Venerable Master Nattanan Kulsiri

Venerable Master Nattanan Kulsiri (Phra-Kru Kraisornvilas) is one of the forefront second generation of Dhammakaya Meditation masters.  When he was young, he studied Dhammakaya Meditation with Luang Phor Lek who was accounted as second to Luang Phor Sodh.  After completing his bachelor's degree, Venerable Nattanan was ordained and became a close apprentice of Venerable Master Veera Kanuttamo, one of the successors of Luang Phor Lek, who specialised in the Chakkaya Meditation.  After Venerable Veera Kanuttamo passed away, Venerable Master Nattanan Kulsiri became the senior-most successor of Venerable Veera.  Although Venerable Master Nattanan is competent in both Dhammakaya and Chakkaya Meditation, he does not expose himself much to the public since he devotes most of his time to meditation.  One of the most noted master piece of Venerable Master Nattanan’s propagation projects is his role as the executive editor of ‘The Supernormal Magga & Phala Scripture I and II’ which are the compilation of superknowledge of Dhammakaya Meditation as instructed by Luang Phor Sodh at the Meditation Workshop of Wat Paknam Temple in Bangkok.