Top Quotes by Pittaya Wong


by Pirajak T. S.

(pen-name: Pittaya Wong)

as of 1 Dec 2021

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983.  Meditation keeps our minds uplifting irrespective of bodily downgrading.  (Pirajak/1 Dec 2021)

982.  Never look at just the 'comma' of love but also the 'period' of life.  (Pirajak/30 Nov 2021)

981.  Great leadership requires good follows to row.  Great friendship requires good fellow to be role.  (Pirajak/29 Nov 2021)

980.  Leave some comments when we have good moments.  (Pirajak/29 Nov 2021)

979.  Once love is fully cared, marriage is to be declared.  (Pirajak/29 Nov 2021)

978.  Good comments are to be cared.  Good moments are to be shared.  (Pirajak/29 Nov 2021)

977.  Our minds are infinite whilst our brains have limits.  (Pirajak/24 Nov 2021)

976.  Good men earn for living.  Good monks earn for sharing.  (Pirajak/24 Nov 2021)

975.  To care our loves, we share our lives.  (Pirajak/23 Nov 2021)

974.  Sweet corns pop in our minds, once the crop is warmhearted by being kind.  (Pirajak/23 Nov 2021)

973.  It takes pressure to gemonise, but only leisure to crystallise.  (Pirajak/20 Nov 2021)

972.  Too few who share our pain. Too many who share our gain.  (Pirajak/19 Nov 2021)

971.  Some take advantage, and that's life!  Some share advantage, and that's love! (Pirajak/18 Nov 2021)

970.  Do our major in life after having done our minor in love.  (Pirajak/18 Nov 2021)

969.  Brain is our ROM.  RAM is our mind.  (Pirajak/18 Nov 2021)

968.  As a master of love, one can earn a  doctor of life.  (Pirajak/17 Nov 2021)

967.  Mend our minds if we mind too many (wo)men.  (Pirajak/16 Nov 2021)

966.  Be careful over life's peak, be mindful under life's trough.  (Pirajak/16 Nov 2021)

965.  If one likes to make love, remember that it's love which makes life.  (Pirajak/16 Nov 2021)

964.   Aging is to be mindful of, not to fool one's mind with.  (Pirajak/13 Nov 2021)

963.  Handle life with cush.  Handle love with care.  (Pirajak/11 Nov 2021)

962.  Having a lifelong love is worthy to live a last long life.  (Pirajak/11 Nov 2021) 

961.  Life gets old over time, but love is unlikely to get old under care.  (Pirajak/11 Nov 2021)

960.  Think of being older, we are mindful.  Think of being over, we are carefuly.  (Pirajak/10 Nov 2021)

959. Aging reminds us not only the memory we may lose but also the memorial we will get.  (Pirajak/10 Nov 2021)

958.  The elderly is such a reminder that the older one gets, the disorderly one faces.  (Pirajak/10 Nov 2021)

957.  Life cycle ends when we no longer encircle.  (Pirajak/8 Nov 2021)

956.  Life is to be kept in one's body.  Love is to be kept in one's mind.  (Pirajak/8 Nov 2021)

955.  A body is appealing until we mind the peeling.  (Pirajak/8 Nov 2021)

954.  An attractive body usually causes distractive mind.  (Pirajak/8 Nov 2021)

953.  Emotions are seasonal, turninng our reasons irrational.  (Pirajak/8 Nov 2021)

952.  Be kind to everyone like a kin, be kin to everyone of our kind.  (Pirajak/7 Nov 2021)

951.  Emotions are seasonal to keep not, reasons are rational to keep up.  (Pirajak/7 Nov 2021)

950.  To leave the cycle, we have to end the circle.  (Pirajak/3 Nov 2021)

949.  Love like yesterday once more.  Learn like today is twice as much.  (Pirajak/4 Nov 2021)

948.  A treat that tricks is harmful.  A trick that treats is wonderful.  (Pirajak/2 Nov 2021)

947.  Love is not to rule, but a role.  (Pirajak/2 Nov 2021)

946.  Love can turn tricky, so we need a lifetime-treaty.  (Pirajak/31 Oct 2021)  

945.  Our perceptions stimulate, causing cognitions to fluctuate.  (Pirajak/30 Oct 2021)

944.  As life grows old with partner, it takes love that gains eld together.  (Pirajak/23 Oct 2021)

943.  Wisdom gains older as life grows elder.  (Pirajak/23 Oct 2021)

942.  Morality is a push by reward and a pull by punishment.  (Pirajak/22 Oct 2021)

941.  Reincarnation is an unavoidable risk with more or less available luck.  (Pirajak/21 Oct 2021)

940.  Youthfulness is not meant to be spoiled as usefulness needs to be spared.  (Pirajak/15 Oct 2021)

939.  With enlightenment, craving can be calmed and clinging can be cleared.  (Pirajak/15 Oct 2021)

938.  Talents are not gifted but accumulated over lifetimes.  (Pirajak/13 Oct 2021)

937.  Trust not only the diva-look because of the possible hidden devil-like.  (Pirajak/12 Oct 2021)

936.  A Bodhisattva has to sustain good deeds no matter what it takes and maintain goodness no matter what it turns.  (Pirajak/12 Oct 2021)

935.  Perfection or parami occurs when our merit elements age along virtue essences.  (Pirajak/12 Oct 2021)

934.  The holy are the well-viewed.  The evil are the ill-viewed.  (Pirajak/11 Oct 2021)

933.  To trace the Middle Path, our Threefold Training must be on the right track.  (Pirajak/10 Oct 2021)

932.  The Middle Way is the right track which assures that our Threefold Training is on the right path.  (Pirajak/10 Oct 2021)

931.  Craving is none of our blissfulness.  (Pirajak/9 Oct 2021)

930.  Triumph over death is immortality, but eternity over birth.  (Pirajak/8 Oct 2021)

929.  Sensual desire can never get fulfilled, but contentment can make us feel full.  (Pirajak/8 Oct 2021)

928.  Our success in life is attribted by the dynamic DOs as well as the karmic DONEs.  (Pirajak/8 Oct 2021)

927.  Natural disasters are the Holy's won't, but the evil's will.  (Pirajak/8 Oct 2021)

926.  Psychic is the physics of mind.  (Pirajak/7 Oct 2021)

925.  To award peace, do it at any reward price.  (Pirajak/7 Oct 2021)

924. Peace is such a reward even though it is not awarded.  (Pirajak/7 Oct 2021)

923.  Karma laws rule any street men without negligence to every state man.  (Pirajak/3 Oct 2021)

922.  Aging is a reminder to understand, not a disruptor to withstand.  (Pirajak/2 Oct 2021)

921.  As advices are done well, advance can be well done.  (Pirajak/2 Oct 2021)

920.  Comes the wordy advice, goes the worthy advance.  (Pirajak/1 Oct 2021)

919.  Marriage is to live together in the hearty rise and love one another in the heartbreaking fall.  (Pirajak/1 Oct 2021)

918.  When love is full, life is filled.  (Pirajak/29 Sept 2021)

917.  Anyone is too old to love too many, and everybody isn't too young to love only one.  (Pirajak/27 Sept 2021)

916.  Moneys are purchasing power, and acquiring them is selling incentive.  (Pirajak/27 Sept 2021)

915.  The cycle of life is tiresome, but some take it as being tireless.  (Pirajak/23 Sept 2021)

914.  As dishes are seasoned by ingredients, our lives are seasoned by experiences.  (Pirajak/23 Sept 2021)

913.  Life springs and falls, leaving nothing at all but love.  (Pirajak/22 Sept 2021)

912.  The love we fall in doesn't always mean the life we spring out.  (Pirajak/22 Sept 2021)

911.  Being lively in the Spring of love, forget not our turning unlovely in the Fall of life.  (Pirajak/22 Sept 2021)

910.  Kilesa or defilements are the mental agents which attract sensations to interact with cognition in order to arouse our minds to continue clinging onto life.  (Pirajak/18 Sept 2021)

909.  Life is never by chance but destined by the competing karmic enforcement between the Holy and evil.  (Pirajak/15 Sept 2021)

908B.  The wise who is well-versed ignores not the words of advice.  (Pirajak/12 Sept 2021)

908.  Even the wise who is well versed should never ignore the words of advice.  (Pirajak/12 Sept 2021) 

907.  Good bows bend.  Good men bow.  (Pirajak/12 Sept 2021)

906.  Upon multi-faceted experience, we can undergo crystallisation with multi-aspects of understanding.  (Pirajak/7 Sept 2021)

905.  Cheating our partner is a don't, but parting our cheater is a do.  (Pirajak/7 Sept 2021)

904.  Love is never too early to return.  Life is never too late to retry.  (Pirajak/6 Sept 2021)

903.  English 'love to' equals to Thai 'like' one, American 'love' one equals to Thai 'love' too.  (Pirajak/5 Sept 2021)

902.  Having a more roomy heart, enjoying a  more comfy love.  (Pirajak/4 Sept 2021)

901.  Product and service are the heart of any market activity, so do conduct and practice of every monastic community.  (Pirajak/3 Sept 2021)

900.  Even to the in-laws, we have to do it by laws.  (Pirajak/3 Sept 2021)

899.  Although the wise is wordy, it's still worthy to be advised.  (Pirajak/2 Sept 2021)

898.  Confidence is based on our past success not groundless future.  (Pirajak/1 Sept 2021)

897.  We long for our beloved because love makes us belong.  (Pirajak/1 Sept 2021)

896.  Moral discipline is always required whenever more or less of resources are acquired.  (Pirajak/30 Aug 2021)

895.  Politics does lesser by art but better by science.  (Pirajak/28 Aug 2021)

894.  Being trapped in the cycle of life, take the Middle Path which is linear.  (Pirajak/28 Aug 2021)

893.  The genius thinks in gigahertz.  The Holy loves in mega heart.  (Pirajak/27 Aug 2021)

892.  We can't always edit what we did, but we deserve credit if we do.  (Pirajak/27 Aug 2021)

891.  In Buddhism, we do detachment as the attempt to let go altogether with the consent to let be.  (Pirajak/25 Aug 2021)

980.  Where there's the Right View there's the Right Way.  (Pirajak/24 Aug 2021)

889.  We don't reach the finish line better by putting someone into our shoes, but tough hearts and tight strings would do to make our success fast and firm.  (Pirajak/22 Aug 2021)

888.  Grow old like a sage. Get aged like a  gold.  (Pirajak/18 Aug 2021)

887.  Be in-line to the Dharma to keep ourselves aligned to good karma.  (Pirajak/17 Aug 2021)

886.  When Dharma is implemented, life is more complimented.  (Pirajak/13 Aug 2021)

885.  Do the Holy tact when we deal with the devil's trick.  (Pirajak/7 Aug 2021)

884.  In Dhammonomics, we've to find the right quantity of demand & supply in order to maximise the quality of mind.  (Pirajak/5 Aug 2021)

883.  Dharmakaya is Holy. Chakravarti is Eminent.  (Pirajak/Aug 2021)

882.  Love can be extended even when life is expired.  (Pirajak/4 Aug 2021)

881.  Self confidence should make us eager to, not our ego from.  (Pirajak/4 Aug 2021)

880.  Respect in the presence of Dharma irrespective of the absence of Buddha.  (Pirajak/4 Aug 2021)

879.  Ill-will can be cured with meditation.  Ill ones can be cured with medication.  (Pirajak/1 Aug 2021)

878.  We grow young for a chance.  We grow old for no choice.  For some reasons, aging makes us go through unavoidable changes.  (Pirajak/30 July 2021)

877.  When our past was perfected, our future will be perfect continuous.  (Pirajak/28 July 2021)

876.  Apply morality to live & rest in peace, not to raise the heat in any trauma.  (Pirajak/28 July 2021)

875.  As for any heart-drives, virtues must be uploaded, and immoralities need to be unloaded.  (Pirajak/27 July 2021)

874.  True gold doesn't get rusty but lustrous. True monk doesn't get lusted but lusty.  (Pirajak/21 July 2021)

873.Sex repeatedly peaks and passes, leaving nothing much when life needs to part in peace. (Pirajak/27 July 2021)

872.  When someone cheats, a farewell is the fair way.  (Pirajak/22 July 2021)

871.  As a materialist, one's wish-list is endless.  As a moralist, one has more enriched virtues to be enlisted.  (Pirajak/21 July 2021)

870.  Love not the inconsistent one as life is not meant to be in turbulence of twos.  (Pirajak/20 July 2021)

869.  The appreciation in sexual appeal doesn't last as the depreciation on how it appears is not least.  (Pirajak/16 July 2021)

868.  Politics is a game which takes our extra time and effort to conform or conflict with interests.  (Pirajak/14 July 2021)

867.  Life is suffering of which many people do not concern but conceal.  (Pirajak/12 July 2021)

866.  Vaccines immunise our bodies. Moralities immunise our minds.  (Pirajak/12 July 2021)

855.  We shouldn't judge ohers with prejudice, but we sometimes need peace at the price of injustice.  (Pirajak/10 July 2021)

864.  Too fast, too false!  (Pirajak/10 July 2021)

863.  Time keeps tick tock until death knock knick. Don't waste time with nick nack.  (Pirajak/9 July 2021)

862.  Love declines as body decays. (Pirajak/9 July 2021)

861.   Education makes us accredited, but only ethication makes us accountable.  (Pirajak/8 July 2021)

860.  To be in-lined to the Dharma, study what were outlined by the Buddha.  (Pirajak/8 July 2021)

859.  Looking beyond the worldly to avoid lagging behind the heavenly.  (Pirajak/8 July 2021)

858.  A good quote eliminates our defilements with sharpened wisdom.  (Pirajak/8 July 2021)

857.  Doing rumbles only to our enemies.  Being humble only to our allies.  (Pirajak/8 July 2021)

856.  To be lucky, we've to look for the opportunity to make others fortunate.  (Pirajak/8 July 2021)

855.  In Dharma learning, ourselves are the best resources for any researches.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

854.  With meditation, our minds are like telescopes that see afar or the microscopes that see it near.  Notwithstanding, they can be like horoscopes that see the future from here.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

853. Mindfulness keeps our wholesome mind consistent and prevents the arisen demerit.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

852. We can turn our hearts into rosary beads where every beat can be mindfully counted.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

851.  In any religions, we are okay to leave the messengers, not the messages.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

850.  To take home our care is to take care of our home.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

849.  Buddhist teachings are epistemological, not theological.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

848.  Our happy time usually flies by the tailwinds, so don’t our difficult time by the headwinds.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

847.  Being humane, we do not live by the instinctive, but mainly distinction.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

846.  A single in peace can be more enjoyable than a couple in love.  (Pirajak/ 7 July 2021)

845.  Some good players are born to be, but every good gamester is born to been.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

