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More than a thousand of quotes shown on this webpage are the work of Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (former-name/pen-name: Pirajak Suwapatdecha, Pittaya Tisuthiwongse, Pittaya Wong) which Pirajak has rendered from his own knowledge and experience in Buddhism and Vijja Study.  Most quotes reflect Pirajak’s mental 'bipolar disorder' which causes Pirajak to always compare and contrast between the two extremes while 'mania episode' motivates Pirajak to keep working with devotion. 

The original version of these quotes had been written from 2013 to the present without a formal copyright, but the latest revised version as of 30 June 2021 onward are now copyrighted with a permission, herewith, allowing everyone to use for non-commercial purposes.  

Pirajak wishes to confirm that he never intends to copy others’ works, but it is possible that some of Pirajak’s quotes may be close or similar to someone else’ quotes by chance, whether they are already in the public domain or not.  If it happens that others’ quotes predate Pirajak’s version, Pirajak is willing to claim no copyright upon such work pieces.

 Please enjoy! 

1.            Battle with our own ill-will to avoid being evil. Settle our mind in the tranquil to devoid the devil. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

2.            Flowers bloom with the sunlight.  Our minds bloom with the enlight. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

3.            Prayer is like a balm cream while meditation is like a vaccine.  Please take both to reduce our medicine.  (Revision/Pirajak T./25 June 2021)

4.            Wishing to get a big diamond, our minds turn smaller. Wishing to give a big diamond, our minds turn bigger. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021) 

5.            Do only good deeds, not the bad.  If heaven and hell exist, we won’t be sad. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 Junue 2021)

6.            Buddhist doctrine is like Algebra, and Vijja is like Calculus.  Belief is not must, but verification is always welcome. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

7.            Making merit together, we will be company in good time.  Making demerit altogether, we will accompany in difficult time. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

8.            Reason makes our action rational. Emotion makes our action seasonal. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

9.            Humans were created equal but differentiated by the immoral.  (Pirajak T.)

10.         Feathers make chicken nice, monks are alike with celibacy. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

11.         If people of the world ‘give’ more than ‘get,’ there will be a global surplus which leads to the universal surprise.  (Pirajak T.)

12.         Neither glad nor sad, whether it is good or bad.  We have to maintain our ‘equilibrium.’  (Pirajak T.)

13.         Only good deeds please our Goodness! (Revision/Pirajak T./30 Jun 2021)

14.         If we don’t know grammar, our English is broken.  If we don’t know Karma, our lives are worsen. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)  

15.         Greed is like glue, the more we use, the more attachful we become.  (Pirajak T.)

16.         Everything is impermanent including the impermanence. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

17.         Learning from the right, we know what to do.  Learning from the wrong, we know what to undo.  Learning from the two, we avoid to be fool and become truly wise.  (Pirajak T.)

18.         Losing everything but your promise, keeping nothing but your inner peace.  (Pirajak T.)

19.         Facing with either loss or gain and praise or defame, we should learn to remain indifferent. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

20.         Maximise tranquility and minimise anxiety, this is the ideal of Buddhist economy. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

21.         Mum’s love is so true whether it is registered, unlike our partner whose love may be registered but can turn awful. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

22.         Perfecting ourselves, not others, is the very key to Buddhist perfection. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

23.         A good one is qualified when one admires others’ goodness. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

24.         Humans are like a Russian nestling doll with layers of transcendental bodies inside. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

25.         When we say a lot, it means nothing.  When we say nothing, it means a lot. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

26.         Sometimes, the messy is better than the missing. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

27.         The virtuous takes insignificant misdeeds as considerable.  The unvirtuous takes considerable misdeeds as insignificant. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

28.         Our best friend may not be the one whom we like the most, but he or she is the one who guides us the right path regardless of our favour or disfavour. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

29.         Being alone with defilement, it’s lonesomeness.  Being alone with contentment, it’s peacefulness.  (Pirajak T.)

30.         Simple… but capable!  (Pirajak T.)

31.         Throughout the Existence, we can reach eternity only when our mind is independent. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

32.         Carrots make us healthy.  Meditation makes us happy. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

33.         In Buddhism, it is the perfection of virtues we pursue which cannot be valued by any material belongings. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

34.         When we do charity, we aim at benefit, not profit. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

35.         More or Rest…  (Pirajak T.)

36.         Thinking of ourselves as extraordinary, we are ordinary.  Thinking of nothing only, we are good devotees. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

37.         Be smiley like Thais… be polite like British… be stylish like Italian… be brilliant like Jewish… be abliss like Bhutanese… be creative like American… be one like Singaporean…. Be patient like African… be undrunk like Arabian… be a world cup champion like Argentine… be diligent like Chinese… be the one who does good deeds anyway.  (Pirajak T.)

38.         Between love and hatred, both are attachments.. But if we have to choose, we should love hence.  (Pirajak T.)

39.         A cent is much if we are innocent, but tens may be too little if we lack contentment. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

40.         As sensual stimulants motivate our mental defilements, take them as a vaccine which alerts the moral antibody of our minds. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

41.         A billion is not enough, if we are over-desirous.  A trillion is not much, if it is lesser than our demand. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

42.         An apology is better than an excuse.  An improvement is hence the best of all. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

43.         Along the Middle Way, the Dharma wheel takes us to the Nirvana. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

44.         Love without lust is very much like the unrusted gold.  (Pirajak T.)

45.         The Carpenters are the craftsmen of music. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

46.         The true Dharma makes us friendlier to the environment, as well as brotherly and sisterly to the nature. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

47.         Live your life wholesomely and virtuously overcome your problems.  This is the essence of perfections.  (Pirajak T.)

48.         The essence of perfection is to correct our own defects, not others’. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

49.         Money can buy so many things except the time lapse.  (Pirajak T.)

50.         Meditation in process. Peace in progress… feeling the ‘Everest.’  (Pirajak T.)

51.         If you tell the truth only your mind will become powerfully truthful.  Don’t worry that you’ll be like a fool as you can be wisdomful from telling the truth.  (Pirajak T.)

52.         The trick of being truthful is to make it true without troubling ourselves. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

53.         Once you know the secret, isn’t it challenging to remain quiet?  (Pirajak T.)

54.         Once we know a secret, do our best to keep quiet. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

55.         The more kindness you have, the more kindful you are.  The more truth you tell, the more truthful you become.  The more care you give, isn’t it the more careful you should be?  (Pirajak T.)

56.         The more kindness we have, the more kindful we are. The more truth we tell, the more truthful we become. The more care we give, isn’t it more careful we should be? (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

57.         Among all of the Lord Buddha’s teachings, ‘recklessness’ prevails.  Hold on to it consistently, and your Dhamma path will go well safely.  (Pirajak T.)

58.         Among all of the Lord Buddha’s teachings, non-recklessness prevails. Hold on to it, and our Dharma path will be derailed.  (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

59.         Keep up with simplicity, although you’ve made many possibilities.  (Pirajak T.)

60.         Keep up with humility, although we can make much incredibility. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

61.         Saying things considerably true, you are truly considerable.  Saying things misleadingly unreliable, you and unreliably misleading.  (Pirajak T.)

62.         The uncompromised truth that hurts is better than the white lie that heals. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

63.         We do good deeds to decrease defilements and strengthen our virtues.  (Pirajak T.)

64.         A mistake can be forgiven, but it should not be left without improvement. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

65.         Doing good deeds in time of trouble, the merit received is more than double.  (Pirajak T.)

66.         Speech is silver.  Silence is golden.  Document is diamond.  (Pirajak T.)

67.         If you feel like ‘never mind,’ you will never cry.  (Pirajak T.)

68.         With low profile, the non-esteem can contributes to higher efficiency. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

69.         The Goodness we trust.  The Goodness we treat. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

70.         With benevolence, our minds are softened.  With violence, our minds are hardened.  With any intent, it affects our mental content.  (Revision/Pirajak/25 June 2021)

71.         Enlightenment is not by chance, but the fruition of one’s lengthy cultivation of virtues. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

72.         Gossipers just make noise, but they don’t make sense.  (Pirajak T.)

73.         Sometimes, one’s bad deed is the trade-off for our good deed, and the sin one earns means the merit we gain. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

74.         Wisdom is like our right hand while faith is the left, if they are together, we do better-off. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

75.         It may be right that God exists, but it is the interpretation of God which I resist.  (Pirajak T.)

76.         A nice guy comes with a bright mind.  (Pirajak T.)

77.         If law is rewarding to people as much as punishing, its impact will be astounding.  (Pirajak T.)

78.         Merit is like vitamin, and sin is like amphetamine.  Meditation is kind of vaccine.  Let’s make merit and meditate to reduce our medicine.  (Pirajak T.)

79.         Merit is like vitamin & sin is like toxin.  Let’s make merit only to keep a healthy body & mind. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

80.         The impermanence can be impermanent, this is possible with our superknowledge from enlightenment. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

81.         Although we’ve done many good deeds, don’t take it for granted that we can do any misdeed.

82.         (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

83.         Kilesa is like a virus attachment.  If our minds don’t click to open, they won’t be defiled, hence.

84.         (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

85.         Clinging to the conditioned, we’re attached. Achieving mental unification, we’re detached. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

86.         With meditation, we insightfully see and intuitively know as our mental refinement grows. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

87.         No pay.. no gain.  No play.. no game.  (Pirajak T.)

88.         It is well to learn from the wise.  It is also nice to learn from the fool. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

89.         Our breath can be the formless mantra.  (Pirajak T.)

90.         If God is too busy and all the saints are unavailable, we should learn to be ‘self-dependable.’  (Pirajak T.)

91.         A prayer is heard better when meditation is the heart of worshipper. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

92.         The cultivation of virtues is the true duty of mankind.  (Pirajak T.)

93.         Everyone can give away as if everyday is Christmas day.  (Pirajak T.)

94.         Giving with compassion is the civilisation of mind. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

95.         ‘Meditation’ is the peaceful unification of mind.  (Pirajak T.)

96.         When faith is not from right understanding, it can be from wrong understatement. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

97.         Upon right mental unification, we can unlock the gateway to Nirvana. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

98.         The heart of gold is the qualification to heaven. The qualification to our ultimate goal of Nirvana is the Noble Eightfold Path. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

99.         The devil motivates our views. The angel persuades our wishes.  Both compete to vanquish, be mindful to relinquish our ill-will. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

100.      Make merit with good intents only; otherwise, we may end up being meritoriously discontent. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

101.      Why longing for the promising heaven, as we can enjoy great bliss today from meditainment. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

102.      The Lord Buddha’s final teaching is ‘non-recklessness’ which is, thus, ‘mindfulness.’  (Pirajak T.)

103.      All about Buddhism is ‘righteousness.’  (Pirajak T.)

104.      Having self-realisation first, gaining comprehension upon others later. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

105.      In pursuit of Buddhist perfections, success is based on the level of virtues cultivation.  (Pirajak T.)

106.      Why keep wandering and wondering around this and those planets? Make ourselves at home and start meditation journey with masters’ journals on our tablets. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

107.      The utopia occurs when our civilisation is advancedly moralised and materialised in harmony achievable not by chance but destined perfection. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

108.      The Lord Buddha of Foremost Elements is ‘God,’ the origin, and messengers are either enlightened or unenlightened. (Revision/Pirajak T./30 June 2021)

109.      The art of construction is architecture. The art of writing is literature. Adding art to something, its value is superior. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

110.      The engineers are created equal, but the architects are occasional.  If one is both an architect and engineer, one’s creation can be supernatural.  (Pirajak T.)

