Tips for a natural weight loss

Tips for a Natural Weight Loss

2nd Edition

as of 20 April 2016

by Pittaya Wong

Copyrighted 2016 – All rights reserved

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The lifestyle of people in the modern time has greatly affected their health. Many tools and equipment are created to ease human’s work. There are also jobs which require less energy. In addition, foods are processed in such a way that they taste good but become less nutritious. Hundreds of factors also contribute to the change in people’s habit of living and consuming. As a result, many people become obese or over-weight. There are numerous ways invented to encounter with this problem. Some are costly, and some are painful, more or less. Thus, this book is published to provide useful tips for people who wish to lose weight naturally without going through the complicated ways. You will find that the tips are easy to implement and almost free. Once you put them into practice until they become your habit, you will be able to control your own weight and live a better and healthier life.

Pittaya Wong

3 September 2013

1. Avoid being automatic

Many things around us are built to be automatic in order to save our time and effort. Consequently, we spend less energy as well as calorie. If you are tired of working out at a gym, you may choose to exercise naturally by using more energy in your daily living. Try to avoid being ‘automatic’ and turn to the ‘manual’ mode. For example, instead of using an escalator or elevator, use a stairway. Also, when you open a can, do not use an opener machine, but use a normal can opener. Remember, avoid being automatic, but do things manually.

2. Make sure that you are full when you shop

If you are hungry and go shop for food at a market, you will end up buying more foods as you are motivated by your hunger. So, make sure that you are full when you go to the market, it is a good way to exercise after meal, and you will also have less desire to buy foods. In addition, if you pay cash when you buy foods at a market, you are likely to buy less when comparing to buying with a credit card.

3. Play sports and do activities

Instead of watching sports on TV or playing sport VDO games, try playing sports outdoor. It is a good way to burn your calorie and enjoy your life. Sports allow you to socialize with your friends, and it promotes good health and sportsmanship. If you choose to play sports by gaming, try the interactive games that allow you to move your whole body while holding a computer game device that detects your movements.

4. Jogging in front of your TV

If you are addicted to TV programs and find yourself to be a potato couch most of the time. Try placing a tread mill or a biking machine in front of your TV. So, you can watch TV or listen to motivating music and exercise joyfully at the same time. The TV will draw your attention, so you tend to forget about being tired. Set up a goal for yourself to walk or bike until the end of the TV program.

5. Bike more and drive less

There are times when you have to commute for a short distance from home. Try biking instead of driving, so you can save your gasoline and spend more calorie. Many people will find that biking is more enjoyable than walking. Do not hesitate to buy a bicycle and bike out whenever you have a chance. With biking, you enjoy the breeze and the speed, so it won’t be boring like walking or jogging.

6. Take the bus and walk

You don’t have to drive everyday because you can choose to take buses sometimes. Taking the public transportation causes you to spend extra energy walking to and from your home or work place. You will also help to reduce global warming as less fuel is used. You may get off from a bus before the bus arrives the bus stop nearest your destination. This gives you an opportunity to walk an extra mile and lose calories.

7. Wash car(s) by yourself

If you or your family members own car(s), you should wash the car(s) by yourself in order to spend more energy and burn calories. In return, you save money. Moreover, you can even make money if you wash cars for your family members. Try turning on good music and wash your car(s).

8. Walk with your dog

Spare some time for your dogs by walking with them at a park or along the street. This promotes better relationship between you and your pets. Your pets and you will have a better health and lose some weight all together. If you walk with your dogs, you will lose more energy from trying to pull your dog’s leash.

9. Avoid sugar and fat

Whenever you eat something, be mindful not to add sugar and fat into your food. When you drink coffee, avoid adding sugar and artificial creamer. Simply drink plane black coffee to stay awake and slender. When you order a pizza or a burger, don’t forget to say ‘no cheese.’ Remember, it doesn’t make sense to eat a cheese burger and fries with diet Pepsi.

10. Don’t eat after noon

Fasting is a difficult method, but it yields a wonderful result if you can do. Try fasting after you have lunch. Don’t eat anything except low fat milk. Eat only two meals a day, breakfast and lunch. When you get used to it, you will find that your weight is balanced quickly as two meals are enough for sustaining your life. It is easier than a surgery, and you also save money.

11. Warn yourself

Place a note or a picture of yourself when you were slender in front of the refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. This helps to remind yourself not to pick more than enough foods for eating. For example, post the sign “You will be fat and ugly if you eat more!” or “Your boyfriend may not marry you if you eat too much!”

12. Walk more with good shoes or sneakers

Buy good shoes or sneakers that allow you to walk more and more each day. Avoid the high-heels or shoes that hurt or discomfort your feet and discourage you from extra walk. Also, your outfit should make you feel confident and comfortable when you walk.

13. Avoid being stressful

When someone is pressured by his or her work or something, (s)he may end up eating more as a relief. So, keep your mind relaxed all the time. Listen to soft music, read good inspiring stories, light up candles, practice meditation, or look at beautiful pictures of natural scenes.