844.  A good plan makes a good play. (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

843.  When our minds are light, we become delighted. (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

842.  Make a right turn, if we are on the wrong track. Make only the right track no matter what it turns. (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

841.  Our lives are not by chance, but only the accumulated choices. (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

840.  When our will is good, our shall is great! (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

839.  By virtue of the Dharma, humans are valued by the dogma.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

838.  With the unrest for peace, we sometimes achieve the rest in peace of war. (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

837.  It’s the virtuous which dissolves the unvirtuous.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

 836.  Our goodwill makes the well-wishes. Our evil wishes make the ill-will.  (Pirajak/7 July 2021)

834.  A piece of quote is a post of cake. (Pirajak/6 July 2021)834.  Vipassanupakilesa is the state of being too delighted to be enlightened. (Pirajak/June 2021)

833.  Be handy with love, to handle our families with care.  (Pirajak/6 July 2021)

832.  Humans are formed with functions, and it's the malfunctions which deform. (Pirajak/5 July 2021)

831.  Being eager to love, leaving the ego we have.  (Pirajak/5 July 2021)

830.  The doctrine keeps up our healthy heart. The doctor keeps up our hearty health. (Pirajak/5 July 2021)

829.  Unload the selfly. Underlie the selfless. (Pirajak/4 July 2021)

828.  Buddhahood removes defilements like arahantship, but the difference is extent of omniscience.  (Pirajak/4 July 2021)

827.  When beauty depreciates, nobody appreciates.  (Pirajak/4 July 2021)

826.  The heart of morality is not what we believe, but how we behave. (Pirajak/3 July 2021)

825. A good grab on Dharma requires a good grip on Vinaya. (Pirajak/3 July 2021)

824. A diplomatch is a game of peace, not the beat of war. (Pirajak/3 July 2021)

823.  A good tact is better than a bad trick! (Pirajak/2 July 2021)

822.  In any charity, our giving effort should be affordable and not mentally uncomfortable. (Pirak/2 July 2021) 

821.  Samatha is the art and Vipassana is the science of meditation. (Pirajak/1 July 2021)

820.  Merit making can be a selfly cultivation as much as a selfless devotion.  (Pirajak/30 Jun 2021) (

819.  Living beyond or below necessity, one behaves along possibility.  (Pirajak/29 Jun 2021)

818.  Aging is valued when it is by intellectual virtue.  (Pirajak/29 Jun 2021)

xxx.  Bending to the pundit, the pundit bows back.  Bowing to the bandit, the bandit pounds back.  (Revision/27 June 2021)

817. Avoid any perceptual stimulant. Allow only sensual coolant.  (Pirajak/27 June 2021)

xxx. Forgive only the corrected mistake.  Forget only the admitted mistreat.  (Revision/Pirajak/27 June 2021)

xxx.  Our lives are nothing but the six elements and three essences in the process of Dependent Origination. (Revision/Pirajak/27 June 2021)

816.  Either vote per election or select per devotion, let only the devoted fulfills public satisfaction.  (Pirajak/26 June 2021)

815.  With benevolence, our minds are softened.  With violence, our minds are hardened.  With any intent, it affects our mental content.  (Revision/Pirajak/25 June 2021)

814. Keep up with humilities; even though, we have made any incredibilities. (Revision/Pirajak/25 June 2021)

813.  Prayer is like a balm cream while meditation is like a vaccine.  Please take both to reduce our medicine.  (Revision/Pirajak/25 June 2021)

812.  Most people are careless when being youthful, and they turn careful when being youthless.  (Pirajak/22 June 2021)

811.  Never look over the human interface until overlooking the human internal.  (Pirajak/15 June 2021)

810.  The absolute value of our happiness equals to being the maximised materialist subtracted by being the spiritual minimalist. (Pirajak/13 June 2021)

809.  A guy without coffee is like a girl without honey.  (Pirajak/12 Jun 2021)


Binary Digit = Element (0) and Essence (1). 

Java Script = Vijja

Linux = Trilaksana

Android O.S. = Karma Law

Applications = Karmic Programs

807.  Talking is cheap.  Texting is cheaper.  (Pirajak/3 Jun 2021)

806.   If we can be friends with aging, we will be fine with death.  (Pirajak/20 May 2021) 

805.  Living in pace.  Resting in peace.  (Pirajak/20 May 2021)

804.  Think of problems, more problems come.  Think of solutions, more problems go.  (Pirajak/8 May 2021)

803.  To become a successful idol, one needs not only the applicable ideal, but also the affordable ideas.  (Pirajak/7 May 2021)

802.  Nimitta is a video.  Mantra is the audio.  Oh! one's mind is such a studio.  (Pirajak/1 May 2021)

801.  Golden teeth defeat the golden tongued.  (Pirajak/24 Apr 2021)

800.  Talk is cheap.  Think is sharp.  (Pirajak/23 Apr 2021)

799.  Mindfulness keeps our minds with the present, not the absent.  (Pirajak/22 Apr 2021)

798.  When the elderly monastic order is maintained, the orderly monastic elder is sustained.  (Pirajak/22 Apr 2021)

797.  Many professors teach on lanes, but not all masters train on tracks.  (Pirajak/22 Apr 2021)

796.  Learn from the earth to become solid.  Learn from liquid to go with the flow.  Learn not to give in upon heat and snow.  Learn how to blow away like the wind.  (Pirajak/7 Apr 2021)

795.  'Right Concentration' means the focused calm mind which is balanced and concentrated until reaching mental unification which enables meditative absorption or jhana.  In meditation, right concentration is the concentrated and unified mind which unlock the Middle Path and deepends into the Middle Way.  (Pirajak/4 April 2021)

794.  'Right Mindfulness' is the consistent mental focus over appropriate physical, verbal, and mental activity such as meditation.  In meditation, right mindfulness is the consistent focus of mind over something such as a meditation object, breath, and mantra, in order to achieve mental calm.  (Pirajak/4 April 2021)

793.  'Right Effort' means the more or less of attempt-power to prosper merit and cease demerit within oneself.  In meditation, right effort is the wholesome force which drives one's mind towards a goal such as enlightenment.  (Pirajak/4 April 2021)

792.  'Right Livelihood' means the abstention from one's earning for living which harms and causes a burden to others.  In meditation, right livelihood makes one's mind contented.  (Pirajak/4 April 20221)

791.  'Right Conduct' is the mental and physical control over one's action not to be undisciplined and unwholesome as well as motivating one's action to be more disciplined and wholesome.  In meditation, right conduct controls mental behaving.  (Pirajak/4 April 2021)

790.  'Right Speech' is the verbal and mental control over one's speech not to be undisciplined and unwholesome in many ways as well as allowing one's speech to be true, disciplined, and wholesome only.  In meditation, right speech controls mental communication.  (Pirajak/4 April 2021)

789.  'Right Intent' means one's sound intention, in accordance to morality, which stems from the right justification made possible by correct knowledge & understanding towards any phenomena.  In meditation, right intent directs one's mind.  (Pirajak/4 April 2021)

788.  'Right View' is the correct perspective based on what really is, leading to the accurate and ethical justification on what ought to and ought not to, regardless of one's bias.  In meditation, right view corrects one's mind-setting. (Pirajak/4 April 2021)

787.  First come, the Dharma.  First served, the Sangha.  (Pirajak/1 Apr 2021)

786.  The best Buddhist teaching is to put the right Dharma on the right person at the right time.  (Pirajak/31 March 2021)

785.  Branchy trees are shady.  Flowery trees are fruitful.  (Pirajak/31 March 2021)

784. Teach from our perfection.  Train from our cultivation.  (Pirajak/31 March 2021)

783.  Wisdom makes it clear.  Morality makes it clean.  Meditation makes it calm.  (Pirajak/29 Mar 2021)

782.  The Dharma is an intellectual property which everyone can have in possession, but not obsession.  (Pirajak/29 Mar 2021)

781.  Do whatever it takes to undo whatever it mistakes.  (Pirajak/28 Mar 2021)

780.  We belong by gravity.  We behave by electricity.  (Pirajak/23 Mar 2021)

779.  That's love which makes us cosy with birth.  That's life which makes us uneasy with death.  (Pirajak/22 Mar 2021)

778.  To judge others, one is required not only to master the laws but also the practising of non-prejudice.  (Pirajak/19 Mar 2021)

777.  War is pricy.  Peace is priceless. Diplomacy is less price.  (Pirajak/17 Mar 2021)

776.  Life is limited by love but infinite by compassion.  (Pirajak/16 Mar 2021)

775.  Any Buddhist teachings aren't meant to increase our demand but diminishing it.  (Pirajak/15 Mar 2021)

774.  The beauty of youth is not to last, and the elderly beasty is not to long.  (Pirajak/14 Mar 2021)

773.  The Middle Way isn't quite right if it doesn't end up at the Nirvana.  (Pirajak/14 Mar 2021)

772.  Our mind can be immuned when we get desirous and attempt to overcome the mental virus with vaccine.  (Pirajak/14 Mar 2021)

771.  When we're obscured by a mountain, move ourselves, not the mountain.  (Pirajak/13 Mar 2021)

770.  When we're sharper, it doesn't mean that we've to be a cutter.  (Pirajak/13 Mar 2021)

769.  It's the missing match to long for.  It's the messy match to last of.  (Pirajak/12 Mar 2021)

768.  Dharmakaya are years young. Nirmanakaya are years old.  (Pirajak/12 Mar 2021)

767.  Some make their lives a history, many just make stories of their lives.  (Pirajak/12 Mar 2021)

766.  Morality is whenever our devil insists and angel resists.  (Pirajak S./8 Mar 2021)

765.  Listen carefully.  Speak carefuller.  (Pirajak S./27 Feb 2021)

764.  Drama is a mirage.  Dharma is a miracle.  (Pirajak S./26 Feb 2021)

763.  Today is a chance.  Tomorrow is a choice.  (Pirajak S./25 Feb 2021)

762.  Admire the aging when it's brightful.  Admit the passing when it's blissful.  (Pirajak S./23 Feb 2021)

761.  Avoid much eating, we save days.  Away from much sex, we save nights.  (Pirajak S./21 Feb 2021)

760.  A good leader requires the follows as much as the fellows.  (Pirajak S./21 Feb 2021)

759.  Kilesa is like virus, and unliberated jhana can just quarantine.  (Pirajak S./14 Feb 2021)

758.  For some individuals, being youthful is much useless and being youthless is more useful.  (Pirajak S./8 Feb 2021)

757.  Our resolution is like an M.o.U. which comes true upon karmic fulfillment.  (Pirajak S./8 Feb 2021)

756.  Morality promotes our B.Q. Meditation enhances our E.Q. Wisdom boosts our I.Q. Master them all to achieve supramundane skills.  (Pirajak S./8 Febv 2021)

755.  Vijja is the superknowledge from meditative insight which gives rise to intuition. (Pirajak S./7 Feb 2021)

754.  Life is seasonal, bearing karmic fruits and florals.  (Pirajak S./6 Feb 2021)

753.  The very key to Nirvana is fulfilled perfections whereas the right-intented mental unification is to unlock it.  (Pirajak S./6 Feb 2021)

752.  Beauty from youthfulness entraps us as time is running on.  Beasty from elderliness untraps us as time is running out.  (Pirajak S./5 Feb 2021)

751.  Keep up with humility, although we have done many incredibilities.  (Pirajak S./4 Feb 2021)

750.  With a slower life, one can enjoy more thoughtful ideas, meaningful speeches, and mindful actions.  (Pirajak S./4 Feb 2021)

749.  Faith makes us catch.  Wisdom makes us clear.  Faith from wisdom makes our catch clear.  (Pirajak S./3 Feb 2021)

748.  Purity of insight is given rise by mindfulness.  Clarity of insight is crystallised by mental calm.  (Pirajak S./1 Feb 2021)

221.  Open our eyes to see with limited sights.  Open our insights to view with infinite minds.  (Pirajak S./31 Jan 2021/Revision)

747.  Meditation is to take home our mind for peace dining-in, not sensual desire dining-out.  (Pirajak S./31 Jan 2021)

746.  Metta is a will.  Karuna is a would.  Mudhita is a shall.  Upekkha is a should.  (Pirjak S./Jan 2021)

745.  From the worldly towards the Holy, our flowery wishes can turn fruitful.  (Pirajak S./Jan 2021)

744.  Our lives turn profitable when our defilements are disabled.  (Pirajak S./9 Jan 2021)

743.  In karma, we give what we got, and we get what we gave.  (Pirajak S./31 Dec 2020)

742.  Sila is abstention.  Samadhi is concentration.  Panna is comprehension.  Altogether, these lead to liberation.  (Pirajak S./20 Dec 2020)

741.  Goodness is by nature as much as nurture.  (Pirajak S./20 Dec 2020)

740.  As we have learned from past defects, we can develop the present perfection.  (Pirajak S./14 Dec 2020)

739.  Dhana is generosity. Sila is responsibility.  Bhavana is serenity.  Altogether, they promote integrity.  (Pirajak S./11 Dec 2020)

738.  Birth is the choice that many can't choose, and death is the chance that any can't cheat.  (Pirajak S./6 Dec 2020)

737.  Ordination makes us live everyday a Holy day.  Renunciation makes us enjoy everyday a holiday.  (Pirajak S./2020)

736.  The Nirvana is our state of immense satisfaction from supplied bliss without any demand.  (Pirajak S./2020)

735.  In monkhood, happiness can be supernormal regardless of the minimal.  (Pirajak S./2020)

734.  Think of getting around.  Thanks for giving away. (Pirajak S./25 Nov 2020)

733.  Buddhism is the science of faith and art of wisdom.  (Pirajak S./19 Nov 2020)

732.  Take care as long as it takes turn!  (Pirajak S./16 Nov 2020)

731.  Meow or Mice!  (Pirajak S.)

730.  Sick! or Safe!  (Pirajak S./3 Nov 2020)

729.  Right meditation enables enlightenment.  Wrong meditation disables it.  (Pirajak S./1 Nov 2020)

728.  Right wisdom ceases defilements, wrong wisdom doesn't.  (Pirajak S./31 Oct 2020)

xxx. Trick the evil.  Treat the Holy.  (Pirajak S./Rerun)

xxx. Trick our foes.  Treat our friends.  (Pirajak S./Rerun)