111.      ‘Enlightenment’ is the end of mental darkness and the success of virtue cultivation.  (Pirajak T.)

112.      Regressing our misdeeds.. progressing our good deeds, and keeping our mind at peace.  (Pirajak T.)

113.      Wisdom is the combination of ‘knowledge’ and ‘understanding.’  (Pirajak T.)

114.      Water flows… wind blows… pines grow… Oh, make your life slow.  (Pirajak T.)

115.      As time is endless, timelessness is the end. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

116.      Lord Professor Buddha is the Holy wise. Lord Professor Chakkavatti is the mighty wise. Their wisdom is greater than others beyond twice. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

117.      The common problem of smart people is over-confidence which prevents them from welcoming advices and becoming truly wise.  (Pirajak T.)

118.      The power of faith can be boundless, even though it’s groundless. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

119.      Buddhivilisation is the ideal society where people practice the Noble Eightfold Path which leads to the mutual material & spiritual development. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

120.      Materialists live their lives like the sand castle along the sand clock. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

121.      Time is an important fraction of any equation of logic.  If something is claimed to be true, time will prove it. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

122.      From macro to micro formation, everything in the cycle of birth is subject to decomposition. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

123.      Never get over-concerned of our belonging, but our behaving. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

124.      ‘Honesty’ is the pillar of any home.  (Pirajak T.)

125.      The tranquility of our minds contribute to the clarity of our mental eyes. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

126.      Keep our demand lower than the market supply. Keep our desire satisfied with contentment. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

127.      When facing the constraint in merit making, invest our effort regardless of any discomfort. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

128.      Being humble, our minds are gentle. Being simple, our minds are untangled. As such, our minds become subtle, and enlightenment is possible. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

129.      Our minds can be flexible like fluid or tough like solid, it’s all up to us to turn it. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

130.      The slower of our lives, the faster of our insights.  (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

131.      With meditation, mental detoxification is made possible. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

132.      If we ordain our body without ordaining our mind, the result is a monk body with a monkey mind.  (Pirajak T.)

133.      Years after years, pundits adhere to the Dharma regardless of changing phenomena. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

134.      Along with pundits can be meritorious. Along with bandits can be disastrous. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

135.      Bodily beauty doesn’t last forever, like fresh flowers that finally decay. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

136.      An excuse is nothing new as much as nothing now. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

137.      Thoughts make our minds heavy, and meditation is to empty our minds. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

138.      Without thought, our mind turns light.  Without light, our mind turns dark.  (Pirajak T.)

139.      Just say no to drugs. Just say yuck to alcohol. Just say no more to cigarette. Just say all of that to ourselves. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

140.      We become lonely at once when there is no one we can trust.  (Pirajak T.)

141.      Like a diamond with good clarity, purity, karat, and fire, meditation cleanses, clears, refines, and empowers our minds. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

142.      Merit & sin are both essential and elemental. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

143.      Everything is essences which embed into elements. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

144.      Throughout the Existence, there are only three major components namely the wholesome, the unwholesome, and the neutral essence. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

145.      If we wish to give without an expectation to get, forgiving yields the result which we will not forget. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

146.      Rumors are common for rulers.  (Pirajak T.)

147.      To become a Holy Saint, we have to wholly eradicate our defilements.  (Pirajak T.)

148.      To remain ‘innocent,’ remove the sensual desire from our essences. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

149.      The very goal of merit making is to keep our minds meritorious, but the mistake occurs when we make our minds desirous. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

150.      With the heart of gold, we can smoothly grow superknowledge.  (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

151.      If we have more success without ego, we will have less sorrow from the regress. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

152.      Being rich and humble is more difficult than being simple and poor.  (Pirajak T.)

153.      Resolution is like a life agreement, if we lack prudence, we may end up in difficulty. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

154.      We will excel in superknowledge if we dwell in good conducts. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

155.      Our lives comprise of both the astral and the physical. They correlate from the very transcendental. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

156.      Let go our ego, never look down upon others because of our superior Dharma practices and conducts. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

157.      Wisdom is our comprehendability upon knowledge gained from learning, thinking, and meditating. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

158.      Our own minds are the keys which can unlock the gateway to Nirvana with mental unification. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

159.      Buddhists’ core value is righteousness whilst Buddhism is the incorporation. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

160.      Every missionary has the mission to make oneself as well as others being wholesome. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

161.      Meditation is to bring our minds back home without roaming into the sensual attractions.  (Pirajak T.)

162.      Heading upstream against the worldly, we become Holy.  Heading downstream along the sensuality, we are like anybody.  (Pirajak T.)

163.      Our life is all about the Three Essences and the Six Elements in the process of Dependent Origination.  (Pirajak T.)

164.      Let’s make ourselves cosy as it encourages enlightenment.  (Pirajak T.)

165.      Enlightenment can happen anytime whenever and wherever our mental components unify.  (Pirajak T.)

166.      Meditation is to shampoo our minds followed by the unconditioner. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

167.      Right view is the very foundation of Buddhist practice developed on mindfulness as the common ground. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

168.      Righ view dominates the right one. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

169.      The interface of our world is simple, but its internal is complex. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

170.      Among Saints, the eradication of defilements can be equal, but the achievement of omniscience is not. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

171.      With jhana, our minds can do resting as much as raiding. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

172.      Vinaya is the matter of prevention.  Dharma is the matter of promotion.  We practice them with an aim for liberation.  (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

173.      Prayer is like a balm cream whilst meditation is a vaccine.  Let’s pray and meditate to reduce our medicine.  (Pirajak T.)

174.      Human bodies are ‘end user stations,’ and we fight with the evil to acquire administration. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

175.      Our future can turn terrible or terrific, it depends on us to destine it. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

176.      Without fulfilled merit cultivation, meditation leads to path but not yet the fruition. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

177.      Elements are quantitative.  Essences are qualitative.  Altogether, they are objective. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

178.      Never think of ourselves as superior, inferior, or comparable to others since the juxtapositions lead to mental displeasure. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

179.      Meditate without an expectation, we can always enjoy every session. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

180.      Our minds are rusty, when we are lustful. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

181.      Life without navigation makes us live without good discretion. Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

182.      Without the Buddha’s powerful insight, the hidden secret of life would not have been revealed. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

183.      Love lasts further as long as the contributing factors do not cease. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

184.      Marketing stimulates demand, meditating eliminates it. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

185.      With the heart of gold and the soul of diamond, let’s keep our own goodness true and common. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

186.      The Triple Gem excels all other worldly precious.  (Pirajak T.)

187.      When we are full of thoughts, our minds are heavy.  When our minds are empty, we fell mentally light. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

188.      A grain of sand can house the whole universe.  In reverse, the universe is the home of sand terrains. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

189.      The same knowledge with different comprehension results in a variety of cognition. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

190.      Generosity is the heartfelt energy which we can accumulate. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

191.      To experiment the angel and devil in our mind, place a Buddhist scripture or Bible in front of us and a nude magazine next to it.  Look at the two and feel the competition between the wholesome and the unwholesome to find out which party is stronger or weaker in our minds. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

192.      Accumulated merit is crystallised into perfection. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

193.      ‘Love’ makes us belong to a ‘home.’  (Pirajak T.)

194.      Moral Discipline (sila) develops our Behavioral Quotient.  Meditation (Samadhi) develops our Emotional Quotient.  Wisdom (panna) develops our Intelligence Quotient.  Altogether, they enable our enlightenment experience.  (Pirajak T.)

195.      Patience is angelic. Equanimity is Brahmic. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

196.      To extract the Buddhist doctrines, we exclude its incorporating tradition and culture. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

197.      To immune our minds, we accept mild mental defilements and attempt to overcome them with virtues. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

198.      All Buddhist Saints have permanent immunity against mental impurity. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

199.      Fight with our own mental impurity first, then fight with others’ later. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

200.      When truth is a religion, fact is it’s doctrine. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

201.      Whether Buddhism is a fact or fiction, we should practise Buddhism for verification. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

202.      Pets have souls, so they can be our soul-mates. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

203.      Living and being. Living and non-being. Non-living and being. Non-living and non-being.  These are the conclusion of everything. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

204.      With gravity, hell pulls the sinful and heaven pulls the meritorious. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

205.      Tree grows.. wind blows… water flows.. Buddha knows…  (Pirajak T.)

206.      ‘Virtues’ are habituated merit.  (Pirajak T.)

207.      Our earth has gravity that pulls physical beings.  Hell has gravity that pulls spirits with sin energy.  Heaven has gravity that pulls spirits with merit energy.  The Nirvana has gravity that pulls spirits with no impurity.  (Pirajak T.)

208.      Without impurity, spirits are pulled to the Nirvana. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

209.      Brightness is the state of an enlightened mind. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

210.      Our ideas may not make only cents, but they also make Saints! (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

211.      Once our own thought, speech, and action are consistently wholesome, we can pursue the mission for others. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

212.      Bodhisattvas are dominated by either wisdom, faith, or perseverance, but they share the same target of salvation. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

213.      More or less, merit is quantitative by its elemental. Better or worse, merit is qualitative by its essential. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

214.      Pure merit cleanses well. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

215.      Perfection is the crystallised cultivation of merit over time. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

216.      Adhering to the ever changing, we suffer the fluctuation. Adhering to something consistently good, we enjoy the stable. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

217.      The low profile can also achieve high performance. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

218.      Avoid doing bad deeds, always doing good deeds, and keeping our minds pure, these are the exclusive principle of Buddhist practice. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

219.      Being Buddhist theorists are better than being Buddhist theists. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

220.      Birds enjoy the spacious sky. Fishes enjoy the wide sea. Meditators enjoy liberation from being mentally free. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

221.      Art is for appreciation. Science is for application. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

222.      Alone with defilement, it’s lonesomeness. Alone with contentment, it’s peacefulness. Alone with enlightenment, it’s blissfulness. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

223.      Buddhism understands everyone although not everyone may understand Buddhism. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

224.      Faith from wisdom allows us to gain enough knowledge and understanding to cope with religious problems by formulating solutions. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)  

225.      Buddhism doesn’t find problems to explain solutions, but vice versa. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

226.      Schools provide education. Temples provide ethication. We need both for human civilisation. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

227.      Buddhism makes people neither optimists nor pessimists, but the rationalist regardless of prejudice. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

228.      Reward & punishment are based on our own actions, not someone’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

229.      A minimalist has more satisfaction from less consumption. A materialist has more consumption with less satisfaction. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

230.      A magnifier can focus sunlight to light up a match. A meditator can mentally focus to enlighten the mind. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

231.      In economics, demand is infinite. In Dhammonomics, demand can have a limit. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

232.      In merit making, wishing for the supramundane is more fruitful. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

233.      As elements dominated by essences in the process of dependent origination, our every component is powered by merit and sin energy. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

234.      The goal of business companies is profit. The goal of religious charities is benefit. Please never run any temple or church for profit. (Pirajak T.) 

