3. Mrs. Patcharin B.


Story #2: Mrs. Patcharin Bureejittinan


Mrs. Patcharin Bureejittinan is one of many people who experiences resurrection or passing away and becoming alive again.  Mrs. Patcharin told her story during ‘Tee Sib’ or ‘At Ten,’ a famous talk show TV program in Thailand hosted by Mr. Wittawat Soonthornwinet aired in early 2000s that she owned a town home close to Metro Shopping Mall.  The Thai Post Office was interested in renting the town home, so they sent their representatives to contact Mrs. Patcharin and made an appointment to visit the town home together to take a look at the property as they wished to make the town home as a temporary Post Office of Pratunam District branch in Bangkok.

However, a month earlier, Mrs. Patcharin worried with an unknown cause.  She worried about who would be able to continue her many businesses if she died.  She doubted why she kept thinking about death.  So, Mrs. Patcharin decided to put on a Buddha amulet and made a wish for the Buddha amulet to protect her.  On 20 December 2000, she was scheduled by the Thai Post Office to take a look at the town home for consideration.  Mrs. Patcharin did not wish to go, but the representative of Thai Post Office told her not to reschedule because Mr. Vichai, chief of the Thai Post Office branch, would also join the visit.  However, it was like Mrs. Patcharin having the sixth sense that cautioned her not to go.  She could not help feeling that she would fall down from the town home and die.

Prior to leaving her home, Mrs. Patcharin asked her employee, Pom, to escort her with the hope that Pom would be able to inform her family members if she really fell down and died.  As Mrs. Patcharin and the representatives of the Thai Post Office arrived the town home, Mrs. Patcharin walked up to the second floor where the building structure was additionally extended by the previous owner.  At the second floor, Mrs. Patcharin felt a little whirling wind and heard a voice asking “When would you enshrine the spirit house?” of which Mrs. Patcharin responded in her mind that she would like to postpone it since the town home might be rented by others.  Mrs. Patcharin already forgot the promise she made to the house-spirit.  Then, Mr. Somchai and Mr. Vichai, the representatives of the Thai Post Office walked to one spot the extended part of the second floor and asked Mrs. Patcharin if there was something uncommon around that spot.  Then, they walked away.

Hence, Mrs. Patcharin walked to that very spot and stood there for a while, it was weird that she was able to see the tiles of the floor downstairs where a man with grey hair who dressed poorly stretched his arm and hand to grab Mrs. Patcharin’s foot claiming that he was the house-spirit and strongly pulled Mrs. Patcharin downward.  Mrs. Patcharin shouted to the spirit not to pull her down, and she recollected the Buddha amulet asking for protection.  Then, there was a golden light shining from the Buddha amulet.  The guardian of Mrs. Patcharin’s Buddha amulet appeared to grab Mrs. Patcharin’s right leg telling the house-spirit not to harm Mrs. Patcharin.  However, the guardian of Buddha amulet lost his grip while the house-spirit powerfully pulled Mrs. Patcharin downstairs.  The extended floor of second floor broke down and Mrs. Patcharin’s body fell down to the first floor where Mrs. Patcharin’s face hit the floor badly and painfully. 

            After her body was pulled down to hit the floor downstairs, Mrs. Patcharin roused and saw her human body laying down.  After that, she saw the two representatives of the Thai Post Office carrying her body to the car.  So, she doubted why she had two bodies.  At once, there appeared a big ogre with broad nostrils, thick lips, and red face.  In the beginning, she was unaware that the ogre was the purgatory (hell) official, but she came to realize that her lying body was her human body whereas her standing body was the spirit.  She tried looking through her own hand, and she found out that it was transparent.  The ogre spoke with echoing voice “Your spirit already left the human body.  Follow me!”  By that time, Mr. Somchai asked Mrs. Patcharin’s human body for her home phone number and the hospital of her preference.  Although Mrs. Patcharin’s spirit was following the ogre, but her human body could answer the questions.

As the spirit of Mrs. Patcharin arrived the destination, there was a clerk looking at a book.  The clerk asked her first name and last name.  Mrs. Patcharin told him her Chinese name.  Then, the clerk asked if she was able to chant.  She replied that she could chant, and the officer asked her to kneel down waiting for judgment.  During that time, Mrs. Patcharin could feel the stream of merit energy entering her spirit.  She learned later on that her doctor found blood leaking in her brain, and she would need a brain surgery if she did not gain consciousness within 24 hours.  Her husband was very much worried about this, so he went to make merit and dedicated the merit to his wife, Mrs. Patcharin, with a wish for her to gain consciousness and recover to normal state.

After a while, Mrs. Patcharin saw a big pair of legs in front of her.  The legs’ owner was the judge of purgatory or hell.  She could see the curving tips of the judge’s foot gear.  The edges of his pants were beautifully laced.  The judge spoke to her with an echoing voice “What are you worrying about?”  She replied “I still worry about my mother that nobody would take her to hospital and also my children have not graduated yet.”  Upon her answers, the image of box of gratitude and the box of merit appeared respectively.  They were the boxes that contain her virtue and merit energy.  As Mrs. Patcharin looked at the boxes, she could feel blissfulness which was hard to explain.  Thereafter, she saw a crystal path in front of her, so she stood up with an intent to head to the path.  The judge of purgatory told her that it was not about time for her to die yet, and he commanded an ogre officer to bring her spirit back to the human world.  Mrs. Patcharin was thinking that she would like to see the judge’s face, then, the judge’s big body downsized to be the same as her size.  Mrs. Patcharin could see and found that the judge of purgatory or hell was, indeed, a beautiful deity.

The ogre brought Mrs. Patcharin’s spirit to hospital.  Before entering the hospital, the ogre went to the spirit house at the hospital.  It seemed like he was asking for permission from the guardian spirit of the hospital first.  Then, the ogre and Mrs. Patcharin’s spirit walked through the closed hospital door, this looked like what happened in many movies.  Until the ogre brought Mrs. Patcharin’s spirit to her human body passing by her husband and children.  Mrs. Patcharin wondered why her children and husband did not show respect to the ogre who was a purgatory or hell official.  Then, the ogre spoke with a loud voice “[The spirit] enters the human body!”  After that, Mrs. Patcharin’s human body gained consciousness and felt like waking up.  After a while, she asked the ogre to leave.  When her health became well, she started to tell others about her experience in purgatory and the realm of spirit.

Source: http://oknation.nationtv.tv/blog/sutku/2007/11/14/entry-1


Translated from Thai to English on 15 August 2018
By Pittaya Wong

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