727.  Endearing speech is our daily sweet mantra.  (Pirajak S./29 Oct 2020)

726.  Nice youngsters are grateful.  Nice elders are thankful.  (Pirajak S./27 Oct 2020)

725.  As we pursue perfections, we virtuously condition our minds.  As we meditate for liberation, we detachably uncondition them.  (Pirajak S./27 Oct 2020)

xxx.  With benevolence, our minds are softened.  With violence, our minds are hardened.  With any intent, our minds are shaped, then.  (Pirajak S./Rerun)

xxx.  Whether our future will be terrible or terrific, it depnds on ourselves to turn it.  (Pirajak S./Rerun)

xxx.  When our effort exceeds the natural, the result can be supernormal.  (Pirajak S./Rerun)

xxx.  With a limited supply, we can still achieve surplus if our minds are less desirous.  (Pirajak S./Rerun)

724.  Confessing one's guilt deserves a pardon.  Concealing one's guilt deserves a pardon't.  (Pirajak S./23 Oct 2020)

723.  As we're Americanized, we become nice like Americans.  (Pirajak S./23 Oct 2020)

722.  With more of gain & praise or less of loss & blame, we should learn to remain at the equilibrium.  (Pirajak S./23 Oct 2020)

xxxA.  Every mistake is forgivable except the repeated one.  (Pirajak S./Rerun)

xxxB.  Every mistake can be forgiven except the uncorrected one.  (Pirajak S./Rerun)

xxx.  A pundit takes insignificant misdeeds as considerable.  A bandit takes considerable misdeeds as insignificant.  (Pirajak S./Rerun)

721.  Parami is the timely mutual perfected of qualitative virtue and quantitative merit.  (Pirajak S./21 Oct 2020)

720.  Being aware of impermanence, being away from negligence.  (Pirajak S./19 Oct 2020)

719.  Kilesa is like a virus attachment.  If we don't click to open, our mind won't be exposed to defilements.  (Pirajak S./19 Oct 2020)

718.  Buddhism makes sense as much as making Saints.  (Pirajak S./19 Oct 2020)

717.  Keep up with humility even though we have made many possibilities.  (Pirajak S./19 Oct 2020)

716.  Life makes us belong to a house.  Love makes us belong to a home.  (Pirajak S./18 Oct 2020)

715.  Giving without an expectation to get, gaining the karmic frution which is hard to forget.  (Pirajak S./17 Oct 2020)

714.  Ally with pandits, it can be meritorious.  Along with bandits, it can be disastrous.  (Pirajak S./17 Oct 2020)

713.  Invest the worldly effort today, harvest the heavenly comfort tomorrow.  (Pirajak S./17 Oct 2020)

712.  In meditation, we're thoughtlessly light and thoughtfully loaded.  (Pirajak S./16 Oct 2020)

711.  Never drive over the speed limit.  Never speak over the speech limit.  (Pirajak S./15 Oct 2020)

710.  Faith is either emotional click or rational catch.  Wisdom is either rational crack nor emotional count.  (Pirajak S./15 Oct 2020)

709.  Our perfection of generosity is by virtue, not value.  (Pirajak S./15 Oct 2020)

708.  My good deed is "My Goodness!"  (Pirajak S./15 Oct 2020)

707.  Being instinctive, having less distinction.  (Pirajak S./14 Oct 2020)

706.  Not knowing grammar, our English is broken.  Not knowing karma, our life is mishappened.  (Pirajak S./14 Oct 2020)

705.  The Dharma is like Algebra, and Vijja is like calculus.  Our mind is thus the best device for sublime calculations.  (Pirajak S./14 Oct 2020)

704.  The Dharma is not meant to make cents, but making Saints.  (Pirajak S./14 Oct 2020)

703.  Morality enhances B.Q.  Meditation boosts E.Q.  Wisdom empowers I.Q.  Altogether, we achieve the superhuman skills.  (Pirajak S./12 Oct 2020)

702.  Unclinginess leads to the boundless omniscience.  (Pirajak S./12 Oct 2020)

701.  Focus our mind to log-in, and repeat a mantra as password.  (Pirajak S./7 Oct 2020)

700.  The celebrity is deva. The celibate is divine.  (Pirajak S./6 Oct 2020)

699.  The pandit is not overconcerned of the beauty that aging takes away, but enjoy the wisdom that it brings along.  (Pirajak S./6 Oct 2020)

698.  A good master masters knowledge, not people.  A good professor masters teaching, not students.  (Pirajak S./6 Oct 2020)

697.  The right will needs a missionary.  The left will needs an attorney.  (Pirajak S./5 Oct 2020)

696.  The right will stems from the right view.  (Pirajak S./5 Oct 2020)

695.  Generosity or dana aims at the elimination of defilement and accumulation of merit. (Pirajak S./4 Oct 2020)

694. The market is where demand meets supply.  The temple is where demand meets peace of mind.  (Pirajak S./2 Oct 2020)

693.  Wisdom distinguishes.. Meditation extinguishes.  (Pirajak S./1 Oct 2020)

692.  Learn from the logical wise.. delighted by the magical verse.  (Pirajak S./1 Oct 2020)

691.  The worldly entraps.  The Holy ends traps.  (Pirajak S./30 Sept 2020)

690.  The right conduct means the quality thought, speech, and action, in our living & earning.  (Pirajak S./30 Sept 2020)

689.  The right wisdom is to have a sound intent based on the correct knowledge & understanding. (Pirajak S./30 Sept 2020)

688.  The right meditation is to have a balanced effort over the consistent mindfulness of mental focus.  (Pirajak S./30 Sept 2020)

687.  Ambition pushes.  Meditation pulls.  (Pirajak S./30 Sept 2020)

686.  The emptied body is non-self.  The emptied mind is nothingness.  The body's focused empty mind is arupa-jhana.  (Pirajak S./30 Sept 2020)

685.  Turn off our entertainment to turn on our enlightenment.  (Pirajak S./24 Sept 2020)

684.  We do not become a sage by age, but the maturity of our wisdom.  (Pirajak S./19 Sept 2020)

683.  The irrational faith can enlighten, as long as it corrects our intent.  (Pirajak S./17 Sept 2020)

682.  Ego drives more conflicts, so do drifting logics.  (Pirajak S./11 Sept 2020)

681.  Love without care is like an eclair without cream.  (Pirajak S./10 Sept 2020)

680.  Buddhivilisation is where the Eastern wisdom grows on the Western discipline.  (Pirajak S/10 Sept 2020)

679.  When we're jealous of someone's success, remind ourselves of the pain it takes to get there.  (Pirajak S./9 Sept 2020)

678.  Occasionally, peace is the price as much as the prize of war.  (Pirajak S./8 Sept 2020)

677.  Sometimes, wonders of the worldly are just humour of the holy.  (Pirajak S./28 Aug 2020)

676.  When parents enrich their holy hearts, they can cherish a heavenly home.  (Pirajak S./28 Aug 2020)

675.  In Buddhism, we're abide by birth, aware by aging, alarmed by illness, and alerted by death.  (Pirajak S./18 Aug 2020)

674.  Every summit is for the committed ones.  (Pirajak S./15 Aug 2020)

673.  The better quality of merit we input, the greater quantity of merit as output.  (Pirajak S./7 July 2020)

672.  Life is not meant to be careless, but careful.  (Pirajak S./5 July 2020)

671.  Loveless lust is just a passion.  Lustless love is such a compassion.  (Pirajak S./30 Jun 2020)

670.  Sex is so entrapping whether one is engaging.  (Pirajak S./26 Jun 2020)

669.  Endure the worldly.  Enjoy the hevenly.  (Pirajak S./23 June 2020)

668.  First but not front.  Last but not least.  (Pirajak S./20 June 2020)

667.  Wisdom can be set afire.. over the carbon of defilements.  (Pirajak S./8 June 2020)

666.  Westerners do not have much gratitude, but they pay much gratuity.  (Pirajak S./6 June 2020)

665.  Elements shine when brightened.  Dhamma-essences shine when enlightened.  (Pirajak S./2 June 2020)

664.  Light shines upon elements.  Dhamma shines upon enlightenment.  (Pirajak S./2 June 2020)

663.  Gaining the unconditioned insight, realising the conditioned outside.  (Pirajak S./31 May 2020)

662.  To see the conditioned as the way they really are, our mind must be unconditioned as it can truly be.  (Pirajak S./31 May 2020)

661.  Sila is such a fragrance.  Samadhi is thus a taste.  Panna is then a sight.  (Pirajak S./31 May 2020)

660.  The defilements can be equally eliminated, but virtues are, more or less, cultivated.  (Pirajak S./31 May 2020)

659.  Any devotee should be none, like the one deluded moth to a flame.  (Pirajak S./29 May 2020)

658.  Our balanced mind can enter the Middle Path by way of uncling pulling, not uncalm pushing.  (Pirajak S./28 May 2020)

657.  A good family is limited partnership.  A good friendship is unlimited companies.  (Pirajak S./27 May 2020)

656.  Craving is such a demand.  Sensual pleasure is thus a supply.  Contentment is hence the equilibrium.  (Pirajak S./27 May 2020)

655.  One is either frank or fake.  Two is either friends or foes.  (Pirajak S./27 May 2020)

654.  Children do not insure marriage, and a certificate doesn't assure love.  (Pirajak S./26 May 2020)

653.  In a match, we either win or lose.  In a diplomat, we prefer no lose but win-win.  (Pirajak S./26 May 2020)

652.  Life is never by chance, but whichever by choice.  (Pirajak S./25 May 2020)

651.  When driven by faith, be fastened by wisdom!  (Pirajak S./25 May 2020)

650.  Do your best in moral doctrine.  Don't your best in moral discipline.  (Pirajak S./25 May 2020)

649.  Dharma is what we believe, Vinaya is what we behave.  (Pirajak S./25 May 2020)

648.  Get older by age, get elder by sage.  (Pirajak S./21 May 2020)

647.  The Buddhahood is how defilements are totally uprooted and virtues are completely cultivated.  (Pirajak S./24 Mayy 2020)

646.  When we are sharp, our words can chop!  (Pirajak S./21 May 2020)

645.  Age counts, but don't count age.  (Pirajak S./21 May 2020)

644.  Wisdom can be empowering!  Meditation can be willpowering!  (Pirajak S./21 May 2020)

643.  Buddhist sainthood is the dependable true-self as well as the reliable oneself.  (Pirajak S./21 May 2020)

642. The Buddhahood is Buddha's quality which everyone can have in different quantity.  (Pirajak S./21 May 2020)

641.  In meditation, we can do the mental count to reach the mental calm.  (Pirajak S./19 May 2020)

640.  A good Dharma survives the defend and surpasses the offend.  (Pirajak S./18 May 2020)

639.  Willpower can be turned into actions.  Won't-power can be turned into abstentions.  (Pirajak S./17 May 2020)

638.  The smartest learns from others' failure.  The smarter learns from others' success.  (Pirajak S./12 May 2020)

637.  Benevolence is Golden.. Retriever.  (Pirajak S./11 May 2020)

636.  Non-Self is Non-Saint!  (Pirajak S./11 May 2020)

635.  Do selfless devotion with selfly cultivation.  This is the key to perfection.  (Pirajak S./11 May 2020)

634.  Never make any religion profitable, make it beneficial.  (Pirajak S./11 May 2020)

633.  In Buddhist monastic order, seniority counts, caste doesn't! (Pirajak S./11 May 2020)

632.  Give wisely.. Get nicely.  (Pirajak S./9 May 2020)

631.  The rationale behind giving is to eliminate greed and cultivate generosity.  (Pirajak S./9 May 2020)

630.  Wisdom makes us beyond.. Delusion makes us below.  (Pirajak S./8 May 2020)

629.  A goodwill can be driven by shall.  (Pirajak S./8 May 2020)

628.  Life is a cycle not a linear.  Earth is not flat but spherical.  (Pirajak S./7 May 2020)

627.  In Dhammonomics, our surplus can always fulfill others' shortage.  (Pirajak S./6 May 2020)

626. The Buddhahood is what we were.  The Sainthood is why we are.  (Pirajak S./5 May 2020)

625.  With the cheesy lips, we can have a tasty relationship.  (Pirajak S./4 May 2020) 

624.  The key to monkhood is to eliminate the monkey mind.  (Pirajak S./4 May 2020)

623.  In karma, our present is due to the past simple and present perfect, not just the past perfect ones.  (Pirajak S./4 May 2020)

622.  Liberty can be hard to regulate and organise, this is a challenge of democracy.  (Pirajak S./3 May 2020)

621.  The Dharma is a bless.  The Nirvana is a bliss.  (Pirajak S./2 May 2020)

620.  Effort makes someone somebody.  Comfort makes anybody anyone.  (Pirajak S./2 May 2020)

619.  The heart of any philanthropist is to bear the cost but share the profit.  (Pirajak S./2 May 2020)

618.  Life is good before liquor and great after coffee.  (Pirajak S./1 May 2020)

617.  Beloving in art, but believing in science.  (Pirajak S./27 Apr 2020)

616.  Buddhism is good at being logical, never turn it bad as being dramatical.  (Pirajak S./26 Apr 2020)

615.  Giving with expectation for worldly return is infertile.  Giving with expectation for holy return is fruitful.  (Pirajak S./25 Apr 2020)

614.  Essences rely on the elemental.  Defilements rely on the mental.  (Pirajak S./25 Apr 2020)

613.  Sometimes, monks are second to nuns. ;-) (Pirajak S./14 Apr 2020)

612.  Faith is either true or false.  Wisdom is either right or wrong.  (Pirajak S./8 Apr 2020)

611.  Meditation is to keep our balanced effort with consistent mindfulness over the meditative concentration.  (Pirajak S./19 Mar 2020)

610.  Mental unification is the very key to unlock the Middle Path where enlightenment is our end destination.  (Pirajak S./19 Mar 2020)

609.  Our consistent focused mindfulness is the heart of meditative concentration.  (Pirajak S./19 Mar 2020)

608.  Prayer is like the balm cream.  Meditation is like a vaccine.  Please take both to refrain from any medicine.  (Pirajak S./16 March 2020)

607.  Dhamma is such a flavour. Vinaya is such a fragrance.  (Pirajak S./10 Mar 2020)

606B.  The Dhamma can be flavored, so everyone can favor.  (Pirajak S./7 Mar 2020)

606A.  The Dhamma can become favorite when we do flavor it!  (Pirajak S./7 Mar 2020)

605. Never spoil our sexual desire as it will destroy our moral pride.  (Pirajak S./7 Mar 2020)

604.  A talkative tongue usually comes from a talkative mind.  (Pirajak S./5 Mar 2020)

603.  Be wise in the Dhamma, not drama.  (Pirajak S./5 Mar 2020)

602.  Contentment is the heart of monkhood, propagation is the kidney. (Pirajak S./3 Mar 2020)

601.  Love comes.. Love served!  (Pirajak S./2 Mar 2020)

600.  Foods in.. Feces out!  (Pirajak S./2 Mar 2020)

599. Most of the time, our belief is faith, and sometime, our disbelief is wisdom.  (Pirajak S./1 Mar 2020)

598. Visualisation ceases the restless mental imagery.  Mantra repetition turns off the talkative mind.  (Pirajak S./27 Feb 2020)