235.      From outside, our perceptions stimulate cognition. From inside, our minds are furtherly conditioned by either virtues or defilements. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

236.      Buddhist sainthood is made possible with the elimination of one’s mental impurity irrespective of belief or non-belief. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

237.      Marketing manipulates our six sensations. Meditation reorganises and improves them. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

238.      Focusing our love to somebody, our hearts are narrowed down. Focusing our love to everyday, our hearts are widened up.  Without any love, we don’t have to go through up(s) and down(s). (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021) 

239.      We reap what we sow, we owe what we cheat. (Pirajak T.)

240.      Sometimes, religious facts hurt, and religious fictions heal. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

241.      Meditation is the concentration of peace. (Pirajak T.)

242.      What makes the nuclear bombs is the unclear mind. (Pirajak T.)

243.      The hardship we face when doing good deeds is like the heavy weight we lift when working out.  The result of our effort to overcoming difficulties is a stronger body which is nicely shaped.  (Pirajak T.)

244.      The difficulty from doing good deeds is like heavy weight we lift when working out.  The result of our effort to overcoming hardship is a hearty & powerful mind. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

245.      Buddhivilisation is not limited to Buddhists, but also any nationalists. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

246.      Buddhonomics is the ideology on dealing, acquiring, allocating, managing, and spending our resources based on the Buddhist ethics. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

247.      'Philosophy' is the luxury part of our thoughts.  (Pirajak T.)

248.      Align our minds to the Holy. This is the heart of being heavenly. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

249.      Meditainment is spiritual recreation. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

250.      Doing bad deeds generates sin which energises suffering. Doing good deeds generates merit which energises happiness. We earn what we did according to the karmic effect. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

251.      Parami is merit elements perfected by Dharmic essences over an extent of time. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

252.      Moral cultivation is qualitative. Merit accumulation is quantitative. These two mutually work in combinative.  (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

253.      A better Buddhist has strong belief from strengthen wisdom. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

254.      Contentment is the ascetic's property whilst money is the secular's asset.  (Pirajak T. / 23 Oct 2017)

255.      Forms carry on Buddhist teachings whereas functions turn off sufferings for practitioners. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021) 

256.      Drama is entertaining. Dharma is enlightening. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

257.      As a common saint, one has the moral common sense. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

258.      Trick the politics or treat the monastics!  (Pirajak T. + / 31 Oct 2017)

259.      Forgive the mistaking.  Forget the mishappening.  Forgo the misbehaving.  For your sorrow will be missing.  (Pirajak T. / 13 Nov 2017)

260.      Never realised by Devaduta, futurely surprised by Yamaduta. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

261.      Resist our bad will. Insist our goodwill. Everyone needs these mental skills. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

262.      The more we invest in the Dharma, the more we can harvest from the karma. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

263.      Better unfoe than unfriend; even though, it is unfair. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

264.      Right meditation is the right balance our effort to mindfully calming and stilling our mind at a point of focus. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

265.      The correct leadership does not neglect fellowship. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

266.      Omniscience occurs from our infinite insight which gives rise to boundless intuition. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021) 

267.      Wisdom is objective. Faith is subjective. Faith without wisdom can turn delusive. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

268.      Forgive only the corrected mistake.  Forget only the admitted mistreat.  (Pirajak T./30 Nov 2017)

269.      No mistake cannot be forgiven except the repeated ones. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

270.      For every missle’s human target, there is a rocketed karma in return. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

271.      Without someone to love, love everyone else.  Without anyone to love us, love ourselves. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

272.      The old, the sick, the dead, and the monk are messengers who remind us not to be careless, but more careful. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

273.      Buddhism is neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but it is realistic just about everything. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

274.      Wisdom makes our enlightenment comprehensive.  Faith makes our enlightenment powerful. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

275.      When our minds are talkative, we need a mantra. When our minds are illusive, we need a nimitta. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

276.      Wisdom makes us understand. Faith makes us believe. We make a mistake when we misunderstand and believe or disbelieve in what we correctly understand. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

277.      Insist our goodwill.  Resist our ill-will.  Keep our mind wholesome, still. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

278.      To become a Holy, one has to be wholesome only! (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

279.      Making merits, our virtues escalate; otherwise, they depreciate over time. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

280.      With rationality, we can organise our emotionality better. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

281.      The materialist increases supply to meet demand.  The minimalist decreases demand to meet supply. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

282.      The wonderful expression of religious faith is usually from veneration, not justification. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

283.      The best meditation method is our own accumulated acquaintance. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

284.      Without being moral, wisdom develops the arsenal. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

285.      When lifestyle goes faster than our contemplation speed, the results are less mindful thought, speech, and action.  (Pirajak T./28 Jan 2018)

286.      Love that binds creates passion.  Love that doesn’t bind creates compassion. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

287.      When doing meditation researches, ourselves are the best resources. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

288.      In our dreams, we always appear to be ourselves, not somebody else. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

289.      Compassionate love is heavenly.  Affectionate love is worldly. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

290.      Love is magical, it can alter our psychological. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

291.      When our effort exceeds the natural, the result is a miracle.  (Pirajak T./19 Feb 2018)

292.      When love is specific, it limits our outreach.  (Pirajak T./19 Feb 2018)

293.      Cultivation is for ourselves, salvation is for others. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

294.      Making sense is much essential, and making non-sense is somehow beneficial.  With laughter, it can be better for our social. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

295.      Jokes naturally kill depression, so we need no prescription.  (Pirajak T./27 March 2018)

296.      Few are born with the complete heart of gold, but everyone is born with a heart and the capability to refine gold within it.  (Pirajak T./28 March 2018)

297.      War is pricey, and peace is priceless. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

298.      Maturity is not always biological, but also psychological. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

299.      The perfectionist is hardly satisfied, but their standard should be admired. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

300.      Master others is secondary.  Master ourselves is the top priority. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

301.      When we rule science with philosophy, it creates humane technology. (Revision/Pirajak T./2 July 2021)

302.      Love without supply is selfishness. Love without demand is selflessness. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

303.      When loving kindness is not concentrated, it can be extended to all. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

304.      Honesty is the very requirement for trustworthiness. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

305.      The Buddha promotes purity.  The Chakkavatti promotes properity. Altogether, they create the ideal society. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

306.      Time is endless, but timelessness is at the end of time. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

307.      Karma is all about cause & effect whereas the effect is another karma.  (Pirajak T./30 March 2018)

308.      Emptiness is the state of mind from realizing the non-self, not the none-self. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)  

309.      Confession encourages correction, not repetition of mistake. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

310.      An apology should be accredited, but an excuse should not be accounted. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

311.      With morality, we make the right choice out of the wrong preferences. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

312.      With no money, our mercy can still make merit. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

313.      Merit is a must, not just an option. (Pirajak T./3 April 2018)

314.      Life is a journey which ends at the cemetery. Afterlife is another journey which continues our destiny.  (Pirajak T./3 April 2018)

315.      To endure hardship, we enjoy being hearty. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

316.      Like not only the handsome body. Love not only the awesome mind. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

317.      Open our eyes to see with limited sights, open our insight to see with infinite minds. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

318.      Prayer is silver. Meditation is gold. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

319.      A hologram image is created with electricity.  Likewise, every celestial angel body is made of the transcendental merit energy. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

320.      Getting pleased by praise which is untrue, it makes us too confident for any achievement. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

321.      The goal of business is profit.  The goal of Buddhism is benefit.  Never operate Buddhism for profit; otherwise, our life will run into deficit.  (Pirajak T./14 May 2018)

322.      Minimise our desire and maximise our contentment, the difference is our happiness.  (Pirajak T./19 May 2018)

323.      Wisdom is the active agent for crystalisation over life. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

324.      With mindfulness, wisdom can remain consistent.  (Pirajak T./22 May 2018)

325.      As a good basis, relaxation enhances mental calm and concentration. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

326.      Cater the underpriviledged with foods, they can extend their living. Cater the underpriviledged with knowledge, they can earn for living. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

327.      Whenever our minds become silent, they can turn transcendent. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

328.      Most of the time, people like religious fiction which comforts their belief and dislike religious fact which discomforts their practice. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

329.      Cultivation of virtues is like swimming upstream, without any effort, one is flown downstream. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

330.      Defilements are our mental defects.  Enlightenment occurs when they are perfected. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

331.      Samatha is the art of meditation where we make the right balance of mental effort and comfort to foster unification. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

332.      With contentment, excessive consumption can be decreased, and the sufficiency economy can be achieved.  (Pirajak T./28 May 2018)

333.      A mantra settles down one’s noisy thoughts.  A nimitta settles down one’s busy mental images. Altogether, they create the peace of mind. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

334.      Practice makes perfect. Recklessness makes defect. It is our own karma which bears the effect. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

335.      Believing in Buddhism makes up our determination, but only practising Buddhism makes perfection. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

336.      The heart of precepts is disciplined thought, speech, and action. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

337.      All about Buddhism is the righteousness of thought, speech, and action. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

338.      Paying homage to the Triple Gem is to reconnect our minds to the Holy and disconnect from the worldly. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

339.      Buddhist teachings are both simple and complex, made available for people from different contexts. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

340.      Hating to love is better than loving to hate. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

341.      The white tact is more challenging than the dirty trick. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

342.      Buddhist teachings on suffering is a push. Buddhist teachings on happiness is a pull. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

343.      Do white tact, not dirty trick. Avoid being wicked! (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

344.      Humans are devalued because of their disvirtues. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

345.      A meditation session worth a thousand prayers.  (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

346.      Moralise.. our discipline.  Strengthen.. our mindfulness.  Sharpen.. our wisdom.  These are the Three Trainings in Buddhism.  (Pirajak T./1 June 2018)

347.      Our mundane life is like a dream where meditation mantra is the ringing of an alarm clock. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

348.      At any Buddhist temples, an eye to eye should be prevented. A mouth to  mouth is prohibited, and a heart to heart must be promoted. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

349.      All religions are spiritual civilisation, and Buddhism is the religious revolution.  (Pirajak T./4 June 2018)

350.      In meditation, when thinking of the better, it is better not to think.

351.      (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

352.      Let’s meditate to clean our heartdrive.  Repeat a mantra to defragment, and do vipassana to remove virus defilements. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

353.      Love makes us blind. Love makes us bind. But love like we’ll never say good bye! (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

354.      Weak morality plagues mental calm; even though, we have the wisdom knowing what is right. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

355.      Our love diminishes when the past and present karmic bindings deplete. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

356.      With morality, mental calm, and wisdom, the success of our Dharma path can be assured. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

357.      Practising contentment, our happiness is less dependent on money. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

358.      Elementally, merit is quantitative. Essentially, merit is qualitative. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

359.      Forgetting is the best gift.  Forgiving is the best get.  (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

360.      Lust is not a must, don’t be obsessed too much! (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

361.      Sexual desire is a want which we need to eliminate in order to reach Nirvana. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

362.      A truth remains true forever. A lie remains true for never. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