14. Avoid alcohol beverage

Alcohol beverage always gives higher calories. Abstaining alcohol beverage will allow you to have a better health and reduce the calories intake.

15. Don’t use a remote controller

There are certain things in your house that are controlled by a remote controller. Avoid using them, and try to turn on and off the devices manually. If you don’t use the remote controller, you will walk more often and burn more calories. Imagine that you have to open the garage door by yourself everyday instead of using a remote controller, you will burn extra calories.

16. Eat fruits instead of snacks

Most snacks are processed foods that give you more excess calories, and marketing campaigns encourage people to keep eating them. Instead of buying snacks and keep them close to your reach, change to a basket of fresh fruits. Fruits are more nutritious and good for your health although they also give energy. If you feel like you want to eat a bag of potato chips, grab an apple or a tomato instead.

17. Choose ‘light’ salad dressing

Many people believe that eating salad can help them to reduce weight. However, they forget that their salad dressing is high-calorie. So, when you eat salad, make sure that your salad-dressing is low-calorie. Try soy sauce instead of Thousand Island, and don’t add cheese to your salad.

18. Avoid egg yolk

If you eat more than an egg per day, please avoid eating the egg yolk as it contributes to a higher cholesterol level. So, when you order breakfast, try sunny eggs instead of an omelet or scrambled eggs. So, you can remove the egg yolk easily.

19. Drink more tea

Some kinds of tea can promote better digestion and reduce weight. So, drink more hot herbal tea such as the unsweetened mulberry tea or green tea after meal which is safe for your health.

20. Go shopping

If you are bored of doing exercise at the gym, motivate yourself to exercise more by going shopping. Walk around the mall or superstore as much as possible. Put on a back pack to increase your load and burn more calories. Pick this and that while you enjoy looking at stuff. However, don’t bring your credit card with you if you wish to limit your spending. Otherwise, you may lose both your money and your weight.

21. Shower your dogs

Take a shower for your dogs every weekend. It helps you to burn extra calories and makes your dogs to stay clean. This is a fun activity that requires very little expense but somehow much energy.

22. Do gardening by yourself

Instead of having someone doing the garden and mow the lawn for you, do it yourself. Gardening is enjoyable, and it makes your home’s landscape more beautiful. Everyone in the family can join. Plant more trees and help to lessen the global warming as well as your excess fat.

23. No soft drink

Avoid sweetened carbonated beverages in order to reduce your calories intake. Drink more of plain water or unsweetened herbal tea to promote a better health. Make it your habit to order ‘water’ at a restaurant. You will also save money.

24. Avoid buffet restaurants

When you go to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, you always end up eating more than you can digest. It is enjoyable in the beginning, and it may turn horrible in the end when you find it difficult to leave your seat. So, try to avoid the buffet restaurants. Otherwise, you may eat more than what you normally eat altogether in three days. You will get too full and feel uncomfortable. Worst of all, your calorie may peak!

25. Refrain from junk foods

Junk foods are everywhere. They are cheap and easy to find and consume. However, most of the junk foods threaten one’s health and give high calories. If possible, try to avoid junk foods. When you choose an apartment to live in, make sure there are good restaurants that offer nutritious foods in your neighborhood. Don’t live close to sources of junk foods. So, you don’t end up eating junk foods for years.

26. No supper after six o’clock

If you eat a big meal for dinner or supper, don’t eat it too late. Try having dinner or supper before six o’clock in the evening. So, the consumed food will be digested, and the energy is partially used before you go to bed. As a result, there will be less excess calories remaining in your body. Moreover, you will be less likely to have a heart-burn.

27. Do the house chores

Keep your home clean by doing the chores by yourself. The cleaning activities help to burn calories. You may do your chores after meal, so the calories will be used up quickly. Your family members will also appreciate this. If you are good at cleaning homes, you may earn more money and lose calories by cleaning homes for others.

28. Dance

If you love to dance, just dance. Turn on music and dance along. There are also some dancing games where you dance on a sensored plastic pad to earn score. Have fun and lose weight.

29. Smaller bowls and plates

When you buy bowls, plates, forks, and spoons, don’t buy the large size. You should buy a medium sized one that can be used to serve a moderate amount of foods.

30. Chew gums instead of eating snacks

If you feel like you want to eat snacks badly, try chewing sugar free gums instead. Make sure that your mouth is busy until you forget all the snacks.

31. Drink more water

Throughout your day, drink more of plain water. This prevents you from feeling hungry or thirsty. If you let yourself feeling thirsty, you may end up drinking soft drinks which give extra calories.

32. Eat slowly

When you have your meal, eat and chew slowly. You may turn on soft music to promote the sense of peace while you eat. Eat slowly and drink water, so you feel full without eating too much foods.

33. Own a weight machine

Be aware of your current weight everyday. Buy a weight machine, so you know your own weight. Notice what contributes to your weight gain and loss. You may even write down your weight on the calendar.