597.  Beauty attracts.. until aging attacks!  (Pirajak S./27 Feb 2020)

596.  When we pay respect, we let go our ego and grow more humility.  (Pirajak S./26 Feb 2020)

595. It's the game we enjoy, not the trophy!  (Pirajak S./24 Feb 2020)

594. Slow.. but tea.  Coffee but warm.  (Pirajak S./24 Feb 2020)

593.  Fasting is good for our body.  Abstinence is good for our mind.  (Pirajak S./24 Feb 2020)

592.  Prospering mindfulness is meritorious, destroying it is sinful.  (Pirajak S./21 Feb 2020)

591B.  Don't live our lives just to make her stories, but do our best to make histories!  (Pirajak S./20 Feb 2020)

591A.  Don't live our lives just to make stories, but do our best to make histories!  (Pirajak S./20 Feb 2020)

590.  A Buddha-to-be doesn't live by ambition, but devotion.  (Pirajak S./20 Feb 2020)

589.  Breath.. to extend our life.  Bless.. to extend our love.  (Pirajak S./19 Feb 2020)

588.  Love is a bonding agent, we can detach it with contentment.  (Pirajak S./17 Feb 2020)

587.  Abide to the state laws.  Aware of the karma laws.  Be nice to our in-lawas.  These all will make a good society.  (Pirajak S./17 Feb 2020)

586.  Science lacks destination..  Religions don't.  (Pirajak S./15 Feb 2020)  

585.  Never judge people to be right or wrong, but do it so as true or false.  (Pirajak S./15 Feb 2020)

584.  One Buddhist statute is worth a thousand Buddha statues.  (Pirajak S./9 Feb 2020)

583.  Be wise enough to eradicate defilement and achieve enlightenment, or we will be, unenough, the otherwise.  (Pirajak S./7 Feb 2020)

582.  First breath but not most, last breath but not least.  (Pirajak S./4 Feb 2020)

581B.  To solve the selfly, we do the selfless. (Pirajak S./24 Jan 2020)

581A.  To solve the selfly, we do the selfless which is aligned to the non-selfness.  (Pirajak S./24 Jan 2020)

580.  We view others from outside in.  We view ourselves from inside out.  (Pirajak S./22 Jan 2020)

579.  Nothingness is the mental meditative state of no recognition upon oneself and others.  Emptiness is the mental realisation of being non-self, not the condition of being  no-self.  (Pirajak S./20 Jan 2020)

578.  A suggested solution worth a thousand complaints.  (Pirajak S./19 Jan 2020)

577.  Wisdom is like the light which shines to enable knowledge and understanding from sight amidst the darkness of our unknown.  (Pirajak S./18 Jan 2020)

576.  Deva Duta namely the elder, the ill, the dead, and the ascetic are reminders to our angel against the evil on shoulder to foster our mindfulness.  (Pirajak S./18 Jan 2020)

575. The elder, the ill, the dead, and the ascetic are deva duta angels who bless us well with mindfulness.  (Pirajak S./18 Jan 2020)

574.  Wisdom is comprehension oriented.  Might is concentration oriented.  Both can be meditatively faceted.  (Pirajak S./18 Jan 2020) 

573.  In pursuit of perfection, we conjointly cultivate the karat, clarity, purity, and dispersion of virtues.  (Pirajak S./18 Jan 2020)

572.  We were born to end birth as our birth is to end bond.  (Pirajak S./11 Jan 2020)

571.  Long live the Royalties.  Long love the Royal Family.  (Pirajak S./10 Jan 2020)

570.  Isn't gold rush promising?  Isn't gold trust uncompromising?  (Pirajak S./6 Jan 2020)

569.  Attached to youthfulness.. Detached to elderliness.. This is how we're trapped in the worldly process.  (Pirajak S./1 Jan 2020)

568. Demand fulfilling is market-oriented whilst demand lessening is monastic-oriented.  (Pirjak S./31 Dec 2019)

567.  The U.S. has many counties without countess.  The U.K. has countesses without any county. ( Dec 2019)

566.  Dhamma is how to believe & practice.  Vinaya is how to behave & conduct.  (Pirajak S./26 Dec 2019)

565. Doesn't Buddhist fact hurt whereas others' fictions make us happy?  (Pirajak S./21 Dec 2019)

564.  Life is not a test, but it's a mission.  (Pirajak S./20 Dec 2019)

563.  Wisdom or panna is to be thoughtful.  Concentration or samatha is to be thoughtless.  Morality or sila is to have less flaw.  (Pirajak S./19 Dec 2019)

562.  The heaven is such a reward.  The hell is thus a punishment.  Our world is hence an opportunity.  (Pirajak S./12 Dec 2019) 

561.  With contentment, we can still appreciate the less despite of the depreciation of  more.  (Pirajak S./18 Dec 2019)

560.  Anumodana or the appreciation upon others' merit is to earn merit from making our mind meritorious, not to share merit with others.  (Pirajak S./18 Dec 2019)

559.  Time flies downwind when we're happy, but  it turns upwind on the contrary.  (Pirajak S./4 Dec 2019)

558B.  We all were born to end birth at any cost, but people mistake it to end death at any price.  (Pirajak S./6 Dec 2019)

558A.  We all were born to end birth at the cause, but people mistake it to end death at the effect.  (Pirajak S./6 Dec 2019)

557. We can own many houses but just about one home.  (Pirajak S./5 Dec 2019)

556. Gifed wo(men) are created with love and formulated with care.  (Pirajak S./5 Dec 2019)

555.  Have a good thinking, have a great Thanksgiving! (Pirajak S./28 Nov 2019)

554.  When we feel loanliness, goto any bank to be interested.  (Pirajak S./28 Nov 2019)

553.  Our life is not someone's will & won't, but our own do & don't.  (Pirajak S./27 Nov 2019)

552.    Enlightenment is a piece of quake!  (Pirajak S./21 Nov 2019

551.  Pay money to sustain the monasteries.  Pay respect sincerely to the monks.  (Pirajak S./25 Nov 2019) 

550.  Love like ever since and never until.  (Pirajak S./14 Nov 2019)

549.  Be inline to the Nirvana, this is the outline for any Dhamma.  (Pirajak S./14 Nov 2019)

548.  The slower life drives faster meditation.  (Pirajak S./13 Nov 2019)

547.  The worldly fluctuates more or less.  The heavenly fluctuates less nor more.  (Pirajak S./14 Nov 2019)

546.  Love can be extended even when life has ended.  (Pirajak S. + /11 Nov 2019)

545.   Belief and disbelief are the key detergents to any brainwashing.  (Pirajak S./8 Nov 2019)

544.  Brainstorming should be accounted, not discounted.  (Pirajak S./8 Nov 2019)

543.  Words can be tricky!  Words can be a treaty!  (Pirajak S./31 Oct 2019)

542.  The pen is sharpened by words.  (Pirajak S./28 Oct 2019)

541.  Unload our ego, promote our letting go.  (Pirajak S./20 Sept 2019)

540.  The Heaven is such a house. The Nirvana is such a home.  (Pirajak S./20 Sept 2019)

539.  Life is good before we age.  Love is great before marriage.  (Pirajak S./19 Sept 2019)

538.  LIfe is best before liquor and right after coffee.  (Pirajak S./18 Sept 2019)

537.  The distance from earth to heaven can be just one mantra away.  (Pirajak S./17 Sept 2019)

536.  Equanimity can bear the loss.  Contentment can handle the gain.  These help us sustain the uncertainty in life.  (Pirajak S./17 Sept 2019)

535.  In meditation, we keep calm, keep focused, keep balanced, and keep up with mindfulness.  (Pirajak S./17 Sept 2019)

534.  Wisdom is to be thoughtful upon our knowledge.  Meditation is to be thoughtless upon what we know.  (Pirajak S./16 Sept 2019)

533.  The speech limit for all is that one's words must not be faster than one's thought.  (Pirajak S./15 Sept 2019)

532.  Faith can move a mountain whilst wisdom can flatten it.  (Pirajak S./14 Sept 2019)

531.  Pandits age along rationality and away from emotionality.  (Pirajak S./14 Sept 2019)

530.  Rationality is the qualification for maturity.  (Pirajak S./14 Sept 2019)

529.  Live our life well before expiry.  Live our love well until eternity.  (Pirajak S./12 Sept 2019)

528.  Love that clicks can crack.  Love that crushes can crash.  (Pirajak S./11 Sept 2019)

527.  Respecting the privacy of others is to respect the sociality of ours.  (Pirajak S./11 Sept 2019)

526. Morality is religious.  Humanity is indigenous.  (Pirajak S./10 Sept 2019)

525.  Coffee leads to awakening.  Meditation leads to enlightenment.  (Pirajak S./9 Sept 2019)

524. The contemplative wisdom gives rise to comprehendability.  The meditative wisdom gives rise to insight and intuition.  (Pirajak S./8 Sept 2019)

523.  Wisdom makes us wise, concentration makes us mighty.  (Pirajak S./8 Sept 2019)

522.  The enlightenment can stem from nutritious wisdom.  (Pirajak S./8 Sept 2019)

521.  Love without lust promotes serenity.  Lust without love motiavates anxiety.  (Pirajak S./5 Sept 2019)

520.  Dhamma is with us everywhere, but it's just unfocused everywhen.  (Pirajak S./4 Aug 2019)

519.  Meditation is an art by its approach.  Meditation is a science by its application.  (Pirajak S./ 2 Sept 2019)

518.  If we can still appreciate the less, we won't be regretted by the depreciation of more.  (Pirajak S./22 Aug 2019)

517.  The very key to enlightenment is to unlock the Middle Path.  (Pirajak S./14 Aug 2019)

516.  If one can't do what one teaches, one is just a teacher.  If one can do whatever one teaches, one is such a master.  (Pirajak S./8 Aug 2019)

515.  Meditation shampoos our mind, followed by the unconditioner.  (Pirajak S./1 Aug 2019)

514.  If you are to be in my shoes, I will get you the Santa's socks.  (Pirajak S./30 July 2019)

513.  Strengthen our body, but soften our mind.  (Pirajak S./29 July 2019)

512.  When the fool makes a mistake, he still thinks of himself being wise.  When the wise makes a mistake, he thinks of himself being foolish.  (Pirajak S./29 July 2019)

511.  Love is humane, compassion is divine.  (Pirajak S./28 July 2019)

510.  Speed is greyhounder, benevolence is golden.  (Pirajak S./26 July 2019)

509.  The wise is thoughtful, the mindful is thoughtless.  (Pirajak S./20 July 2019)

508.  The faithful is frequently victimised by the wisdomful, but this can be mindfully detected by the insightful.  (Pirajak S./20 July 2019)

507.  Learn from our Dhamma peers and wise versa.  (Pirajak S./18 July 2019)

506.  Faith empowers the mind.  Wisdom employs such mental power.  (Pirajak S./16 July 2019)

505.  Give.. even though we won't get.  (Pirajak S./15 July 2019) 

504.  Be careful of the careless, be careless over the uncareful.  (Pirajak S./15 July 2019)

503.  Believing in religious fact, it's faith.  Believing in religious fiction, it's delusion.  (Pirajak S./13 July 2019)

502.  With birth, we're formed.  With aging, we're transformed.  With death, we're deformed.  With enlightenment, we're freed from this platform.  (Pirajak S./13 July 2019)

501.  With selfly cultivation, we can do selfless devotion.  (Pirajak S./13 July 2019)

500.  When we meet the Duke & Duchess of Washington D.C., there is no need to do the curtsy.  'Just give them five!'  (Pirajak S./4 July 2019)

499.  Uncle Sam prefers no monarchy; even though, he makes so much money out of the prince and princess stories.  (Pirajak S./4 July 2019)

498.  People fall in love, they don't rise in.  (Pirajak S.+/3 July 2019)

497.  Life rises and falls.  Love is raw and ripe.  (Pirajak S./3 July 2019)

496.  Compassion drives.  Passion is driven.  (Pirajak S./3 July 2019)  

495.  We can fall in love, but never fall in lust.  (Pirajak S./3 July 2019)

494.  Life turns abnormal when love is immoral.  (Pirajak S./2 July 2019)

493.  No strife.. no strength.  (Pirajak S./2 July 2019)

492.  Work in a timely manner.  Meditate in a timeless nature.  (Pirajak S./1 July 2019)

491.  Just undo it.  (Pirajak S./1July 2019)

490.  With the monarchy, we can COUNT on a country.  Without the monarchy, we can only do the COUNTY.  (Pirajak S./1 July 2019)

489.  Without the monarchy, a country is not COUNTable.  (Pirajak S. / 1 July 2019)

488.  Never discount any countess.  Only dismiss every mistress.  (Pirajak S./30 June 2019)

487.   We can count on him, and we can countess on her.  (Pirajak S. + / 30 June 2019)

486.  Virtues are not automated, they are cultivated.  (Pirajak S./30 June 2019)

485.  In meditation, we make our body at house and our mind at home.  (Pirajak S./29 June 2019)

484.  The majority is not always wise, and the minority is not always right.  Listen to every opinion to become smart as twice.  (Pirajak S./29 June 2019)

483.  A Thai with broken English is better than an English with a broken American.  (Pirajak S./28 June 2019)

482.  Never unclothe for 'like'. Never disclose for 'share.'  (Pirajak S./11 June 2019)

481.  When we're so pure, we view others' misdeed as so evil.  (Pirajak S./11 June 2019)

480.  In Dhammonomics, our excess can fulfill others' shortage, and our shortage can be refilled by others' excess.  (Pirajak S./6 June 2019)

479.  Invest our effort today, harvest our comfort tomorrow.  (Pirajak S./6 June 2019)

478.  Respect softens any conflict and smoothens conformity.  (Pirajak S./ 4 June 2019)

477.  Love makes one blind.  Love makes two bind.  Love like we'll never make three abide.  (Pirajak S./4 June 2019)

476.  Smiling is silver.  Laughter is golden.  (Pirajak S./23 May 2019)

475.  If we learn much, we can teach more.  (Pittaya Wong/20 May 2019)

474.  Form & function are the heart of architecture, deform & malfunction aren't it so their nature.  (Pittaya Wong/9 May 2019)

473.  Think.. before we speak. Speak.. no more than what we can do.  Do.. not everything we can think.  (Pittaya Wong/3 May 2019)

472.  Never joke a judge.  Never judge a joke.  (Pittaya Wong/2 May 2019)

471.  Unity is not just a must, but it is very much a might.  (Pittaya Wong/2 May 2019)

470.  Let's make more benefit to others; even though, it means less profit for ours.  (Pittaya Wong/2 May 2019)

469.  Dhamma is systematic by its structure.  Dhamma is scientific by its nature.  Wisdom from Dhamma can make us more matured.  (Pittaya Wong/1 May 2019)

468.  More success.. Less ego.  (Pittaya Wong/30 April 2019)

467.  Give like we won't be given. Get like it won't be forgotten.  (Pittaya Wong/23 April 2017)

466.  The wise think twice to work once.  The foolish ones think once to work twice.  (Pittaya Wong/22 April 2019)

465.  Effort makes someone somebody.  Comfort makes anybody anyone.  (Pittaya Wong/22 April 2019)

464.  Loveless lust is just the passion.  Lustless love is much compassion.  (Pittaya Wong/22 April 2019)

463.  Love is risky, we better insure it with equanimity.  (Pittaya Wong/22 April 2019)

462.  Never judge if you're just a prosecutor.  Never accuse if you're a judge or juror.  (Pittaya Wong/20 April 2019)

461.  Britons are so civilised.  Americans are very civilized.  Thais are much civilriced.  As such, our world can civil-rise.  (Pittaya Wong/20 April 2019)

460.  Time is our fixed cost.  Life is the variable. Our lifetime is, thus, limited and fluctuable.  (Pittaya Wong/18 April 2019)

459.  Repented payment is, such, a reimbursement.  Unrepented payment is, thus, a compensation.  (Pittaya Wong/15 April 2019)

458.  Make sure we're wise at the right time and place.  Otherwise, we'll be left at such place and time.  (Pittaya Wong/8 April 2019)

457.  Think twice in ethics, act wise in the monastics.  Think twice in tactics, act wise in the politics.  (Pittaya Wong/8 April 2019)

456.  The young dream of their future.  The elders drown in their past.  (Pittaya Wong/2 April 2019)

455.  In Karma, there is no miracle but our own effort that makes everything possible.  (Pittaya Wong/13 March 2019)

454.  (Ver. A) Time is wasted when effort is not invested.