363.      Education makes us wise.  Ethication makes us nice.  Take both to be smart as twice.  (Pirajak T./12 June 2018)

364.      In the cycle of existence, we’re formed, deformed, and transformed in conformity to the law of conservation of mass & energy. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

365.      Our human bodies do the day dream. Our astral bodies do the sleeping dream. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

366.      In charity, we make less profit for greater benefit. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

367.      An advice makes us wise more than twice. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

368.      A brainstorm is better than an individual hurricane.  (Pirajak T./16 June 2018)

369.      Once we're smarter than poverty, we won't feel any scarcity.  (Pirajak T./18 June 2018)

370.      In Buddhist economy, never spoil the market, but discipline it. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

371.      Either Americanized or Britonised, make sure we’re standardised. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

372.      Uncondition our minds to perceive things at their very nature, not the varied featured. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

373.      The overall conclusion of Buddhism is righteousness of action, speech, and mind. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

374.      The good top stands on good toes.  (Pirajak T./22 June 2018)

375.      A reckless wise is like a smart fool. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

376.      Buddhism is neither local nor international, but universal for all. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

377.      Buddhivilisation is the ideal era when material advancement meets spiritual awakening. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

378.      Going to Roam, do like the Romans do. Going to heaven, do like the Samaritans do. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

379.      Undon't love one.  Undone love two.  Undo love three.  For thee shall be loved other than None!  (Pirajak T./26 June 2018)

380.      More or Less.  Less for More.  More nor Less.  Rest is More!  (Pirajak T./29 June 2018)

381.      Make our hearts of gold. Make our brains of diamond. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

382.      The prerequisite for Nirvana is the Noble Eightfold path.  The prerequisite for the Brahma Realms is the Fourfold virtue.  (Pirajak T./1 June 2018)

383.      Enlightainment is a bliss! (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

384.      Knowledge is the whetstone that sharpens our wisdom. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

385.      Still water runs deep.  Still mind runs deeper. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

386.      Constructing the virtues in our minds, we become constructive. Destroying the virtues in our minds, we become destructive. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

387.      Rationality structures our thought, speech, and action whilst emotionality disarranges them. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

388.      Our willpower in meditation can be either right or wrong based on the incentives. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

389.      Unity is not just a must, but it's a might!  (Pirajak T./13 July 2018)

390.      Before we meet others, make sure we meet the standard. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

391.      Kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, equanimity, and a sense of humor, these virtues will do enough to live a heaven on earth. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

392.      Have a good credit with paid interest. (Revision/Pirajak T./1 July 2021)

393.      Faith can move mountains.  Wisdom can remove them.  Both can make us enlightened.  (Pirajak T./18 July 2018)

394.      Buddhism is neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but Buddhism is realistic just about anything.  (Pirajak T./18 July 2018)

395.      Faith from wisdom withstands erosion, unlike faith from delusion which makes us misunderstand.  (Pirajak T./18 July 2018)

396.      Other than the Lord Buddha, the best thing in Buddhism is Enlightenment which eliminates suffering and yields happiness eternally.  (Pirajak T./20 July 2018)

397.      Good quotes corrode ignorance.  (Pirajak T./20 July 2018)

398.      The cost of any prize is effort, not comfort!  (Pirajak T./20 July 2018)

399.      Emptiness or Sunyata is the state of mind arising to the existing elements which comply to the Law of Mass and Energy Conservation.  (Pirajak T./20 July 2018)

400.      With attachment, our ego can be grown.  With detachment, our ego can be gone.  (Pirajak T./24 July 2018)

401.      Love without lust is like the lustrous gold.  Love without trust is like the rusted gold.  (Pirajak T./24 July 2018)

402.      When the Dharma becomes our nature, our lives turn to be more matured.  (Pirajak T./25 July 2018)

403.      Hundreds of excuse is cheaper than an apology.  (Pirajak T./July 2018)

404.      Love is about give & get; nevertheless, love makes us learn to forgive & forget.  (Pirajak T./7 June 2018)

405.      Meditate and enjoy our promising Enlightainment!  (Pirajak T./31 May 2018)

406.      Unlike contentment, our sensual desire can never be fulfilled.  (Pirajak T./2 Nov 2018)

407.      Teach a man to fish without selfishery and share the fishes furtherly to feed many endlessly.  (Pirajak T./23 June 2018)

408.      Less profit.. more benefit.. this is the heart for making merit.  (Pirajak T./26 June 2018)

409.      Ones who practice celibacy are revered for their mental strength which is more powerful than their sexual desire.  (Pirajak T./2018)

410.      Buddhism doesn’t work for us when we just believe it without practicing it.  (Pirajak T./2018)

411.      As our thought is rationally structured, it withstands better against the emotional storm.  (Pirajak T./26 July 2018)

412.      The speed of our speech should not be faster than our thought.  (Pirajak T./26 July 2018)

413.      Practice makes perfect.. Recklessness makes defect, it is our karma that makes the effect.  (Pirajak T./2018)

414.      The present perfect is due to past perfect. The present defect leads to future defect. The mechanism behind karma is complex but its concept is this simplest.  (Pirajak T./28 July 2018)

415.      Uncompromise our promise, especially when we promise to compromise.  (Pirajak T./30 July 2018)

416.      With enlightenment, we can travel at the speed of light.  (Pirajak T./30 July 2018)

417.      The multi-facet of knowledge we learn, either right or wrong, can be equally important as they provide the many aspects of context for our consideration and justification. (Pirajak T./30 July 2018)

418.      Medication is for our body.  Meditation is for our mind.  (Pirajak T./30 July 2018)

419.      Meet our doctors for medication.  Meet our masters for meditation.  (Pirajak T./30 July 2018)

420.      In Dhammonomics, there are less consumption and production as people spend more time enjoying meditation. (Pirajak T./2018)

421.      To become a Buddhist saint, we have to eliminate all mental defilement.  (Pirajak T./3 Aug 2018)

422.      It's good to praise the Saints for decades, but it's better to dedicate ourselves for Sainthood.  (Pirajak T.)

423.      Being humble, our mind is gentle.  Being simple, our mind is unpuzzle.  Being gentle and unpuzzle, our mind can be subtle.  As our mind becomes subtle, enlightenment is possible.  (Pirajak T.)

424.      As a Buddhist Saint, it makes sense to be self-centered.  (Pirajak T./9 Aug 2018)

425.      When we compete with ourselves, we've to go faster than our own ego.  When we compete with others, our ego should go slower than everybody else.  (Pirajak T./9 Aug 2018)

426.      Having less social binding and loading, an individualist can do better in Buddhism.  (Pirajak T./8 Aug 2018)

427.      To build a celestial mansion, the best construction materials are generosity, morality, and meditation.  (Pirajak T./9 Aug 2018)

428.      Just one degree of deviation from the origin, it can mean much distance from the destination.  (Pirajak T./12 Aug 2018)

429.      Craving.. without money, it's scarcity.  Sharing.. without money, it's sufficiency.  (Pirajak T./16 Aug 2018)

430.      In cultivation of merit, our body grows senior, our mind grows premier.  (Pirajak T./28 Aug 2018)

431.      If we rise from below, we can grow stronger.  If we wish to grow superior, we need to know the lower hold.  (Pirajak T./4 Sept 2018)

432.      Conform to the local.. Comply to the global.. Buddhism is universal.  (Pirajak T./7 Sept 2018)

433.      Never mindfulness.. Forever recklessness  (Pirajak T./7 Sept 2018)

434.      In Buddhism, benevolence is appreciated, and violence is depreciated.  (Pirajak T./8 Sept 2018)

435.      Faith makes the world's wonders, wisdom makes the moon walkers, the combination of both makes us superior.  (Pirajak T./9 Sept 2018)

436.      Dhammakaya is the formation of pure Dhammic essence & element into the solid transcendental body which can be seen or touched whereas the same Dhammic essence & element can be formless like the flow, the steam, or the invisible vapor experienced by other non-Dhammakaya meditation traditions.  (Pirajak T./10 Sept 2018)

437.      Whether the Dhamma is formful or formless, we all agree upon its similar functionality regardless of visibility.  (Pirajak T./10 Sept 2018)

438.      From nano to the cosmos formation, seed element & essence are spherical, so do the transcendental.  (Pirajak T./11 Sept 2018)

439.      The root organizm and mechanizm behind the Existence are in the overall, just 1, 0, and -1, which are, respectively, the positive, the neither positive nor negative, and the negative. (Pirajak T./11 Sept 2018)

440.      If we keep our mind evil, we end up becoming a devil.  If we keep our mind innocent, we end up becoming a Saint.  (Pirajak T./12 Sept 2018)

441.      Truth.. is the cosmic religion for all.  (Pirajak T./17 Sept 2018)

442.      Unity is the universal virtue.  (Pirajak T./17 Sept 2018)

443.      Worldly enjoyment lasts for only a moment, but enlightainment yields happiness which is permanent.  (Pirajak T./19 Sept 2018)

444.      Dhamma is the same for people of every nation, but differentiated by their interpretation.  (Pirajak T./19 Sept 2018)

445.      War is pricey, and peace is priceless.  Never make a war for peacefulness.  (Pirajak T./20 Sept 2018)

446.      Love is risky.  Mercy is less risk.  Equanimity is riskless.  Never invest without knowing the risk.  (Pirajak T./21 Sept 2018)

447.      Unilateral love is more independable.  Bilateral love is more trustable.  Multilateral love is more discreditable.  Only universal love is, after all, incredible!  (Pirajak T./21 Sept 2018)

448.      Buddhism is awesome.  Capitalism is awful.  (Pirajak T./26 Sept 2018)

449.      Hardship can be overcome with Heartship.  (Pirajak T./1 Oct 2018)

450.      As more money can increase our possibility, don't let it decrease our integrity.  (Pirajak T./30 Sept 2018)

451.      With more respect, we have less defect.  (Pirajak T./30 Sept 2018)

452.      In Buddhism, rite is a form, and cultivation is a function, where we perform them for perfection.  (Pirajak T./30 Sept 2018)

453.      Dhamma is complex by its nature.  Dhamma is simplex by its feature.  (Pirajak T./1 Oct 2018)

454.      Too young to be dependable, too old to be negligible, together the two are dearestable.  (Pirajak T./4 Oct 2018)

455.      Production is on weekdays.  Consumption is also on weekends.  Meditation can fulfill these never-ends.  (Pirajak T./8 Oct 2018)

456.      There should be a reason for every result, not a result for any reason.  (Pirajak T./9 Oct 2018)

457.      Practice makes perfect, Mistake makes defect, Learn from our mistake when it's corrected. (Pirajak T./16 Oct 2018)

458.      When the Western discipline and rationality conform to the Eastern enlightened wisdom, it makes such a perfect integrity in Buddhism.  (Pirajak T./17 Oct 2018)

459.      Minimise the maximalist, maximise the minimalist, this is the principle of Buddhist economist.  (Pirajak T./17 Oct 2018)

460.      The heart of gold is the heart of our goal.  (Pirajak T./18 Oct 2018)

461.      It's fine to make mistakes as long as we're willing to make corrections.  (Pirajak T./20 Oct 2018)

462.      Everyday is the judgment day with daily reward & punishment enforceable by the universal Law of Karma.  (Pirajak T./20 Oct 2018)