34. Activities other than eating

When you feel like you want to eat something other than your formal meals, try persuading yourself to do something else, for example, playing games, knitting, socializing on the social media, and watching movies.

35. Do the dishes

After each meal, do the dishes by yourself. Don’t use the dish washing machine. Doing dishes allows you to burn extra calories and save electricity.

36. Don’t stock too much food

Don’t stock too much food in your kitchen cabinet. Buy only what you can eat in a week or two. Be mindful when you buy foods, make sure they are low-calories. Some products are fat free, but they may contain much sugar. Be wise when you read the nutrition fact label. Sometimes, the ads about fat and calorie can be misleading. Bring a magnifier with you if the wordings on the label appear too small.

37. Park afar

When you drive your car to your destination such as your workplace or school, you may choose to park your car afar from the buildings in order to walk more and burn extra calories.

38. The best cooking method

When you cook foods or order foods, try to avoid fried foods since they may absorb much oil. The best ways for cooking are baking, steaming, and boiling. Grilling is also a good choice if your foods do not get over burnt as it may cause cancer.

39. Eat more vegetables

Try to proportionate your food intake by eating more vegetables each day. They provide necessary vitamins, so you do not have to take vitamin tablets. In addition, vegetables are good source of natural fiber. You may choose to have organic salad in every meal or drink vegetable juice.

40. Juice can be too sweet

Natural juice can be too sweet, and the sugar or fructose in juice can end up producing excess calories for your body. So, you may limit the amount of your juice intake to one or two glasses per day only. If you feel like you want to drink some thing as a habit, drink unsweetened tea or plain mineral water.

41. When you go to a party

There are plenty of foods at a party. So, before you go to a party, drink plain water, eat fruits or salad first. Make yourself a little bit full undercontrol, so you will not end up eating too much at a party.

42. More fishes for food

When you cook or order foods at a restaurant, try to choose fish instead of other kinds of meat because fishes mostly give less calories and provide omega 3 which is a kind of beneficial fat. However, try to avoid fried fishes since the oil can multiply your calories manifold.

43. Don’t spoil yourself

Try to avoid sweet and greasy foods always, no matter what they are. Be contented on your eating. Contemplate on the bad results of eating them either in term of your health or your beauty. Remember that ‘you are what you eat.’ So, be mindful always before you put something into your mouth. Don’t spoil your own appetite too much.

44. Exercising Tools

Place exercising tools and equipment everywhere in your home and office, even in the restroom. So, when you have a chance, you can grab them and exercise whenever you want. A little bit of this and that can add up to more calories used.

45. Choose the right career

If you are very fat, don’t choose a career that makes you sit in your office all day long. Try to get a job that allows you to spend more energy such as delivering mails, teaching how to dance, constructing buildings, teaching yoga, packing stuff, and etc. Remember, your routine shapes your life as well as your mind and body.

46. Get the right friend

You need someone to inspire you to lose weight. Associate with those who love to play sports, dance, travel, and go out. So, you can join them in doing such activities and have fun. Don’t stay with the ones who are potato couch. Don’t socialize with those who love to eat and post pictures of foods on their facebook all the time.

47. Visit museums and exhibitions

Feed yourself with knowledge and exercise more by walking miles watching pictures and sculptures. This allows you to burn your calories and enjoy life. However, be careful not to enjoy too much food at the museum restaurant. Bring your own food in a lunch box, so you can control what you eat.

48. Choose coconut oil

There are hundreds of researches which confuse us about the benefits and disadvantages of various cooking oil. Researches can be misleading as they are the magic of consumption oil industries. However, it seems that many researches agree upon the benefits of coconut oil. Although coconut oil is likely to be more expensive, it is more safe and beneficial for your body. Try cooking coconut oil at home for a month and have your blood checked. See if the results of your blood check confirms many of scientists’ researches on coconut oil. Then, recommend your favorite restaurants to use cooking coconut oil. You will save many more lives from diseases!

49. Figure out a healthy menu for yourself

Study thoroughly about the ingredients and calories of each of your favorite menu. Try to find foods that you like and promote good health at the same time. Search on the internet for possibilities. Learn more about nutrition and cooking. Don’t let yourself eating bad foods for years. Change your habit and lifestyle now!

50. Find out the factors

You must be able to find out the factors that contribute your own weight gain and weight loss. Notice your own lifestyle and identify the causes that make you gain weight or lose weight. So, you can put them under control. Tell yourself what you should do and should not do. You may even interview your slender friends about what they do or undo. So, you learn their strengths. Other than the tips in this book, you should be able to derive your own tips which are unique for yourself too.

51. Motivation

Once you know what is good and bad for your shape, the rest is about motivating yourself to put them into practice. Some people know well about foods and exercise, but they simply spoil themselves to live their lives without discipline. So, they end up getting obese or fat and have many health problems. So, learn to motivate yourself with good results and bad results. This will help to make you keep up with the discipline or the new lifestyle.