(Ver. B) Time is wasted when we invest no effort.  (Pittaya Wong/13 March 2019)

453.  The pen is sharper than the sword, the keyboard is faster than the gunmen.  (Pittaya Wong/11 March 2019)

452.  In meditation, we learn outside in and teach insight out.  (Pittaya Wong/10 March 2019)

451.  Intel insight.. Marvel outside.  (Pittaya Wong/10 March 2019)

450.  Sun rises by sunset.  Sun sets by sunrise.  (Pittaya Wong/8 March 2019)

449.  We become smarter as twice when we welcome others' advice.  ( March 2019)

448.  The wise become wiser when they welcome the advisers.  (Pittaya Wong/7 March 2019)

447.  Do will.. don't would.  Do should.. don't shall.  (Pittaya Wong/4 March 2019)

446.  There will be no war, when war is not our will. There will be many wars, when wars make profitable bills.  (Pittaya Wong+/4 March 2019)

445.  Why devote to the vote, just vote to the devote.  (Pittaya Wong/27 Feb 2019)

444.  A good subordinate usually makes the better superintendent.  (Pittaya Wong/26 Feb 2019)

443.  Let's put the right man to the right meditation method for the right mindfulness and the best mental unification.  (Pittaya Wong/26 Feb 2019)

442.  A good subordinate always makes the better superordinate.  (Mediation101/25 Feb 2019)

441.  We were not born to be different, but we were born to make a difference.  (Pittaya Wong/24 Feb 2019)

440.  Very few were born to be.  Mostly, we were born to do.  (Pittaya Wong/24 Feb 2019)

439.  When love is lustless, it's like gold with less rust.  (by Feb 2019)

438.  Love without lust is very much like the lustrous gold.  (Pittaya Wong/14 Feb 2019)

437.  Responsibility means we accept both right and wrong, not only the right and a strong excuse.  (Pittaya Wong/6 Feb 2019)

436.  My message is short, but our relationship has been long.  Not seeing you very often, but keep our brotherhood strong.  (Pittaya Wong)

435.  Keep our eyes at the Buddha.  Keep our ears to hear the Dhamma.  Keep our prayer hands towards the Sangha.  Keep our mouth chanting the Sutra.  Keep our mind with the Mantra.  All of these lead us to the Nirvana.  (Pittaya Wong/25 Jan 2019)

434.  Ego usually grows well on success and regresses on failure.  (Pittaya Wong/Jan 2019)

433.   Never judge anyone if it brings no reward, but revenge.  (Pittaya Wong/18 Jan 2019)

432.  With the Law of Dhamma and non-prejudice, we're eligible to judge ourselves as well as others.  (Pittaya Wong/18 Jan 2018)

431.  Buddhism is where East meets West, and Faith meets Wisdom.  (Us/14 Jan 2019)

430.  Women without making up are like men with no working out.  These are not a must, but just a may, and in no way for any monk.  (Pittaya Wong/12 Jan 2018)

429  The price of peace can be war, and the cost of war can be peace.  (Us/11 Jan 2018)

428.  A sage is not by age, but the state of wisdomised experience.  (Pittaya Wong/11 Jan 2019)

427.  Apple's wares are both hard & soft, Windows' heart is only soft' for everywhere.  (Pittaya Wong/10 Jan 2019)

426.  US Dollar trusts in God, Thai Baht trusts in Gold.  (Pittaya Wong/10 Jan 2019)

425.  Pieces of quote, posts of cake.  (Us/8 Jan 2019)

424.  A quote that quakes is like having a cake with Coke.  (Pittaya Wong/7 Jan 2019)

423.  Our meditation shall not be a Would, it should be a Will.  (Pittaya Wong/4 Jan 2019)

422.  Enlightenment is the Present tip of the Past iceberg.  (Pittaya Wong/4 Jan 2019)

421.  Never flood our friends with selfie, Never trade our privacy for like.  (Pittaya Wong/2 Jan 2019)

420.  We can unfriend whenever, but we can never unfather and unmother of our biological chain.  (Pittaya Wong/2 Jan 2019)

419.  No Strive.. No Strength.  (Pittaya Wong/1 Jan 2019)

418.  A difficult journey to the right destination is much better than a cozy trip heading towards the wrong end.  (Pittaya Wong/31 Dec 2018)

417.  All Buddhist Saints are 'Blissinessman'.  (Pittaya Wong/28 Dec 2018)

416.  We are Buddhists for path & fruition, not the passion fruits.  (Pittaya Wong/26 Dec 2018)

415.  Gravity makes our body heavy, so do craving upon our mind.  (Pittaya Wong/26 Dec 2018)

414. History is the realised past.  Economics is the forcasted future.  Humor can make the better present.  (Pittaya Wong/25 Dec 2018)  

413. One forgiven is better than ten forgotten.  (Pittaya Wong/25 Dec 2018)

412. When we're enlighted, we become delighted.  (Pittaya Wong/25 Dec 2018)

411.  Amusement makes our intelligence enjoyable.  (Pittaya Wong/25 Dec 2018)

410.  We wish you a wonderful Christmas party of the year, not aparty from your dears.  (Pittaya Wong/22 Dec 2018)

409.  With the cheesy lips, our interrelationship is more savory.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Dec 2018)

408.  The best Christmas present is the lifetime endearing Christmas future.  (Pittaya Wong/19 Dec 2018)

407.  Never choose the sweet lies, never deny the bitter truths.  (Pittaya Wong/15 Dec 2018)

406.  To judge others, we're expected of more qualifications other than that of just an accusation.  (Pittaya Wong/7 Dec 2018)

405.  With the Saint of Humor, we are assured to have only good mood when we do many good deeds.  (Pittaya Wong/29 Nov 2018)

404.  In classic Dhammonomics, suffering is the push, and happiness is the pull, towards the successful enlightenment.  (Pittaya Wong/29 Nov 2018)

403.  We don't goto heaven because of our believing, but behaving.  (Pittaya Wong/28 Nov 2018)

402.  When mindfulness is our major, and awareness is our minor, our meditation can be mastered !!!  (Pittaya Wong/28 Nov 2018)

401.  When mindfulness is our major, and awareness is our minor, our knowledge from meditation becomes superior.  (Pittaya Wong/28 Nov 2018)

400.  In Buddhism, there are diversity of knowledge & practice developed from the original teachings of the Lord Gotama Buddha, and it's solely the 'enlightenment' or the path & fruition of Buddhist Sainthood that verifies such different knowledge & practice.  (Pittaya Wong/27 Nov 2018)

399.  Whether our faith is rational or emotional, make sure our belief is veridical.  (Pittaya Wong/25 Nov 2018)

398.  From Micro to Macro formation, there are only the conditioned and the unconditioned.  (Pittaya Wong/24 Nov 2018)

397.  "Dhatu & Dhamma," these two words are everything about the Existence.  (Pittaya Wong/23 Nov 2018)

396.  Let's Leaves the Cycle.  (Pittaya Wong/23 Nov 2018)

395. Both goodness & badness lie within our consciousness, and it's mindfulness that makes us choose to be motivated.  (Pittaya Wong/23 Nov 2018)

394.  Talk is cheaper, War is pricier.  (Pittaya Wong/23 Nov 2018)

393.  War is the luxurious violence.  Without funding, it is unlikely to occur.  (Pittaya Wong/23 Nov 2018)

392.  Contentment is the entertainment for monks.  (Pittaya Wong/22 Nov 2018)

391.   With the balanced effort in any meditation, our right mental focus leads to the right mental unification where the enlightenment can be unlocked!  (Pittaya Wong/22 Nov 2018)

390.  The Minimalists want the necessities.  The Maximalists need the luxuries.  (Pittaya Wong/21 Nov 2018)

389.  Keep up with healthy ethics.  Keep down with ill tactics.  For these will assure the sound monastics.  (Pittaya Wong/21 Nov 2018) 

388.  Mindfulness is all about minding our own mental business.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Nov 2018)

387.   Do write one word that means the whole page.  Do write one sentence that represents the whole chapter.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Nov 2018)

386.  For myself, I do it for cultivation.  For others, I do it for devotion.  Altogether, we do it for mutual perfection.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Nov 2018)

1.    Chanting is like balm cream whilst meditation is like vaccine.  Take both to reduce our medicine.  (Pittaya Wong)

2.    Buddhist doctrine is like Algebra, and Vijja Dhammakaya is like Calculus.  Belief is not a must as you’ll learn much from your own discovery.  (Pittaya Wong)

3.    Humans were created equal but differentiated by the immoral.  (Pittaya Wong)

4.    Feathers make chicken nice, bachelors are alike with celibacy.  (Pittaya Wong)

5.    If people of the world ‘give’ more than ‘get,’ there will be a global surplus which leads to the universal surprise.  (Pittaya Wong)

6.    Neither glad nor sad, whether it is good or bad.  We have to maintain our ‘equilibrium.’  (Pittaya Wong)

7.    Greed is like glue, the more we use, the more attachful we become.  (Pittaya Wong)

8.    Learning from the right, we know what to do.  Learning from the wrong, we know what to undo.  Learning from the two, we avoid to be fool and become truly wise.  (Pittaya Wong)

9.    Losing everything but your promise, keeping nothing but your inner peace.  (Pittaya Wong)

10.   With so much loss and so much gain, we should learn to remain ‘indifferent.’  (Pittaya Wong)

11.   Mom’s love is so true, although it may not be lawfully registered, unlike our partner whose love may be registered but can turn awful.  (Pittaya Wong)

12.   Humans are like Russian dolls.  Layers of inner body are all inside.  Simply keep your mind centralized, you will find the bright ‘Buddhahood’ within.  (Pittaya Wong)

13.   When I say a lot, I mean nothing.  When I say nothing, I mean a lot.  If you think my words are short, it’s better than not saying something.  (Pittaya Wong)

14.   The pandit takes insignificant misdeeds as ‘considerable.’  The bandit takes considerable misdeeds as ‘insignificant.’  (Pittaya Wong)

15.   Being alone with defilement, it’s lonesomeness.  Being alone with contentment, it’s peacefulness.  Being alone with enlightenment, it’s blissfulness.  (Pittaya Wong)

16.   Throughout the Existency, only our mind can reach the infinity.  (Pittaya Wong)

17.   Doing good deeds for the benefit of the whole existence, the benefit, hence, returns to ourselves as well as the overall sentient beings.  (Pittaya Wong)

18.   More or Rest…  (Pittaya Wong)

19.   Be smiley like Thais… be polite like British… be stylish like Italian… be brilliant like Jewish… be abliss like Bhutanese… be creative like American… be one like Singaporean…. Be patient like African… be undrunk like Arabian… be a world cup champion like Argentine… be diligent like Chinese… be the one who does good deeds anyway.  (Pittaya Wong)

20.   Between love and hatred, both are attachments.. But if we have to choose, we should love hence.  (Pittaya Wong)

21.   A cent is much if you are innocent, but tens may be little if you lack contentment.  (Pittaya Wong)

22.   Take little defilement as antibody, and overcome the anxiety from your desire.  (Pittaya Wong)

23.   No wheel can take you to the Nirvana except the Dhamma wheel.  (Pittaya Wong)

24.   Love without lust is very much like the unrusted gold.  (Pittaya Wong)

25.   Thinking of yourself as extraordinary, you are ordinary.  Thinking of nothing only, you are extraordinary.  (Pittaya Wong)

26.   Everything is impermanent including impermanence.  Nothing is permanent except permanence.  (Pittaya Wong) 

27.   Money can buy so many things except the time lapse.  (Pittaya Wong)

28.   Meditation in process. Peace in progress… feeling the ‘Everest.’  (Pittaya Wong)

29.   Once you know the secret, isn’t it challenging to remain quiet?  (Pittaya Wong)

30.   The more kindness you have, the more kindful you are.  The more truth you tell, the more truthful you become.  The more care you give, isn’t it the more careful you should be?  (Pittaya Wong)

31.   Among all of the Lord Buddha’s teachings, ‘non-recklessness’ prevails.  Hold on to it consistently, and your Dhamma path will go well safely.  (Pittaya Wong)

32.   Keep up with simplicity, although you’ve made many possibilities.  (Pittaya Wong)

33.   We do good deeds to decrease defilements and strengthen our virtues.  (Pittaya Wong)

34.   A mistake can be forgiven, but it should not be forgotten.  (Pittaya Wong)

35.   Doing good deeds in time of trouble, the merit received is more than double.  (Pittaya Wong)

36.   Speech is silver.  Silence is golden.  Document is diamond.  (Pittaya Wong)

37.   If you feel like ‘never mind,’ you will never cry.  (Pittaya Wong)

38.   With benevolence, our mind is softened.  With revenge, our mind is hardened.  With any intent, our mind is shapened.  (Pittaya Wong)