463.      Human body can be appealing until we do the peeling.  (Pirajak T./21 Oct 2018)

464.      When mindfulness is inconsistent, the consequence is fluctuating wisdom.  (Pirajak T./21 Oct 2018)

465.      Investing in love is risky since there is no such thing as lifetime guarantee.  (Pirajak T./22 Oct 2018)

466.      Love is like lottery, we have to bear the risk to become lucky.  (Pirajak T./22 Oct 2018)

467.      When our element gets older, yet our essence remains younger, we call this state 'the immature elder.'  (Pirajak T./28 Oct 2018)

468.      Every milestone marks the achievement from effort, not the enjoyment from comfort.  (Pirajak T./31 Oct 2018)

469.      Never treat the tricky.  Never trick the treaty.  (Pirajak T./31 Oct 2018)

470.      All standards are well regarded when they are not biased.  (Pirajak T./5 Nov 2018)

471.      Truthfulness can always be accountable regardless of less regard.  (Pirajak T./5 Nov 2018)

472.      Buddhism makes saint!  Capitalism is non-saint!  (Pirajak T./6 Nov 2018)

473.      When we're aimless, our life is desperate in the middle of nowhere.  When we're aimful, our life is meaningful no matter where we're.  (Pirajak T./13 Nov 2018)

474.      Whenever we're full of thoughts, we can hardly be thoughtful.  (Pirajak T./18 Nov 2018)

475.      From the Neverest to the Everest, our true mission is to end our own unrest.  (Pirajak T./19 Nov 2018)

476.      Give me a cup of coffee, and I shall renovate the whole world.  (Pirajak T./19 Nov 2018)

477.      We become sages as we age with growing wisdom.  (Pirajak T./20 Nov 2018)

478.      The 'Buddhahood' is already within everyone, please activate this with meditation in order to enjoy Buddhism.  (Pirajak T./20 Nov 2018)

479.      Do write one word that means the whole page.  Do write one sentence that represents the whole chapter.  (Pirajak T./20 Nov 2018)

480.      Mindfulness is all about minding our own mental business.  (Pirajak T./20 Nov 2018)

481.      Keep up with healthy ethics.  Keep down with ill tactics.  For these will assure the sound monastics.  (Pirajak T./21 Nov 2018)

482.      The Minimalists want the necessities.  The Maximalists need the luxuries.  (Pirajak T./21 Nov 2018)

483.      With the balanced effort in any meditation, our right mental focus leads to the right mental unification where the enlightenment can be unlocked!  (Pirajak T./22 Nov 2018)

484.      Contentment is the entertainment for monks.  (Pirajak T./22 Nov 2018)

485.      War is the luxurious violence.  Without funding, it is unlikely to occur.  (Pirajak T./23 Nov 2018)

486.      Talk is cheaper, War is pricier.  (Pirajak T./23 Nov 2018)

487.      Both goodness & badness lie within our consciousness, and it's mindfulness that makes us choose to be motivated.  (Pirajak T./23 Nov 2018)

488.      Let's Leaves the Cycle.  (Pirajak T./23 Nov 2018)

489.      "Dhatu & Dhamma," these two words are everything about the Existence.  (Pirajak T./23 Nov 2018)

490.      From Micro to Macro formation, there are only the conditioned and the unconditioned.  (Pirajak T./24 Nov 2018)

491.      Whether our faith is rational or emotional, make sure our belief is veridical.  (Pirajak T./25 Nov 2018)

492.      In Buddhism, there are diversity of knowledge & practice developed from the original teachings of the Lord Gotama Buddha, and it's solely the 'enlightenment' or the path & fruition of Buddhist Sainthood that verifies such different knowledge & practice.  (Pirajak T./27 Nov 2018)

493.      When mindfulness is our major, and awareness is our minor, our knowledge from meditation becomes superior.  (Pirajak T./28 Nov 2018)

494.      When mindfulness is our major, and awareness is our minor, our meditation can be mastered !!!  (Pirajak T./28 Nov 2018)

495.      We don't goto heaven because of our believing, but behaving.  (Pirajak T./28 Nov 2018)

496.      In classic Dhammonomics, suffering is the push, and happiness is the pull, towards the successful enlightenment.  (Pirajak T./29 Nov 2018)

497.      With the Saint of Humor, we are assured to have only good mood when we do many good deeds.  (Pirajak T./29 Nov 2018)

498.      To judge others, we're expected of more qualifications other than that of just an accusation.  (Pirajak T./7 Dec 2018)

499.      Never choose the sweet lies, never deny the bitter truths.  (Pirajak T./15 Dec 2018)

500.      The best Christmas present is the lifetime endearing Christmas future.  (Pirajak T./19 Dec 2018)

501.      With the cheesy lips, our interrelationship is more savory.  (Pirajak T./20 Dec 2018)

502.      We wish you a wonderful Christmas party of the year, not aparty from your dears.  (Pirajak T./22 Dec 2018)

503.      Amusement makes our intelligence enjoyable.  (Pirajak T./25 Dec 2018)

504.      When we're enlighted, we become delighted.  (Pirajak T./25 Dec 2018)

505.      One forgiven is better than ten forgotten.  (Pirajak T./25 Dec 2018)

506.      History is the realised past.  Economics is the forcasted future.  Humor can make the better present.  (Pirajak T./25 Dec 2018)  

507.      Gravity makes our body heavy, so do craving upon our mind.  (Pirajak T./26 Dec 2018)

508.      We are Buddhists for path & fruition, not the passion fruits.  (Pirajak T./26 Dec 2018)

509.      All Buddhist Saints are 'Blissinessman'.  (Pirajak T./28 Dec 2018)

510.      A difficult journey to the right destination is much better than a cozy trip heading towards the wrong end.  (Pirajak T./31 Dec 2018)

511.      No Strive.. No Strength.  (Pirajak T./1 Jan 2019)

512.      We can unfriend whenever, but we can never unfather and unmother of our biological chain.  (Pirajak T./2 Jan 2019)

513.      Never flood our friends with selfie, Never trade our privacy for like.  (Pirajak T./2 Jan 2019)

514.      Enlightenment is the Present tip of the Past iceberg.  (Pirajak T./4 Jan 2019)

515.      Our meditation shall not be a Would, it should be a Will.  (Pirajak T./4 Jan 2019)

516.      A quote that quakes is like having a cake with Coke.  (Pirajak T./7 Jan 2019)

517.      Pieces of quote, posts of cake.  (Us/8 Jan 2019)

518.      US Dollar trusts in God, Thai Baht trusts in Gold.  (Pirajak T./10 Jan 2019)

519.      Apple's wares are both hard & soft, Windows' heart is only soft' for everywhere.  (Pirajak T./10 Jan 2019)

520.      A sage is not by age, but the state of wisdomised experience.  (Pirajak T./11 Jan 2019)

521.      The price of peace can be war, and the cost of war can be peace.  (Us/11 Jan 2018)

522.      Women without making up are like men with no working out.  These are not a must, but just a may, and in no way for any monk.  (Pirajak T./12 Jan 2018)

523.      Buddhism is where East meets West, and Faith meets Wisdom.  (Us/14 Jan 2019)

524.      With the Law of Dhamma and non-prejudice, we're eligible to judge ourselves as well as others.  (Pirajak T./18 Jan 2018)

525.      Never judge anyone if it brings no reward, but revenge.  (Pirajak T./18 Jan 2019)

526.      Ego usually grows well on success and regresses on failure.  (Pirajak T./Jan 2019)

527.      Keep our eyes at the Buddha.  Keep our ears to hear the Dhamma.  Keep our prayer hands towards the Sangha.  Keep our mouth chanting the Sutra.  Keep our mind with the Mantra.  All of these lead us to the Nirvana.  (Pirajak T./25 Jan 2019)

528.      My message is short, but our relationship has been long.  Not seeing you very often, but keep our brotherhood strong.  (Pirajak T.)

529.      Responsibility means we accept both right and wrong, not only the right and a strong excuse.  (Pirajak T./6 Feb 2019)

530.      Love without lust is very much like the lustrous gold.  (Pirajak T./14 Feb 2019)

531.      When love is lustless, it's like gold with less rust.  (by Feb 2019)

532.      Very few were born to be.  Mostly, we were born to do.  (Pirajak T./24 Feb 2019)

533.      We were not born to be different, but we were born to make a difference.  (Pirajak T./24 Feb 2019)

534.      A good subordinate always makes the better superordinate.  (Mediation101/25 Feb 2019)

535.      Let's put the right man to the right meditation method for the right mindfulness and the best mental unification.  (Pirajak T./26 Feb 2019)

536.      A good subordinate usually makes the better superintendent.  (Pirajak T./26 Feb 2019)

537.      Why devote to the vote, just vote to the devote.  (Pirajak T./27 Feb 2019)

538.      There will be no war, when war is not our will. There will be many wars, when wars make profitable bills.  (Pirajak T.+/4 March 2019)

539.      Do will.. don't would.  Do should.. don't shall.  (Pirajak T./4 March 2019)

540.      The wise become wiser when they welcome the advisers.  (Pirajak T./7 March 2019)

541.      We become smarter as twice when we welcome others' advice.  ( March 2019)

542.      Sun rises by sunset.  Sun sets by sunrise.  (Pirajak T./8 March 2019)

543.      Intel insight.. Marvel outside.  (Pirajak T./10 March 2019)

544.      In meditation, we learn outside in and teach insight out.  (Pirajak T./10 March 2019)

545.      The pen is sharper than the sword, the keyboard is faster than the gunmen.  (Pirajak T./11 March 2019)

546.      Time is wasted when effort is not invested.

547.      In Karma, there is no miracle but our own effort that makes everything possible.  (Pirajak T./13 March 2019)

548.      The young dream of their future.  The elders drown in their past.  (Pirajak T./2 April 2019)

549.      Think twice in ethics, act wise in the monastics.  Think twice in tactics, act wise in the politics.  (Pirajak T./8 April 2019)

550.      Make sure we're wise at the right time and place.  Otherwise, we'll be left at such place and time.  (Pirajak T./8 April 2019)

551.      Repented payment is, such, a reimbursement.  Unrepented payment is, thus, a compensation.  (Pirajak T./15 April 2019)

552.      Time is our fixed cost.  Life is the variable. Our lifetime is, thus, limited and fluctuable.  (Pirajak T./18 April 2019)

553.      Britons are so civilised.  Americans are very civilized.  Thais are much civilriced.  As such, our world can civil-rise.  (Pirajak T./20 April 2019)

554.      Never judge if you're just a prosecutor.  Never accuse if you're a judge or juror.  (Pirajak T./20 April 2019)


555.      Love is risky, we better insure it with equanimity.  (Pirajak T./22 April 2019)

556.      Loveless lust is just the passion.  Lustless love is much compassion.  (Pirajak T./22 April 2019)

557.      Effort makes someone somebody.  Comfort makes anybody anyone.  (Pirajak T./22 April 2019)

558.      The wise think twice to work once.  The foolish ones think once to work twice.  (Pirajak T./22 April 2019)

559.      Give like we won't be given. Get like it won't be forgotten.  (Pirajak T./23 April 2017)

560.      More success.. Less ego.  (Pirajak T./30 April 2019)

561.      Dhamma is systematic by its structure.  Dhamma is scientific by its nature.  Wisdom from Dhamma can make us more matured.  (Pirajak T./1 May 2019)

