Pledging to be a Student

Anyone who wishes to become a student of Dhammakaya meditation under the guidance of Phramongkolthepmuni (Luang Por Wat Paknam), you are recommended to participate the 'Pledging to be a Student Ceremony' or 'Keun Dhamm' at the Great Master Hall (in front of his coffin) of Wat Paknam in Bangkok.  This ceremony is organized on every Thursday at 2.00 pm.  

During the ceremony, participants will have an opportunity to offer offerings such as incense sticks, flowers, donation and venerate to the Triple Gem and the great master (see words of veneration) as well as practicing meditation together by following the Great Master's voice recorded in an audio tape.  This ceremony is like an orientation to all students of Dhammakaya meditation.

Note: the ceremony is organized in Thai language only.  So, English speakers are recommended to study Dhammakaya meditation method in advance and bring a copy of words of veneration to attend the ceremony.  Normally, the ceremony takes about one hour.