39.   ‘Enlightenment is the fruition of one’s lengthy cultivation of virtues.  (Pittaya Wong)

40.   Gossipers just make noise, but they don’t make sense.  (Pittaya Wong)

41.   Allowing faith and wisdom to grow hand in hand, you will both understand and believe in Buddhism.  (Pittaya Wong)

42.   A nice guy comes with a bright mind.  (Pittaya Wong)

43.   Merit is like vitamin, and sin is like amphetamine.  Meditation is kind of vaccine.  Let’s make merit and meditate to reduce our medicine.  (Pittaya Wong)

44.   Kilesa is like a virus attachment.  If we don’t click to open, our mind won’t be defiled, hence.  (Pittaya Wong)

45.   The key to liberation is detachment which can be achieved by mental unification where our minds no longer cling to the conditioned.  (Pittaya Wong)

46.   With meditation, we insightfully see, and we intuitively know as our mental cultivation grows.  (Pittaya Wong)

47.   No pay.. no gain.  No play.. no game.  (Pittaya Wong)

48.   Our breath can be the formless mantra.  (Pittaya Wong)

49.   The cultivation of virtues is the true duty of mankind.  (Pittaya Wong)

50.   Everyone can give away as if everyday is Christmas day.  (Pittaya Wong)

51.   Giving with compassion is the civilization of mind.  (Pittaya Wong)

52.   ‘Meditation’ is the peaceful unification of mind.  (Pittaya Wong)

53.   The state of right mental unification is the key to unlocking the gate of Nirvana.  (Pittaya Wong)

54.   The qualification to heaven is a ‘heart of gold.’  The qualification to Nirvanic goal is the ‘Noble Eightfold Path.’  (Pittaya Wong)

55.   When we make merit, we should do it with good intent.  Otherwise, we may end up being meritoriously discontent.  (Pittaya Wong)

56.   We don’t’ have to wait for the promising happiness in heaven as we can always enjoy bliss from ‘meditainment.’  (Pittaya Wong)

57.   The Lord Buddha’s final teaching is ‘non-recklessness’ which is, thus, ‘mindfulness.’  (Pittaya Wong)

58.   All about Buddhism is ‘righteousness.’  (Pittaya Wong)

59.   ‘Self-realization’ is wisdom that stems from the right comprehension over mental faculties either under the meditative or non-meditative state of mind.  (Pittaya Wong)

60.   In pursuit of Buddhist perfections, success is based on the level of virtues cultivation.  (Pittaya Wong)

61.   The art of construction is architecture.  The art of writing is literature.  The art of meditation is mental unificateur.  The art of procreation is mother nature.  If we add art to something, its value is superior.  (Pittaya Wong)

62.   The engineers are created equal, but the architects are occasional.  If one is both an architect and engineer, one’s creation can be supernatural.  (Pittaya Wong)

63.   ‘Enlightenment’ is the end of mental darkness and the success of virtue cultivation.  (Pittaya Wong)

64.   Regressing our misdeeds.. progressing our good deeds, and keeping our mind at peace.  (Pittaya Wong)

65.   Wisdom is the combination of ‘knowledge’ and ‘understanding.’  (Pittaya Wong)

66.   Water flows… wind blows… pines grow… Oh, make your life slow.  (Pittaya Wong)

67.   If Time is Endless, Timelessness is The End (Time = Endless, Timeless = Endlessless, Timeless = The End)  (Pittaya Wong)

68.   The common problem of smart people is over-confidence which prevents them from welcoming advices and becoming truly wise.  (Pittaya Wong)

69.   Buddhivilization means the ideal human society where most people implement the Noble Eightfold Path which eventually leads to the balanced material & spiritual development.  (Pittaya Wong)

70.   Time.. is an important fraction in any equational calculation of logic.  If something is claimed to be true, time will prove whether it’s true forever.  (Pittaya Wong)

71.   From macro to micro formation, everything is subject to decomposition whereas one’s Dhammakaya is an exception.  (Pittaya Wong)

72.   ‘Honesty’ is the pillar of any home.  (Pittaya Wong)

73.   The tranquility of our mind gives rise to the clarity of our mental eye.  (Pittaya Wong)

74.   Always keeping your demand lower than the market supply.. Always keeping your desire lower than the provided…  (Pittaya Wong)

75.   Being humble, our mind is gentle.  Being simple, our mind is untangle.  Being gentle and untangle, our mind is more subtle.. As our mind becomes subtle, enlightenment is possible!  (Pittaya Wong)

76.   The mind is like what it is directed.  Sometimes, it can be flexible like fluid.  Sometimes, it can be tough like solid.  It’s all up to you who can turn it!  (Pittaya Wong)

77.   The slower of your life, the faster of your insight.  (Pittaya Wong)

78.   Mind detoxification is made possible with meditation.  (Pittaya Wong)

79.   If we ordain our body without ordaining our mind, the result is a monk body with a monkey mind.  (Pittaya Wong)

80.   Years after years, Pandits adhere to the Dhamma regardless of the changing phenomena.  (Pittaya Wong)

81.   Alone with pandits can be meritorious.  A team with bandits can be disastrous.  A minute with the candid can be wondrous.  (Pittaya Wong)

82.   When our mind is full of thoughts, we will feel mentally heavy.  When our mind rests thoughtlessly, we will feel mindfully light.  When our mind unifies lightly, we can possibly be enlightened.  (Pittaya Wong)

83.   Without thought, our mind turns light.  Without light, our mind turns dark.  (Pittaya Wong)

84.   Just say ‘no’ to drugs.  Just say ‘yuck’ to alcohol.  Just say ‘no more’ to cigarette.  Just say that to yourself!  (Pittaya Wong)

85.   We become lonely at once when there is no one we can trust.  (Pittaya Wong)

86.   Everything is nothing but the wholesome nature, the unwholesome nature, and/or the neutral nature that are bond to various elements.  (Pittaya Wong)

87.   If you wish to give without the expectation to get, forgiving yields the result which you will not forget.  (Pittaya Wong)

88.   Rumors are common for rulers.  (Pittaya Wong)

89.   To become a Holy Saint, we have to wholly eradicate our defilement.  (Pittaya Wong)

90.   To remain ‘innocent,’ take the sensual desire away from your ‘essence…’  (Pittaya Wong)

91.   The very goal of merit making is to make our mind meritorious.  The very goal of pursuing perfections is to make our mind virtuous.  The very mistake occurs when we make our mind desirous.  (Pittaya Wong)

92.   With the heart of gold, we can favorably grow the superknowledge.  (Pittaya Wong)

93.   Being rich and humble is more difficult than being simple and poor.  (Pittaya Wong)

94.   Resolution is like a life agreement.  If we don’t make a prudent content, we may end up in trouble.  (Pittaya Wong)

95.   We will excel in superknowledge if we dwell on good conducts.  (Pittaya Wong)

96.   Our life comprises of both the transcendental and the physical, they correlate from the very supernormal.  (Pittaya Wong)

97.   Never look down on others because of our superior Dhamma practices and conducts as it is just another ‘ego’ that we have to ‘let go.’  (Pittaya Wong)

98.   My core value is ‘wholesomeness’ which extends to all possible elements.  (Pittaya Wong)

99.   As a missionary, our mission is not just making others virtuous, but also ourselves as such.  (Pittaya Wong)

100.  Meditation is to bring our mind back home without roaming into the sensual attraction.  (Pittaya Wong)

101.  Heading upstream against the worldly, we become Holy.  Heading downstream along the impurity, we become Nobody.  (Pittaya Wong)

102.  Our life is all about the Three Dhammic Natures and the Six Elements in the process of Dependent Origination.  (Pittaya Wong)

103.  Let’s make ourselves cozy more often as it is the best mood for enlightenment.  (Pittaya Wong)

104.  Enlightenment can happen anytime whenever and wherever our mental components unify.  (Pittaya Wong)

105.  The universe, world and living beings as we can see with naked eyes, indeed, are the interface of complicatedly operated supramundane mechanism similar to the hidden wristwatch movement where only the dial and hands are beautifully shown.  (Pittaya Wong)

106.  Buddhist precepts are the matter of prevention.  Buddhist doctrines are the matter of promotion.  We practice them with an aim for liberation.  (Pittaya Wong)

107.  Prayer is like balm cream whilst meditation is vaccine.  Let’s pray and meditate to reduce our medicine.  (Pittaya Wong)

108.  Our future will be terrible or terrific, it depends on us to design it.  (Pittaya Wong)

109.  Our mental unification with unfulfilled merit cultivation results in no fruition of the Nirvana.  (Pittaya Wong)

110.  Dhatu element is quantitative.  Dhamma essence is qualitative.  Altogether, they are objective.  (Pittaya Wong)

111.  Don’t think of ourselves as superior, inferior, or comparable to someone since the juxtaposition leads to mental fluctuation.  Simply don’t mind it, so we’ll be more at peace.  (Pittaya Wong)

112.  Being attempted to our meditation practice regardless of any expectation on experience, we can always enjoy every session without any dissatisfaction.  (Pittaya Wong)

113.  When we are lustful, our mind is rusty.  When we are lust-free, our mind is lusty.  (Pittaya Wong)

114.  Everyone is vulnerable to being ignorant.  It’s like life sailing without any navigation and ending up not knowing whereabouts.  (Pittaya Wong)

115.  Without the Buddhas’ powerful insight, the truth about life cannot be essentially revealed.  They remain secrets as sages keep trying to unfold but hardly find it complete.  (Pittaya Wong)

116.  Market demand is stimulated by marketing.  Sensual demand is motivated by mental craving.  All kind of demand can be eliminated by meditating.  (Pittaya Wong)

117.  With the heart of gold, with the soul of diamond, let’s keep our own goodness true and common.  (Pittaya Wong)

118.  The Triple Gem excels all other worldly precious.  (Pittaya Wong)

119.  When our mind is full of thoughts, we will feel mentally heavy.  When our mind is empty, we will feel mindfully light.  (Pittaya Wong)

120.  A grain of sand can house the whole universe.  In reverse, the universe contains the terrains of sand.  (Pittaya Wong)

121.  The same knowledge with different comprehendability results in a variety of cognition.  The same learned Dhamma can lead to different realization.  (Pittaya Wong)

122.  ‘Love’ makes us belong to a ‘home.’  (Pittaya Wong)

123.  Moral Discipline (sila) develops our Behavioral Quotient.  Meditation (Samadhi) develops our Emotional Quotient.  Wisdom (panna) develops our Intelligence Quotient.  Altogether, they enable our enlightenment experience.  (Pittaya Wong)

124.  When patience turns into equanimity, we overcome difficulties with no anxiety.  (Pittaya Wong)

125.  If we can extract the very essence of Buddhist doctrine from its old-fashioned traditional and cultural incorporation, we will be surprised by the Buddhist omniscience and how it was possibly delivered over the constraint of ancient social context dated back as long as more than 2,600 years ago.  (Pittaya Wong)

126.  Mental immunity is possible when we allow mild mental defilement to occur in our mind, and we restrain it over and over with virtues.  (Pittaya Wong)

127.  Never battle with others to gain sensual superiority.  Battle with ourselves only to eradicate mental impurity.  (Pittaya Wong)

128.  Humans have different knowledge, belief, and understanding due to many factors.  No matter what, the truth remains above all religions.  Any religion that reveals the truth about living beings and non-living beings, such religion is the best regardless of our favor or disfavor.  The challenge is how we can prove which belief or teaching is the truth or not.  This is the risk for all religious men.  (Pittaya Wong)

129.  If a teaching is completely true or untrue, we can conclude at ease after testing.  If a teaching partially true and untrue, it’s harder to distinguish and justify as the result of testing may be both valid and invalid.  (Pittaya Wong)

130.  The teaching that ‘pets have no soul’ is indeed a metaphor which can be clarified as ‘pets lack humanity.’  In fact, pets have souls, and they can be our soul friend.  (Pittaya Wong)

131.  Living and Being.  Living and Non-Being.  Non-Living and Being.  Non-Living and Non-Being.  These are the conclusion of the All.  (Pittaya Wong)

132.  Tree grows.. wind blows… water flows.. Buddha knows…  (Pittaya Wong)

133.  With limited supply, we can still have surplus if we can make our mind less desirous.  (Pittaya Wong)

134.  ‘Virtues’ are habituated merit.  (Pittaya Wong)

135.  Our earth has gravity that pulls physical beings.  Hell has gravity that pulls spirits with sin energy.  Heaven has gravity that pulls spirits with merit energy.  The Nirvana has gravity that pulls spirits with no impurity.  (Pittaya Wong)

136.  Enlightenment comes with the transcendental light which enables us to see the hidden truth and the material and immaterial realms and phenomena accurately.  As we can see, we know.  Then, we understand and come to realize.  Most of all, we gain the know-how and strength to eliminate and eradicate our own dark mental defilement.  (Pittaya Wong)

137.  Buddhist teachings make sense as well as making Saints!  (Pittaya Wong)

138.  A wisdom oriented person is prominent in knowledge and understanding.  A faith oriented person is prominent in strong belief and confidence.  A perseverance oriented person is prominent in dedication and commitment.  What type of person are you?  (Pittaya Wong)

139.  Low profile.. high efficiency.  High profile.. low ego occupancy.  (Pittaya Wong)

140.  If you believe in Buddhism, but don’t practice Buddhism, you are a theorist.  If you don’t believe in Buddhism, but practicing Buddhism, you are a functionalist.  If you believe in Buddhism, and practice Buddhism, you are definitely a Buddhist.  (Pittaya Wong)

141.  The birds enjoy the airy sky.  The fishes enjoy the wide sea. Meditators enjoy liberation from being mentally free.  (Pittaya Wong)

142.  Alone with defilement, it’s loneliness.  Alone with contentment, it’s peacefulness.  Alone with enlightenment, it’s blissfulness.  (Pittaya Wong)

143.  Schools provide education.  Temples provide ethication.  We need both for civilization.  (Pittaya Wong)

144.  Reward & Punishment is an important issue in most religions.  Whilst Reward & Punishment depends on God and/or gods in Theism, Buddhism teaches that Reward & Punishment depends on oneself under the Law of Karma.  (Pittaya Wong)

145.  A minimalist has higher satisfaction with lower consumption demand.  A materialist has higher consumption demand with lower satisfaction.  (Pittaya Wong)

146.  In economics, satisfaction occurs from fulfilling any demand with supply.  In Buddhism, demand can be decreased to meet any supply or minimized irrespectively of supply to make Buddhist practitioners satisfied.  (Pittaya Wong)