562.      Let's make more benefit to others; even though, it means less profit for ours.  (Pirajak T./2 May 2019)

563.      Unity is not just a must, but it is very much a might.  (Pirajak T./2 May 2019)

564.      Never joke a judge.  Never judge a joke.  (Pirajak T./2 May 2019)

565.      Think.. before we speak. Speak.. no more than what we can do.  Do.. not everything we can think.  (Pirajak T./3 May 2019)

566.      Form & function are the heart of architecture, deform & malfunction aren't it so their nature.  (Pirajak T./9 May 2019)

567.      If we learn much, we can teach more.  (Pirajak T./20 May 2019)

568.      Smiling is silver.  Laughter is golden.  (Pirajak T./23 May 2019)

569.      Love makes one blind.  Love makes two bind.  Love like we'll never make three abide.  (Pirajak T./4 June 2019)

570.      Respect softens any conflict and smoothens conformity.  (Pirajak T./ 4 June 2019)

571.      Invest our effort today, harvest our comfort tomorrow.  (Pirajak T./6 June 2019)

572.      In Dhammonomics, our excess can fulfill others' shortage, and our shortage can be refilled by others' excess.  (Pirajak T./6 June 2019)

573.      When we're so pure, we view others' misdeed as so evil.  (Pirajak T./11 June 2019)

574.      Never unclothe for 'like'. Never disclose for 'share.'  (Pirajak T./11 June 2019)

575.      A Thai with broken English is better than an English with a broken up American.  (Pirajak T./28 June 2019)

576.      The majority is not always wise, and the minority is not always right.  Listen to every opinion to become smart as twice.  (Pirajak T./29 June 2019)

577.      In meditation, we make our body at house and our mind at home.  (Pirajak T./29 June 2019)

578.      Virtues are not automated, they are cultivated.  (Pirajak T./30 June 2019)

579.      We can count on him, and we can countess on her.  (Pirajak T. + / 30 June 2019)

580.      Never discount any countess.  Only dismiss every mistress.  (Pirajak T./30 June 2019)

581.      Without the monarchy, a country is not COUNTable.  (Pirajak T. / 1 July 2019)

582.      With the monarchy, we can COUNT on a country.  Without the monarchy, we can only do the COUNTY.  (Pirajak T./1 July 2019)

583.      Just undo it.  (Pirajak T./1July 2019)

584.      Work in a timely manner.  Meditate in a timeless nature.  (Pirajak T./1 July 2019)

585.      No strife.. no strength.  (Pirajak T./2 July 2019)

586.      Life turns abnormal when love is immoral.  (Pirajak T./2 July 2019)

587.      We can fall in love, but never fall in lust.  (Pirajak T./3 July 2019)

588.      Compassion drives.  Passion is driven.  (Pirajak T./3 July 2019)  

589.      Life rises and falls.  Love is raw and ripe.  (Pirajak T./3 July 2019)

590.      People fall in love, they don't rise in.  (Pirajak T.+/3 July 2019)

591.      Uncle Sam prefers no monarchy; even though, he makes so much money out of the prince and princess stories.  (Pirajak T./4 July 2019)

592.      When we meet the Duke & Duchess of Washington D.C., there is no need to do the curtsy.  'Just give them five!'  (Pirajak T./4 July 2019)

593.      With selfly cultivation, we can do selfless devotion.  (Pirajak T./13 July 2019)

594.      With birth, we're formed.  With aging, we're transformed.  With death, we're deformed.  With enlightenment, we're freed from this platform.  (Pirajak T./13 July 2019)

595.      Believing in religious fact, it's faith.  Believing in religious fiction, it's delusion.  (Pirajak T./13 July 2019)

596.      Be careful of the careless, be careless over the uncareful.  (Pirajak T./15 July 2019)

597.      Give.. even though we won't get.  (Pirajak T./15 July 2019) 

598.      Faith empowers the mind.  Wisdom employs such mental power.  (Pirajak T./16 July 2019)

599.      Learn from our Dhamma peers and wise versa.  (Pirajak T./18 July 2019)

600.      The faithful is frequently victimised by the wisdomful, but this can be mindfully detected by the insightful.  (Pirajak T./20 July 2019)

601.      The wise is thoughtful, the mindful is thoughtless.  (Pirajak T./20 July 2019)

602.      Speed is greyhounder, benevolence is golden.  (Pirajak T./26 July 2019)

603.      Love is humane, compassion is divine.  (Pirajak T./28 July 2019)

604.      When the fool makes a mistake, he still thinks of himself being wise.  When the wise makes a mistake, he thinks of himself being foolish.  (Pirajak T./29 July 2019)

605.      Strengthen our body, but soften our mind.  (Pirajak T./29 July 2019)

606.      If you are to be in my shoes, I will get you the Santa's socks.  (Pirajak T./30 July 2019)

607.      Meditation shampoos our mind, followed by the unconditioner.  (Pirajak T./1 Aug 2019)

608.      If one can't do what one teaches, one is just a teacher.  If one can do whatever one teaches, one is such a master.  (Pirajak T./8 Aug 2019)

609.      The very key to enlightenment is to unlock the Middle Path.  (Pirajak T./14 Aug 2019)

610.      If we can still appreciate the less, we won't be regretted by the depreciation of more.  (Pirajak T./22 Aug 2019)

611.      Meditation is an art by its approach.  Meditation is a science by its application.  (Pirajak T./ 2 Sept 2019)

612.      Dhamma is with us everywhere, but it's just unfocused everywhen.  (Pirajak T./4 Aug 2019)

613.      Love without lust promotes serenity.  Lust without love motiavates anxiety.  (Pirajak T./5 Sept 2019)

614.      The enlightenment can stem from nutritious wisdom.  (Pirajak T./8 Sept 2019)

615.      Wisdom makes us wise, concentration makes us mighty.  (Pirajak T./8 Sept 2019)

616.      The contemplative wisdom gives rise to comprehendability.  The meditative wisdom gives rise to insight and intuition.  (Pirajak T./8 Sept 2019)

617.      Coffee leads to awakening.  Meditation leads to enlightenment.  (Pirajak T./9 Sept 2019)

618.      Morality is religious.  Humanity is indigenous.  (Pirajak T./10 Sept 2019)

619.      527.  Respecting the privacy of others is to respect the sociality of ours.  (Pirajak T./11 Sept 2019)

620.      Love that clicks can crack.  Love that crushes can crash.  (Pirajak T./11 Sept 2019)

621.      Live our life well before expiry.  Live our love well until eternity.  (Pirajak T./12 Sept 2019)

622.      Rationality is the qualification for maturity.  (Pirajak T./14 Sept 2019)

623.      Pundits age along rationality and away from emotionality.  (Pirajak T./14 Sept 2019)

624.      Faith can move a mountain whilst wisdom can flatten it.  (Pirajak T./14 Sept 2019)

625.      The speech limit for all is that one's words must not be faster than one's thought.  (Pirajak T./15 Sept 2019)

626.      Wisdom is to be thoughtful upon our knowledge.  Meditation is to be thoughtless upon what we know.  (Pirajak T./16 Sept 2019)

627.      In meditation, we keep calm, keep focused, keep balanced, and keep up with mindfulness.  (Pirajak T./17 Sept 2019)

628.      Equanimity can bear the loss.  Contentment can handle the gain.  These help us sustain the uncertainty in life.  (Pirajak T./17 Sept 2019)

629.      The distance from earth to heaven can be just one mantra away.  (Pirajak T./17 Sept 2019)

630.      LIfe is best before liquor and right after coffee.  (Pirajak T./18 Sept 2019)

631.      Life is good before we age.  Love is great before marriage.  (Pirajak T./19 Sept 2019)

632.      The Heaven is such a house. The Nirvana is such a home.  (Pirajak T./20 Sept 2019)

633.      Unload our ego, promote our letting go.  (Pirajak T./20 Sept 2019)

634.      The pen is sharpened by words.  (Pirajak T./28 Oct 2019)

635.      Words can be tricky!  Words can be a treaty!  (Pirajak T./31 Oct 2019)

636.      Brainstorming should be accounted, not discounted.  (Pirajak T./8 Nov 2019)

637.      Belief and disbelief are the key detergents to any brainwashing.  (Pirajak T./8 Nov 2019)

638.      Love can be extended even when life has ended.  (Pirajak T. + /11 Nov 2019)

639.      The worldly fluctuates more or less.  The heavenly fluctuates less nor more.  (Pirajak T./14 Nov 2019)

640.      The slower life drives faster meditation.  (Pirajak T./13 Nov 2019)549.  Be inline to the Nirvana, this is the outline for any Dhamma.  (Pirajak T./14 Nov 2019)

641.      Love like ever since and never until.  (Pirajak T./14 Nov 2019)

642.      Pay money to sustain the monasteries.  Pay respect sincerely to the monks.  (Pirajak T./25 Nov 2019) 

643.      Enlightenment is a piece of quake!  (Pirajak T./21 Nov 2019

644.      Our life is not someone's will & won't, but our own do & don't.  (Pirajak T./27 Nov 2019)

645.      When we feel loanliness, goto any bank to be interested.  (Pirajak T./28 Nov 2019)

646.      Have a good thinking, have a great Thanksgiving! (Pirajak T./28 Nov 2019)

647.      Gifed wo(men) are created with love and formulated with care.  (Pirajak T./5 Dec 2019)

648.      We can own many houses but just about one home.  (Pirajak T./5 Dec 2019)

649.      We all were born to end birth at the cause, but people mistake it to end death at the effect.  (Pirajak T./6 Dec 2019)

650.      We all were born to end birth at any cost, but people mistake it to end death at any price.  (Pirajak T./6 Dec 2019)

651.      Time flies downwind when we're happy, but  it turns upwind on the contrary.  (Pirajak T./4 Dec 2019)

652.      Anumodana or the appreciation upon others' merit is to earn merit from making our mind meritorious, not to share merit with others.  (Pirajak T./18 Dec 2019)

653.      With contentment, we can still appreciate the less despite of the depreciation of  more.  (Pirajak T./18 Dec 2019)

654.      The heaven is such a reward.  The hell is thus a punishment.  Our world is hence an opportunity.  (Pirajak T./12 Dec 2019) 

655.      Wisdom or panna is to be thoughtful.  Concentration or samatha is to be thoughtless.  Morality or sila is to have less flaw.  (Pirajak T./19 Dec 2019)

