-Lada), depending on the capacity of each transcendroid.  Mani-Lankara is the set of jeweled ornaments which is primarily called ‘Lada’ of which the gems can be in one color or multi-colors.  The colors of gems are related to the superknowledge capability associated to the superknowledge from different lineage of colors.  The full set of Mani-Lankara can be divided into three levels ranging from Culla-Mani-Lankara (the small set), Maha-Mani-Lankara (the medium set), and Adhi-Mani-Lankara (the big set).  In addition, the transcendroid who puts on Mani-Lankara can also possesses the Mani-Chakra or the jeweled precious bladed discus which enables the transcendroid to becomes more competent in the superknowledge from different lineages of colors as well as the capacity to battle with others from different origins.

In addition to Mani-Lankara, Hangsa-Lada is like an armor suit.  Normally, a superknowledge master who has exceptional power can order to explode others.  However, when one or a transcendroid puts on Hangsa-Lada or the Swan Suit, others will not be able to order the explosion upon him or her.  Ones or transcendroids who put on Mani-Lankara and Hangsa-Lada need to have enough dhatu or element in order to sustain them; otherwise, they have to remove some parts of the ornaments and suit to reduce the feeling of being weighty in the insight.  (16 May 2020)

(S)  The details on how to upgrade a transcendroid I have explained so far is almost like an epic.  One important issue that I almost missed is about the robe-fabric of a Dhamma body, a Chakkavatti body, or a transcendroid.  The robe-fabric can have significant impact upon the exercising of superknowledge and battlement as the good fabric causes one to feel ‘insightfully light and comfort.’  Some superknowledge schools or temples have their own pattern design of robe-fabric to distinguish themselves from others.  There are many kinds and grades of robe-fabric.  The best fabric is ‘Suriya-Rangsi’ or ‘the Sun Ray’ which is very smooth and soft, causing the wearer to feel lighter and more comfortable.  However, some Chakkavatti Lords do not put on robe on the upper part of their body, but they wear ornaments only.  This depends on the preference of each Chakkavatti Lord, as some of them are gentle whereas some others are more aggressive.  (17 May 2020)