147.  When we make merit, we aim for material reward and/or spiritual reward whereas our mind is conditioned to be either craving or discraving.  (Pittaya Wong)

148.  Common humans are elements which comprise of solid, liquid, combustion, temperature, air, and cognitive mechanism, dominated by qualitative essences namely wholesomeness, unwholesomeness, and neutrality, operating under the Dependent Origination as powered by merit and sin energy. (Pittaya Wong)

149.  The goal of business companies is profit. The goal of religious charities is benefit. Please never run any temple or church for profit. (Pittaya Wong)

150.  We reap what we sow, we owe what we cheat. (Pittaya Wong)

151.  Meditation is the concentration of peace.

152.  What makes the nuclear bombs is the unclear mind.

153.  The hardship we face when doing good deeds is like the heavy weight we lift when working out.  The result of our effort to overcoming difficulties is a stronger body which is nicely shaped.  (Pittaya Wong)

154.  Buddhivilization occurs in the society dominated by enlightened people. (Pittaya Wong)

155.  Buddhonomics is the ideology on dealing, acquiring, allocating, managing, and spending of wealth and/or resources based on the Buddhist ethics. (Pittaya Wong)

156.  'Philosophy' is the luxury part of our thoughts.  (Pittaya Wong)

157.  Cling our mind only to the Holy.  Detach completely from the worldly.   This is the principle for our transcendental journey.  (Pittaya Wong)

158.  Suffering is energized by sin.  Happiness is energized by merit.  Doing bad to generate sin.  Doing good to generate merit.  We earn what we did according to the karmic.  (Pittaya Wong)

159.  Buddhist Perfection Theorem: Cultivating good quality of mind to be virtuous (purer Dhamma or essence) with fulfilled accumulation of quantity of merit energy (purer Dhatu or element) over the timely period of perfected and combined crystallization of both Dhamma and Dhatu.  (Pittaya Wong / 21 Oct 2017)

160.  The Qualitative & Quantitative Practice in Buddhism:  Buddhist merit making can be either qualitative or quantitative.  For the qualitative, we aim at the moral cultivation of mind.  For the quantitative, we aim at the accumulation of merit energy.  The combination of both is necessary for the fruition of ultimacy.  (P.P. / Oct 2017)

161.  In Qualitative Buddhism, faith oriented Buddhists have stronger belief and weaker rationality.  Wisdom oriented Buddhists have stronger comprehensibility and less fallacy.  Any Buddhists whose faith is developed from wisdom normally has rational belief against any irrational fallacy.  (Pittaya Wong / 22 Oct 2017)

162.  Contentment is the ascetic's property whilst money is the secular's asset.  (Pittaya Wong / 23 Oct 2017)

163.  Form & Function in Buddhism: 'Form' in Buddhism means the format of certain rite, tradition, and ceremony which are the manifestation of carried on Buddhist teachings whereas 'Function' in Buddhism means the practical utilization of essential Buddhist doctrines to one's living for certain benefit.  (by / 23 October 2017)

164.  The drama cherishes entertainment.  The Dharma cherishes enlightenment.  The Dharma-Drama cherishes edutatinment.  (by /26 October 2017)

165.  Every common saint normally has moral common sense.  (Pittaya Wong / 28 Oct 2017)

166.  Trick the politics or treat the monastics!  (Pittaya Wong + / 31 Oct 2017)

167.  Never realized by the Devaduta, ever surprised by the Yamaduta.  (by / 14 Nov 2017)

168.  Resist our bad will... Insist our good will... All Buddhists need these mental skills.  (by / 17 Nov 2017)

169.  The more we invest in the Dhamma, the more we harvest from the Dhamma. The more we are obsessed to the drama, the more we regress from the Dhamma.  No pay to the Dhamma, no gain from the karma. No pay to the Dhamma, no gain from the Dhamma. (Pittaya Wong)

170.  Injustice is merely the imbalance among the three parties of element and essence namely the wholesome (kusala), unwholesome (akusala), and neutral (abhayagata).  (Pittaya Wong / 20 Nov 2017)

171.  In meditation, we fine-tune our mind to be calm and focused continually with the balanced effort which is neither to active nor passive in order to be progressive.  (Pittaya Wong / 21 Nov 2017)

172.  With outstanding leadership, never neglect fellowship.  (Pittaya Wong/22 Nov 2017)

173.  Omniscience is made possible with meditation when one insightfully sees and intuitively knows boundlessly with no further ignorance or avicca.  (Pittaya Wong/22 Nov 2017)

174.  Wisdom is objective.  Faith is subjective.  Delusion is negative.  Faith from wisdom is unnaive.  Avoid faith from delusion when we believe.  (Pittaya Wong/26 Nov 2017)

175.  Forget only the admitted mistreat.  Forgive only the corrected mistake.    (Pittaya Wong/30 Nov 2017)

176.  No mistake cannot be forgiven except the repeated mistake.  (Pittaya Wong/1 Dec 2017)

177.  For every missile's human target, there is a rocketed karma as many more missiles in return.  (Pittaya Wong/29 Nov 2017)

178.  If you cannot find someone to love, then love everyone.  If you cannot find anyone to love you, then love yourself.  (Pittaya Wong/2 Dec 2017)

179.  The old is a messenger.  The sick is a messenger.  The dead is a messenger.  The monk is a messenger.  The messengers are everywhere to remind us of sufferings in juxtaposition with liberation, and these are the universal messages for all.  (Pittaya Wong/4 Dec 2017)

180.  Buddhism is neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but it’s realistic just about anything.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Dec 2017)

181.  We can choose to be either emotionally faithful or rationally wisdomful to attain the same enlightenment which is truthful.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Dec 2017)

182.  Our mind is normally talkative.  So we meditate to keep the mental mouth shut.  We can, thus, hear better from the Buddha within.  (Pittaya Wong/21 Dec 2017)

183.  Wisdom makes one understand and believe.  Faith makes one believe and understand.  One makes mistakes when misunderstands and believes or disbelieves in what one correctly understands.  (Pittaya Wong/22 Dec 2017)

184.  Insist our good will.  Resist our ill will.  These keep our mind wholesome, still.  (Meditation101/22 Dec 2017)

185.  To become the Holy, one has to be wholesome only.  (Meditation101/22 Dec 2017)

186.  Human life is like walking up the descending escalator.  If we do nothing at all, our mind is already drawn toward regression.  (Pittaya Wong/22 Dec 2017)

187.  With rationality, we can balance our emotionality.  This is true for all nationality.  (Pittaya Wong/25 Dec 2017)

188.  The materialist increases supply to meet demand.  The minimalist decreases demand to meet supply.  But only meditation can make us truly satisfied.  (Pittaya Wong/25 Dec 2017)

189.  The wonderful expression of religious veneration is for appreciation, not justification.  (Pittaya Wong/26 Dec 2017)

190.  The best meditation method is our own accumulated familiarity.  (Pittaya Wong/15 Jan 2018)

191.  Without morality, wisdom can develop armory.  (Pittaya Wong/15 Jan 2018)

192.  When lifestyle goes faster than our contemplation speed, the results are less mindful thought, speech, and action.  (Pittaya Wong/28 Jan 2018)

193.  Love make you bind.  Love make you blind.  When you abide to love, then you're a blind in love.  ( Jan 2018)

194.  As humans conduct researches on natural sciences furthermore, they will finally discover the material and immaterial forms and functions of elements (dhatu: solid, liquid, combustion, temperature, air, cognition) and essences (Dhamma: wholesome, unwholesome, neutral) engaging into the programmed (vijja) which facilitate the dependent origination (pratitya-samutpada) where they are energized by merit (punja) and sin (pappa) energy.  (Pittaya Wong/7 Feb 2018)

195.  Dhammotronics: When we fall asleep and dream, we normally appear to be ourselves most of the time, not as somebody else or selfless.  This is because our 'spirit' or 'refined human body' is at work in the astral state where the exposed experience can be either true or fantasy depending on the steady or influenced state of mind.  (Pittaya Wong/8 Feb 2018)

196.  Affectionate Love is not a need, it's a want, and it's a luxury, not a necessity.  (meditation101/9 Feb 2018)

197.  Love is chemical abnormality.  Love is biological imbalance.  Love is economic fluctuation.  Love is physics deviation.  Love is psychotic trickery.  But all of these make it fun to love.  (Pittaya Wong/9 Feb 2018)

198.  When our effort exceeds the natural, the result is a miracle.  (Pittaya Wong/19 Feb 2018)

199.  Cultivation targets at ourselves.  Salvation targets at others.  Both are similarly different.  (Pittaya Wong/8 March 2018)

200.  Making sense is always essential, and making non-sense is somehow beneficial.  Without any laughter, we can be too substantial.  (Pittaya Wong/27 March 2018)

201.  Jokes naturally kill depression, so we need less drug prescription.  (Pittaya Wong/27 March 2018)

202.  Peace is priceless, and war is pricey. Pay any price to maintain peace and cease war; otherwise, we will be warried.  (Pittaya Wong/28 March 2018)

203.  Maturity doesn't occur at a specific age only, but it happens anytime when an individual reaches proper rationality competency.  (Pittaya Wong/28 March 2018)

204.  The perfectionist suffers from enjoying less appreciation in their living, but they are admired for setting the standard for people to accomplish.  (Pittaya Wong/28 March 2018)

205.  Grieve.. until we laugh, and see how funny it is to be in suffering. Master our mental faculty to outlaw the conventional mindset and break through our own psychotic tradition.  (Pittaya Wong/29 March 2018)

206.  Love without supply is selfishness whilst love without demand is devotion.  When love meets at the equilibrium, it can be mutually sufficient.  (Pittaya Wong/29 March 2018)

207.  When love is not concentrated, it can be extended further.  (Pittaya Wong/29 March 2018)

208.  Trustworthiness derives from the perfected honesty over the crystallized period of time.  (Pittaya Wong/29 March 2018)

209.  The Buddha promotes purity.  The Chakkavatti promotes prosperity.  Altogether, they work in harmony.  (Pittaya Wong/29 March 2018)

210.  Time is endless; nevertheless, we have less time.  (Pittaya Wong/29 March 2018)

211.  Karma is all about cause & effect whereas the effect is another karma.  (Pittaya Wong/30 March 2018)

212.  Emptiness is the mental state ready for wholesomeness fulfillment, not the absence of ourselves which are supra-mundanely self and mundanely non-self.  (meditation101/2 April 2018) 

213.  Confession means, at least, we are right to admit our wrong instead of being wrong of pretending to be right.  (Pittaya Wong/2 April 2018)

214.  An apology is more worthy than many excuses. (Pittaya Wong)

215.  Choose whatever is right, not just what we like, and everything will be alright.  (Pittaya Wong)

216.  Mercy makes us nicer and others happier; altogether, our relationship becomes better. (Pittaya Wong/3 April 2018)

217.  Merit is a must, not just an option. (Pittaya Wong/3 April 2018)

218.  Life is a journey which ends at the cemetery. Afterlife is another journey which continues our destiny.  (Pittaya Wong/3 April 2018)

219.  We endure the difficulty from any challenge to enjoy the dignity from every achievement.  (Pittaya Wong/5 April 2018)

220.  Unlike the handsome body, the handsome mind doesn't get older, but it gets elder.  (Pittaya Wong/12 April 2018)

221.  Open our eyes to see with limited sight.. Open our insight to see with infinite mind.  (Pittaya Wong/12 April 2018)

222.  Speech is silver when we utter common sentences.  Silence is gold when we behold our useless words.  (Pittaya Wong/12 April 2018)

223.  Every hologram body is created with electricity, every celestial angel body is made of the transcendental merit energy.  (Pittaya Wong/25 April 2018)

224.  'Praise' is less important than 'truth.'  When the praise is untrue, it misleads us to become foolish.  (Pittaya Wong/27 April 2018)

225.  The goal of business is profit.  The goal of Buddhism is benefit.  Never operate Buddhism for profit; otherwise, our life will run into deficit.  (Pittaya Wong/14 May 2018)

226.  Minimize our desire and maximize our contentment, the difference is our happiness.  (Pittaya Wong/19 May 2018)

227.  With mindfulness, wisdom can remain consistent.  (Pittaya Wong/22 May 2018)

228.  Turn off our sensual perceptions.  Maintain our emotional & bodily relaxation.  Keep up with balanced mental concentration.  These are the keys to successful meditation.  (Pittaya Wong/22 May 2018)

229.  Cater the underprivileged endlessly or educate them with knowledge to endurely earn for living.  (Pittaya Wong/23 May 2018)

230.  When our mind becomes silent, it can turn transcendent.  (Pittaya Wong/24 May 2018)

231.  People like religious fiction when it comforts their belief.  People dislike religious fact when it discomforts their practice.  (Pittaya Wong/24 May 2018)

232.  Virtue & morality cultivation is like swimming upstream.  Without any effort, we will be flown downstream.  (Pittaya Wong/25 May 2018)

233.  The defilement is our mind's defect.  With enlightenment, our mind can be perfected.  (Pittaya Wong/26 May 2018)

234.  In meditation, we balance our effort & comfort to foster mental unification which can unlock the gateway to Nirvana.  (Pittaya Wong/28 May 2018)

235.  With contentment, excessive consumption can be decreased, and the sufficiency economy can be achieved.  (Pittaya Wong/28 May 2018)

236.  The mantra repetition settles down our mental noise.  The visualization settles down our mental imagery.  The motion meditation settles down our thoughts to our body.  These methodologies aim to promote our mind's tranquility.  (Pittaya Wong/28 May 2018)

237.  Practice makes perfect.  Recklessness makes defect.  Our karma always makes effect.  (Pittaya Wong/30 May 2018)

238.  Believing in Buddhism makes determination, but only practicing Buddhism makes perfection.  (Pittaya Wong/31 May 2018)

239.  The bodily precept moralises our action.  The verbal precept moralises our speech.  The mental precept moralises our mind.  The Triple Precept cultivate our Noble Discipline.  (Pittaya Wong/31 May 2018)

240.  Buddhism is all about 'righteousness' where practitioners learn to justify and side with 'the right' until they attain 'enrightenment!'  (Pittaya Wong/31 May 2018)

241.  Paying homage is to fine tune our mind to the Holy with mental, verbal, and physical dedication, thus it strengthens our spiritual connection.  (Pittaya Wong/31 May 2018)

242.  The Buddhist teaching is somewhat complex as it somehow reflects the complication of life.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

243.  Corruption is humans' uncivilisation.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

244.  Hate not unto love ourselves as we would love not unto hate anyone else.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

245.  Buddhism emphasizes on suffering as an urge for enlightenment, not to lament.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

246.  The white trick is more challenging than the dirty trick because we have to wisely overcome the situation without being wicked.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