656.      Life is not a test, but it's a mission.  (Pirajak T./20 Dec 2019)

657.      Doesn't Buddhist fact hurt whereas others' fictions make us happy?  (Pirajak T./21 Dec 2019)

658.      Dhamma is how to believe & practice.  Vinaya is how to behave & conduct.  (Pirajak T./26 Dec 2019)

659.      The U.S. has many counties without countess.  The U.K. has countesses without any county. ( Dec 2019)

660.      Demand fulfilling is market-oriented whilst demand lessening is monastic-oriented.  (Pirjak S./31 Dec 2019)

661.      Attached to youthfulness.. Detached to elderliness.. This is how we're trapped in the worldly process.  (Pirajak T./1 Jan 2020)

662.      Isn't gold rush promising?  Isn't gold trust uncompromising?  (Pirajak T./6 Jan 2020)

663.      Long live the Royalties.  Long love the Royal Family.  (Pirajak T./10 Jan 2020)

664.      We were born to end birth as our birth is to end bond.  (Pirajak T./11 Jan 2020)

665.      In pursuit of perfection, we conjointly cultivate the karat, clarity, purity, and dispersion of virtues.  (Pirajak T./18 Jan 2020)

666.      Wisdom is comprehension oriented.  Might is concentration oriented.  Both can be meditatively faceted.  (Pirajak T./18 Jan 2020) 

667.      The elder, the ill, the dead, and the ascetic are deva duta angels who bless us well with mindfulness.  (Pirajak T./18 Jan 2020)

668.      Deva Duta namely the elder, the ill, the dead, and the ascetic are reminders to our angel against the evil on shoulder to foster our mindfulness.  (Pirajak T./18 Jan 2020)

669.      Wisdom is like the light which shines to enable knowledge and understanding from sight amidst the darkness of our unknown.  (Pirajak T./18 Jan 2020)

670.      A suggested solution worth a thousand complaints.  (Pirajak T./19 Jan 2020)

671.      Nothingness is the mental meditative state of no recognition upon oneself and others.  Emptiness is the mental realisation of being non-self, not the condition of being  no-self.  (Pirajak T./20 Jan 2020)

672.      We view others from outside in.  We view ourselves from inside out.  (Pirajak T./22 Jan 2020)

673.      To solve the selfly, we do the selfless which is aligned to the non-selfness.  (Pirajak T./24 Jan 2020)

674.      To solve the selfly, we do the selfless. (Pirajak T./24 Jan 2020)

675.      First breath but not most, last breath but not least.  (Pirajak T./4 Feb 2020)

676.      Be wise enough to eradicate defilement and achieve enlightenment, or we will be, unenough, the otherwise.  (Pirajak T./7 Feb 2020)

677.      One Buddhist statute is worth a thousand Buddha statues.  (Pirajak T./9 Feb 2020)

678.      Never judge people to be right or wrong, but do it so as true or false.  (Pirajak T./15 Feb 2020)

679.      Science lacks destination..  Religions don't.  (Pirajak T./15 Feb 2020)  

680.      Abide to the state laws.  Aware of the karma laws.  Be nice to our in-lawas.  These all will make a good society.  (Pirajak T./17 Feb 2020)

681.      Love is a bonding agent, we can detach it with contentment.  (Pirajak T./17 Feb 2020)

682.      Breath.. to extend our life.  Bless.. to extend our love.  (Pirajak T./19 Feb 2020)

683.      A Buddha-to-be doesn't live by ambition, but devotion.  (Pirajak T./20 Feb 2020)

684.      Don't live our lives just to make stories, but do our best to make histories!  (Pirajak T./20 Feb 2020)

685.      Prospering mindfulness is meritorious, destroying it is sinful.  (Pirajak T./21 Feb 2020)

686.      Fasting is good for our body.  Abstinence is good for our mind.  (Pirajak T./24 Feb 2020)

687.      Slow.. but tea.  Coffee but warm.  (Pirajak T./24 Feb 2020)

688.      It's the game we enjoy, not the trophy!  (Pirajak T./24 Feb 2020)

689.      When we pay respect, we let go our ego and grow more humility.  (Pirajak T./26 Feb 2020)

690.      Beauty attracts.. until aging attacks!  (Pirajak T./27 Feb 2020)

691.      Visualisation ceases the restless mental imagery.  Mantra repetition turns off the talkative mind.  (Pirajak T./27 Feb 2020)

692.      Most of the time, our belief is faith, and sometime, our disbelief is wisdom.  (Pirajak T./1 Mar 2020)

693.      Foods in.. Feces out!  (Pirajak T./2 Mar 2020)

694.      Love comes.. Love served!  (Pirajak T./2 Mar 2020)

695.      Contentment is the heart of monkhood, propagation is the kidney. (Pirajak T./3 Mar 2020)

696.      Be wise in the Dhamma, not drama.  (Pirajak T./5 Mar 2020)

697.      A talkative tongue usually comes from a talkative mind.  (Pirajak T./5 Mar 2020)

698.      Never spoil our sexual desire as it will destroy our moral pride.  (Pirajak T./7 Mar 2020)

699.      The Dhamma can become favorite when we do flavor it!  (Pirajak T./7 Mar 2020)

700.      The Dhamma can be flavored, so everyone can favor.  (Pirajak T./7 Mar 2020)

701.      Dhamma is such a flavour. Vinaya is such a fragrance.  (Pirajak T./10 Mar 2020)

702.      Prayer is like the balm cream.  Meditation is like a vaccine.  Please take both to refrain from any medicine.  (Pirajak T./16 March 2020)

703.      Our consistent focused mindfulness is the heart of meditative concentration.  (Pirajak T./19 Mar 2020)

704.      Mental unification is the very key to unlock the Middle Path where enlightenment is our end destination.  (Pirajak T./19 Mar 2020)

705.      Meditation is to keep our balanced effort with consistent mindfulness over the meditative concentration.  (Pirajak T./19 Mar 2020)

706.      Faith is either true or false.  Wisdom is either right or wrong.  (Pirajak T./8 Apr 2020)

707.      Sometimes, monks are second to nuns. ;-) (Pirajak T./14 Apr 2020)

708.      Essences rely on the elemental.  Defilements rely on the mental.  (Pirajak T./25 Apr 2020)

709.      Giving with expectation for worldly return is infertile.  Giving with expectation for holy return is fruitful.  (Pirajak T./25 Apr 2020)

710.      Buddhism is good at being logical, never turn it bad as being dramatical.  (Pirajak T./26 Apr 2020)

711.      Beloving in art, but believing in science.  (Pirajak T./27 Apr 2020)

712.      Life is good before liquor and great after coffee.  (Pirajak T./1 May 2020)

713.      The heart of any philanthropist is to bear the cost but share the profit.  (Pirajak T./2 May 2020)

714.      Effort makes someone somebody.  Comfort makes anybody anyone.  (Pirajak T./2 May 2020)

715.      The Dharma is a bless.  The Nirvana is a bliss.  (Pirajak T./2 May 2020)

716.      Liberty can be hard to regulate and organise, this is a challenge of democracy.  (Pirajak T./3 May 2020)

717.      In karma, our present is due to the past simple and present perfect, not just the past perfect ones.  (Pirajak T./4 May 2020)

718.      The key to monkhood is to eliminate the monkey mind.  (Pirajak T./4 May 2020)

719.      With the cheesy lips, we can have a tasty relationship.  (Pirajak T./4 May 2020) 

720.      The Buddhahood is what we were.  The Sainthood is why we are.  (Pirajak T./5 May 2020)

721.      In Dhammonomics, our surplus can always fulfill others' shortage.  (Pirajak T./6 May 2020)

722.      Life is a cycle not a linear.  Earth is not flat but spherical.  (Pirajak T./7 May 2020)

723.      A goodwill can be driven by shall.  (Pirajak T./8 May 2020)

724.      Wisdom makes us beyond.. Delusion makes us below.  (Pirajak T./8 May 2020)

725.      The rationale behind giving is to eliminate greed and cultivate generosity.  (Pirajak T./9 May 2020)

726.      Give wisely.. Get nicely.  (Pirajak T./9 May 2020)

727.      In Buddhist monastic order, seniority counts, caste doesn't! (Pirajak T./11 May 2020)

728.      Never make any religion profitable, make it beneficial.  (Pirajak T./11 May 2020)

729.      Do selfless devotion with selfly cultivation.  This is the key to perfection.  (Pirajak T./11 May 2020)

730.      Non-Self is Non-Saint!  (Pirajak T./11 May 2020)

731.      Benevolence is Golden.. Retriever.  (Pirajak T./11 May 2020)

732.      The smartest learns from others' failure.  The smarter learns from others' success.  (Pirajak T./12 May 2020)

733.      Willpower can be turned into actions.  Won't-power can be turned into abstentions.  (Pirajak T./17 May 2020)

734.      A good Dharma survives the defend and surpasses the offend.  (Pirajak T./18 May 2020)

735.      In meditation, we can do the mental count to reach the mental calm.  (Pirajak T./19 May 2020)

736.      The Buddhahood is Buddha's quality which everyone can have in different quantity.  (Pirajak T./21 May 2020)

737.      Buddhist sainthood is the dependable true-self as well as the reliable oneself.  (Pirajak T./21 May 2020)

738.      Wisdom can be empowering!  Meditation can be willpowering!  (Pirajak T./21 May 2020)

739.      Age counts, but don't count age.  (Pirajak T./21 May 2020)

740.      When we are sharp, our words can chop!  (Pirajak T./21 May 2020)

741.      The Buddhahood is how defilements are totally uprooted and virtues are completely cultivated.  (Pirajak T./24 Mayy 2020)

742.      Get older by age, get elder by sage.  (Pirajak T./21 May 2020)

743.      Dharma is what we believe, Vinaya is what we behave.  (Pirajak T./25 May 2020)

744.      Do your best in moral doctrine.  Don't your best in moral discipline.  (Pirajak T./25 May 2020)

745.      When driven by faith, be fastened by wisdom!  (Pirajak T./25 May 2020)

746.      Life is never by chance, but whichever by choice.  (Pirajak T./25 May 2020)

747.      In a match, we either win or lose.  In a diplomat, we prefer no lose but win-win.  (Pirajak T./26 May 2020)

748.      Children do not insure marriage, and a certificate doesn't assure love.  (Pirajak T./26 May 2020)

749.      One is either frank or fake.  Two is either friends or foes.  (Pirajak T./27 May 2020)

750.      Craving is such a demand.  Sensual pleasure is thus a supply.  Contentment is hence the equilibrium.  (Pirajak T./27 May 2020)

751.      A good family is limited partnership.  A good friendship is unlimited companies.  (Pirajak T./27 May 2020)

752.      Our balanced mind can enter the Middle Path by way of uncling pulling, not uncalm pushing.  (Pirajak T./28 May 2020)

753.      Any devotee should be none, like the one deluded moth to a flame.  (Pirajak T./29 May 2020)

754.      The defilements can be equally eliminated, but virtues are, more or less, cultivated.  (Pirajak T./31 May 2020)

755.      Sila is such a fragrance.  Samadhi is thus a taste.  Panna is then a sight.  (Pirajak T./31 May 2020)

756.      To see the conditioned as the way they really are, our mind must be unconditioned as it can truly be.  (Pirajak T./31 May 2020)

757.      Gaining the unconditioned insight, realising the conditioned outside.  (Pirajak T./31 May 2020)

758.      Light shines upon elements.  Dhamma shines upon enlightenment.  (Pirajak T./2 June 2020)

759.      Elements shine when brightened.  Dhamma-essences shine when enlightened.  (Pirajak T./2 June 2020)

760.      Westerners do not have much gratitude, but they pay much gratuity.  (Pirajak T./6 June 2020)

761.      Wisdom can be set afire.. over the carbon of defilements.  (Pirajak T./8 June 2020)

762.      First but not front.  Last but not least.  (Pirajak T./20 June 2020)

763.      Endure the worldly.  Enjoy the hevenly.  (Pirajak T./23 June 2020)

764.      Sex is so entrapping whether one is engaging.  (Pirajak T./26 Jun 2020)

765.      Loveless lust is just a passion.  Lustless love is such a compassion.  (Pirajak T./30 Jun 2020)

766.      Life is not meant to be careless, but careful.  (Pirajak T./5 July 2020)

767.      The better quality of merit we input, the greater quantity of merit as output.  (Pirajak T./7 July 2020)

768.      Every summit is for the committed ones.  (Pirajak T./15 Aug 2020)

769.      In Buddhism, we're abide by birth, aware by aging, alarmed by illness, and alerted by death.  (Pirajak T./18 Aug 2020)

770.      When parents enrich their holy hearts, they can cherish a heavenly home.  (Pirajak T./28 Aug 2020)

771.      Sometimes, wonders of the worldly are just humour of the holy.  (Pirajak T./28 Aug 2020)

772.      Occasionally, peace is the price as much as the prize of war.  (Pirajak T./8 Sept 2020)

773.      When we're jealous of someone's success, remind ourselves of the pain it takes to get there.  (Pirajak T./9 Sept 2020)

774.      Buddhivilisation is where the Eastern wisdom grows on the Western discipline.  (Pirajak S/10 Sept 2020)

775.      Love without care is like an eclair without cream.  (Pirajak T./10 Sept 2020)

776.      Ego drives more conflicts, so do drifting logics.  (Pirajak T./11 Sept 2020)

777.      The irrational faith can enlighten, as long as it corrects our intent.  (Pirajak T./17 Sept 2020)

778.      We do not become a sage by age, but the maturity of our wisdom.  (Pirajak T./19 Sept 2020)

779.      Turn off our entertainment to turn on our enlightenment.  (Pirajak T./24 Sept 2020)

780.      The emptied body is non-self.  The emptied mind is nothingness.  The body's focused empty mind is arupa-jhana.  (Pirajak T./30 Sept 2020)

781.      Ambition pushes.  Meditation pulls.  (Pirajak T./30 Sept 2020)

782.      The right meditation is to have a balanced effort over the consistent mindfulness of mental focus.  (Pirajak T./30 Sept 2020)

783.      The right wisdom is to have a sound intent based on the correct knowledge & understanding. (Pirajak T./30 Sept 2020)

784.      The right conduct means the quality thought, speech, and action, in our living & earning.  (Pirajak T./30 Sept 2020)

785.      The worldly entraps.  The Holy ends traps.  (Pirajak T./30 Sept 2020)

786.      Learn from the logical wise.. delighted by the magical verse.  (Pirajak T./1 Oct 2020)

787.      Wisdom distinguishes.. Meditation extinguishes.  (Pirajak T./1 Oct 2020)

788.      The market is where demand meets supply.  The temple is where demand meets peace of mind.  (Pirajak T./2 Oct 2020)

789.      Generosity or dana aims at the elimination of defilement and accumulation of merit. (Pirajak T./4 Oct 2020)

790.      The right will stems from the right view.  (Pirajak T./5 Oct 2020)

791.      The right will needs a missionary.  The left will needs an attorney.  (Pirajak T./5 Oct 2020)

792.      A good master masters knowledge, not people.  A good professor masters teaching, not students.  (Pirajak T./6 Oct 2020)

793.      The pundit is not overconcerned of the beauty that aging takes away, but enjoy the wisdom that it brings along.  (Pirajak T./6 Oct 2020)

794.      The celebrity is deva. The celibate is divine.  (Pirajak T./6 Oct 2020)

795.      Focus our mind to log-in, and repeat a mantra as password.  (Pirajak T./7 Oct 2020)

796.      Unclinginess leads to the boundless omniscience.  (Pirajak T./12 Oct 2020)

797.      Morality enhances B.Q.  Meditation boosts E.Q.  Wisdom empowers I.Q.  Altogether, we achieve the superhuman skills.  (Pirajak T./12 Oct 2020)

798.      The Dharma is not meant to make cents, but making Saints.  (Pirajak T./14 Oct 2020)

799.      The Dharma is like Algebra, and Vijja is like calculus.  Our mind is thus the best device for sublime calculations.  (Pirajak T./14 Oct 2020)

800.      Not knowing grammar, our English is broken.  Not knowing karma, our life is mishappened.  (Pirajak T./14 Oct 2020)

801.      Being instinctive, having less distinction.  (Pirajak T./14 Oct 2020)

802.      My good deed is "My Goodness!"  (Pirajak T./15 Oct 2020)

803.      Our perfection of generosity is by virtue, not value.  (Pirajak T./15 Oct 2020)

804.      Faith is either emotional click or rational catch.  Wisdom is either rational crack nor emotional count.  (Pirajak T./15 Oct 2020)

805.      Never drive over the speed limit.  Never speak over the speech limit.  (Pirajak T./15 Oct 2020)

806.      In meditation, we're thoughtlessly light and thoughtfully loaded.  (Pirajak T./16 Oct 2020)

807.      Invest the worldly effort today, harvest the heavenly comfort tomorrow.  (Pirajak T./17 Oct 2020)

808.      Ally with pandits, it can be meritorious.  Along with bandits, it can be disastrous.  (Pirajak T./17 Oct 2020)

809.      Giving without an expectation to get, gaining the karmic frution which is hard to forget.  (Pirajak T./17 Oct 2020)

810.      Life makes us belong to a house.  Love makes us belong to a home.  (Pirajak T./18 Oct 2020)

811.      Keep up with humility even though we have made many possibilities.  (Pirajak T./19 Oct 2020)

812.      Buddhism makes sense as much as making Saints.  (Pirajak T./19 Oct 2020)

813.      Kilesa is like a virus attachment.  If we don't click to open, our mind won't be exposed to defilements.  (Pirajak T./19 Oct 2020)

814.      Being aware of impermanence, being away from negligence.  (Pirajak T./19 Oct 2020)

815.      Parami is the timely mutual perfected of qualitative virtue and quantitative merit.  (Pirajak T./21 Oct 2020)

816.      With more of gain & praise or less of loss & blame, we should learn to remain at the equilibrium.  (Pirajak T./23 Oct 2020)

817.      As we're Americanized, we become nice like Americans.  (Pirajak T./23 Oct 2020)

818.      Confessing one's guilt deserves a pardon.  Concealing one's guilt deserves a pardon't.  (Pirajak T./23 Oct 2020)

819.      As we pursue perfections, we virtuously condition our minds.  As we meditate for liberation, we detachably uncondition them.  (Pirajak T./27 Oct 2020)

820.      Nice youngsters are grateful.  Nice elders are thankful.  (Pirajak T./27 Oct 2020)

821.      Endearing speech is our daily sweet mantra.  (Pirajak T./29 Oct 2020)

822.      Right wisdom ceases defilements, wrong wisdom doesn't.  (Pirajak T./31 Oct 2020)

823.      Right meditation enables enlightenment.  Wrong meditation disables it.  (Pirajak T./1 Nov 2020)

824.      Sick! or Safe!  (Pirajak T./3 Nov 2020)

825.      Meow or Mice!  (Pirajak T.)

826.      Take care as long as it takes turn!  (Pirajak T./16 Nov 2020)

827.      Buddhism is the science of faith and art of wisdom.  (Pirajak T./19 Nov 2020)

828.      Think of getting around.  Thanks for giving away. (Pirajak T./25 Nov 2020)

829.      In monkhood, happiness can be supernormal regardless of the minimal.  (Pirajak T./2020)

830.      The Nirvana is our state of immense satisfaction from supplied bliss without any demand.  (Pirajak T./2020)

831.      Ordination makes us live everyday a Holy day.  Renunciation makes us enjoy everyday a holiday.  (Pirajak T./2020)

832.      Birth is the choice that many can't choose, and death is the chance that any can't cheat.  (Pirajak T./6 Dec 2020)

833.      Dhana is generosity. Sila is responsibility.  Bhavana is serenity.  Altogether, they promote integrity.  (Pirajak T./11 Dec 2020)

834.      As we have learned from past defects, we can develop the present perfection.  (Pirajak T./14 Dec 2020)

835.      Goodness is by nature as much as nurture.  (Pirajak T./20 Dec 2020)

836.      Sila is abstention.  Samadhi is concentration.  Panna is comprehension.  Altogether, these lead to liberation.  (Pirajak T./20 Dec 2020)

837.      In karma, we give what we got, and we get what we gave.  (Pirajak T./31 Dec 2020)

838.      Our lives turn profitable when our defilements are disabled.  (Pirajak T./9 Jan 2021)

839.      From the worldly towards the Holy, our flowery wishes can turn fruitful.  (Pirajak T./Jan 2021)

840.      Metta is a will.  Karuna is a would.  Mudhita is a shall.  Upekkha is a should.  (Pirjak S./Jan 2021)

841.      Meditation is to take home our mind for peace dining-in, not sensual desire dining-out.  (Pirajak T./31 Jan 2021)

842.      Purity of insight is given rise by mindfulness.  Clarity of insight is crystallised by mental calm.  (Pirajak T./1 Feb 2021)

843.      Faith makes us catch.  Wisdom makes us clear.  Faith from wisdom makes our catch clear.  (Pirajak T./3 Feb 2021)

844.      With a slower life, one can enjoy more thoughtful ideas, meaningful speeches, and mindful actions.  (Pirajak T./4 Feb 2021)

845.      Keep up with humility, although we have done many incredibilities.  (Pirajak T./4 Feb 2021)

846.      Beauty from youthfulness entraps us as time is running on.  Beasty from elderliness untraps us as time is running out.  (Pirajak T./5 Feb 2021)

847.      The very key to Nirvana is fulfilled perfections whereas the right-intented mental unification is to unlock it.  (Pirajak T./6 Feb 2021)

848.      Life is seasonal, bearing karmic fruits and florals.  (Pirajak T./6 Feb 2021)

849.      Vijja is the superknowledge from meditative insight which gives rise to intuition. (Pirajak T./7 Feb 2021)

850.      Morality promotes our B.Q. Meditation enhances our E.Q. Wisdom boosts our I.Q. Master them all to achieve supramundane skills.  (Pirajak T./8 Febv 2021)

851.      Our resolution is like an M.o.U. which comes true upon karmic fulfillment.  (Pirajak T./8 Feb 2021)

852.      For some individuals, being youthful is much useless and being youthless is more useful.  (Pirajak T./8 Feb 2021)

853.      Kilesa is like virus, and unliberated jhana can just quarantine.  (Pirajak T./14 Feb 2021)

854.      A good leader requires the follows as much as the fellows.  (Pirajak T./21 Feb 2021)