247.  Humans can be devalued because of their disvirtue.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

248.  A meditation practice is worth one million words.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

249.  Moralise.. our discipline.  Strengthen.. our mindfulness.  Sharpen.. our wisdom.  These are the Three Trainings in Buddhism.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

250.  Our worldly life is like a dream where enlightenment is an awakening and our meditation mantra is the alarm clock ringing.  (Pittaya Wong/4 June 2018)

251.  At any Buddhist temple: an eye to an eye should be prevented, a mouth to a mouth should be prohibited, and a heart to a heart should be promoted.  (Pittaya Wong/4 June 2018)

252.  All religions are spiritual civilisation, and Buddhism is the religious revolution.  (Pittaya Wong/4 June 2018)

253.  It's better not to think, if we still have to think, we should think better.  (Pittaya Wong/4 June 2018)

254.  Let's meditate to clean our heartdrive by reloading defragment and removing defilement.  (Pittaya Wong/6 June 2018)

255.  Love makes us blind.  Love makes us bind.  Love until we say "Good Bind!"  (Pittaya Wong/6 June 2018)

256.  When our mental discipline or 'sila' is weak resulting in disrupted mental calm or 'samadhi,' we are likely to make a bad choice out of our emotion although we have the wisdom or 'panna' knowing rationally what is right.  (Pittaya Wong/6 June 2018)

257.  Our love diminishes when the mutual binding karmic energy depletes, and the present bounding karmic relationship is decreased.  (Pittaya Wong/6 June 2018)

258.  When our mental, verbal, and physical conducts (sila) are unvirtuous, our mental calm (samadhi) is more likely to be disrupted.  Then our mind will become emotional towards any phenomena and overrule the wisdom (panna) which justifies the right and the wrong.  (Pittaya Wong/6 June 2018)

259.  Once we no longer engage our happiness to money, we will become capitalismly independent!  (Pittaya Wong/6 June 2018)

260.  'Electro-Merit Energy' is the pure transcendental energy which our mind earns from our wholesome thought, speech, and action regardless of our religion, age, race, and belief.  (Pittaya Wong/7 June 2018)

261.  Lust is not a 'must,' and Love is just a 'might.' Without them, our life can still be alright.  (Pittaya Wong/8 June 2018)

262.  Sexual desire is a want, not a need.  We need to end this want if we want to extend our need which is to achieve the 'Nirvana'.

263.  Truth remains the truth forever.  Lie remains the truth for never.  (Pittaya Wong/12 June 2018)

264.  Education makes us wise.  Ethication makes us nice.  Take both to be smart as twice.  (Pittaya Wong/12 June 2018)

265.  The truth is true forever; The lie is true for never.  (Meditation101/12 June 2018)

266.  The law of conservation of mass & energy can be vital to explain how death disengages our spirit in the form of refined energy from the bodily mass where both continue to form, deform, transform and conform within the cycle of existence.  (Pittaya Wong/13 June 2018)

267.  Only living beings who have 'souls' are capable of 'dreaming'.  (Pittaya Wong/13 June 2018)

268.  'Ourselves' are always there in our 'dreams', and we never dream as 'someone else'.  (Pittaya Wong/13 June 2018)

269.  Less 'profit' for greater 'benefit'.  (Pittaya Wong/13 June 2018)

270.  An advice is to 'add-wise'.  (Pittaya Wong/18 June 2018)

271.  A brainstorm is better than an individual hurricane.  (Pittaya Wong/16 June 2018)

272.  Once we're smarter than poverty, we won't feel any scarcity.  (Pittaya Wong/18 June 2018)

273.  Never spoil the market, but discipline it, so we can maximize benefit, not the profit.  (Pittaya Wong/16 June 2018)

274.  Either Americanize or Britonise, be sure we're standardised.  (Pittaya Wong/18 June 2018)

275.  When our mind is unconditioned, truths can be revealed out of their nature, not the featured.  (Pittaya Wong/18 June 2018)

276.  The topmost conclusion on practicing Buddhism are (1) Right[eous] Mind or Samma Mano Kamma (2) Right[teous] Speech or Samma Vaci Kamma and (3) Right[eous] Action or Samma Kaya Kamma, which can be finalized into one single statement as ‘having the Right[eous] Practices’ or ‘Samma-Patipada’.  (Pittaya Wong/19 June 2018)

277.  The good top stands on good toes.  (Pittaya Wong/22 June 2018)

278.  A must for the wise is non-recklessness.  A must for the fool is carefulness.  A must for everyone is mindfulness.  (Pittaya Wong/25 June 2018)

279.  Buddhism is not about being local or international, because Buddhism is universal for all.  (Pittaya Wong/25 June 2018)

280.  Buddhivilisation or Buddhivilization: the promising idealistic Buddhist utopia such as in the era of Lord Metriya Buddha who is the future Lord Buddha. (Pittaya Wong/2018) [definition given on 5 July 2018]

281.  Going to Roam, do like the Romans do.  Going to Bhutan, do like the Samaritans do.  (Pittaya Wong/25 June 2018)

282.  Undon't love one.  Undone love two.  Undo love three.  For thee shall be loved other than None!  (Pittaya Wong/26 June 2018)

283.  More or Less.  Less for More.  More nor Less.  Less no More.  Rest is More!  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

284.  When we have the Heart of Gold, our soul can turn precious.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

285.  The prerequisite for Nirvana is the Noble Eightfold path.  The prerequisite for the Brahma Realms is the Fourfold virtue.  (Pittaya Wong/1 June 2018)

286.  Enlightainment: The entertainingly bliss and joy from attaining enlightenment (Pittaya Wong/2018) [uploaded to on 5 July 2018]

287.  Transcendroid: Kaya-Siddhi or Transcendetal Automated Being (Pittaya Wong/June 2018) [uploaded to by including definition on 5 July 2018)

288.  Knowledge is the whetstone that sharpens our wisdom.  Use it always, not randomly.  Use it everyday, not seldomly.  (Pittaya Wong 7 July 2018)

289.  Electro-Meritricity: (noun) the immaterial merit energy.  Electro-Sintricity:  (noun) the immaterial sin energy.  (Pittaya Wong/7 July 2018)

290.  Still mind runs deeper.  (Pittaya Wong/9 July 2018)

291.  Constructing the virtues in our mind, we can turn constructive.  Destroying the virtues in our mind, we can turn destructive.  (Pittaya Wong/10 July 2018)

292.  Rationality usually structures our thought, but emotionality, somehow, disorganizes it.  (Pittaya Wong/10 July 2018)

293.  Ill-willed meditation is destructive.  Good-willed meditation is constructive.  Wrong-viewed meditation is delusive.  Right-viewed meditation is intellective.  Our meditation is driven by our incentive.  (Pittaya Wong/10 July 2018)

294.  Unity is not just a must, but it's a might!  (Pittaya Wong/13 July 2018)

295.  When we're below standard, we become nobody.  When we're beyond standard, we become somebody.  These are the truths for just anybody.  (Pittaya Wong/16 July 2018)

296.  Metta, Karuna, Mudhita, Upekkha, and a sense of humor.  These will do enough to enjoy our human life.  (Pittaya Wong/16 July 2018)

297.  All about Buddhism is Righteousness!  (Pittaya Wong/16 July 2018)

298.  Unpaid credit cards are, eventually, 'discredit cards.'  (Pittaya Wong/18 July 2018)

299.  Faith can move mountains.  Wisdom can remove them.  Both can make us enlightened.  (Pittaya Wong/18 July 2018)

300.  Buddhism is neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but Buddhism is realistic just about anything.  (Pittaya Wong/18 July 2018)

301.  Faith from wisdom withstands erosion, unlike faith from delusion which makes us misunderstand.  (Pittaya Wong/18 July 2018)

302.  Other than the Lord Buddha, the best thing in Buddhism is Enlightenment which eliminates suffering and yields happiness eternally.  (Pittaya Wong/20 July 2018)

303.  Good quotes corrode ignorance.  (Pittaya Wong/20 July 2018)

304.  The cost of any prize is effort, not comfort!  (Pittaya Wong/20 July 2018)

305.  Emptiness or Sunyata is the state of mind arising to the state of elements which complies to the Law of Mass and Energy Conservation.  (Pittaya Wong/20 July 2018)

306.  With attachment, our ego can be grown.  With detachment, our ego can be gone.  (Pittaya Wong/24 July 2018)

307.  Love without lust is like the lustrous gold.  Love without trust is like the rusted gold.  (Pittaya Wong/24 July 2018)

308.  When the Dhamma becomes our nature, our life turns to be more mature.  (Pittaya Wong/25 July 2018)

309.   Hundreds of excuse is cheaper than an apology.  (Pittaya Wong/July 2018)

310.  Love is about give & get; nevertheless, love makes us learn to forgive & forget.  (Pittaya Wong/7 June 2018)

311.  Meditate and enjoy our promising Enlightainment!  (Pittaya Wong/31 May 2018)

312.  Unlike contentment, our sensual desire can never be fulfilled.  (Pittaya Wong/2 Nov 2018)

313.  Teach a man to fish without selfishery and share the fishes furtherly to feed many endlessly.  (Pittaya Wong/23 June 2018)

314.   Less profit.. more benefit.. this is the heart for making merit.  (Pittaya Wong/26 June 2018)

315.   Ones who practice celibacy are revered for their mental strength which is more powerful than their sexual desire.  (Pittaya Wong/2018)

316.   Buddhism doesn’t work for us when we just believe it without practicing it.  (Pittaya Wong/2018)

317.   Bowing to the Pandit, the Pandit bows back.  Bowing to the Bandit, the Bandit pounds back.  (Pittaya Wong)

318. As our thought is rationally structured, it withstands better against the emotional storm.  (Pittaya Wong/26 July 2018)

319. The speed of our speech should not be faster than our thought.  (Pittaya Wong/26 July 2018)

320.  Practice makes perfect.. Recklessness makes defect, it is our karma that makes the effect.  (Pittaya Wong/2018)

321.  The present perfect is due to past perfect. The present defect leads to future defect. The mechanism behind karma is complex but its concept is this simplest.  (Pittaya Wong/28 July 2018)

322.  Uncompromise our promise, especially when we promise to compromise.  (Pittaya Wong/30 July 2018)

323.  With enlightenment, we can travel at the speed of light.  (Pittaya Wong/30 July 2018)

324.  The multi-facet of knowledge we learn, either right or wrong, can be equally important as they provide the many aspects of context for our consideration and justification. (Pittaya Wong/30 July 2018)

325.  Medication is for our body.  Meditation is for our mind.  (Pittaya Wong/30 July 2018)

326.  Meet our doctors for medication.  Meet our masters for meditation.  (Pittaya Wong/30 July 2018)

327.  In Dhammonomics, there are less consumption and production as people spend more time enjoying meditation. (Pittaya Wong/2018)

328.   To become a Buddhist saint, we have to eliminate all mental defilement.  (Pittaya Wong/3 Aug 2018)

329.   It's good to praise the Saints for decades, but it's better to dedicate ourselves for Sainthood.  (Pittaya Wong)

330.    Being humble, our mind is gentle.  Being simple, our mind is unpuzzle.  Being gentle and unpuzzle, our mind can be subtle.  As our mind becomes subtle, enlightenment is possible.  (Pittaya Wong)

331.   As a Buddhist Saint, it makes sense to be self-centered.  (Pittaya Wong/9 Aug 2018)

332.   When we compete with ourselves, we've to go faster than our own ego.  When we compete with others, our ego should go slower than everybody else.  (Pittaya Wong/9 Aug 2018)

333.  Having less social binding and loading, an individualist can do better in Buddhism.  (Pittaya Wong/8 Aug 2018)

334.  To build a celestial mansion, the best construction materials are generosity, morality, and meditation.  (Pittaya Wong/9 Aug 2018)

335.  Just one degree of deviation from the origin, it can mean much distance from the destination.  (Pittaya Wong/12 Aug 2018)

336.   Craving.. without money, it's scarcity.  Sharing.. without money, it's sufficiency.  (Pittaya Wong/16 Aug 2018)

337.    In cultivation of merit, our body grows senior, our mind grows premier.  (Pittaya Wong/28 Aug 2018)

338.   If we rise from below, we can grow stronger.  If we wish to grow superior, we need to know the lower hold.  (Pittaya Wong/4 Sept 2018)

339.   Conform to the local.. Comply to the global.. Buddhism is universal.  (Pittaya Wong/7 Sept 2018)

340.   Never mindfulness.. Forever recklessness  (Pittaya Wong/7 Sept 2018)

341.  In Buddhism, benevolence is appreciated, and violence is depreciated.  (Pittaya Wong/8 Sept 2018)

342A.  Faith makes the world's wonders, wisdom makes the moon walkers, the combination of both makes us superior.  (Pittaya Wong/9 Sept 2018)

342B.  Faith makes the world's wonders, wisdom makes the moon walkers, the combination of both makes us worthier.  (Pittaya Wong/10 Sept 2018)

343.   Dhammakaya is the formation of pure Dhammic essence & element into the solid transcendental body which can be seen or touched whereas the same Dhammic essence & element can be formless like the flow, the steam, or the invisible vapor experienced by other non-Dhammakaya meditation traditions.  (Pittaya Wong/10 Sept 2018)

344.  Whether the Dhamma is formful or formless, we all agree upon its similar functionality regardless of visibility.  (Pittaya Wong/10 Sept 2018)

345.    From nano to the cosmos formation, seed element & essence are spherical, so do the transcendental.  (Pittaya Wong/11 Sept 2018)

346.    The root organizm and mechanizm behind the Existence are in the overall, just 1, 0, and -1, which are, respectively, the positive, the neither positive nor negative, and the negative. (Pittaya Wong/11 Sept 2018)

347.   If we keep our mind evil, we end up becoming a devil.  If we keep our mind innocent, we end up becoming a Saint.  (Pittaya Wong/12 Sept 2018)

348.   Truth.. is the cosmic religion for all.  (Pittaya Wong/17 Sept 2018)

349.   Unity is the universal virtue.  (Pittaya Wong/17 Sept 2018)

350.    Worldly enjoyment lasts for only a moment, but enlightainment yields happiness which is permanent.  (Pittaya Wong/19 Sept 2018)

351.   Dhamma is the same for people of every nation, but differentiated by their interpretation.  (Pittaya Wong/19 Sept 2018)

352.   War is pricey, and peace is priceless.  Never make a war for peacefulness.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Sept 2018)

353.    Love is risky.  Mercy is less risk.  Equanimity is riskless.  Never invest without knowing the risk.  (Pittaya Wong/21 Sept 2018)

354.  Unilateral love is more independable.  Bilateral love is more trustable.  Multilateral love is more discreditable.  Only universal love is, after all, incredible!  (Pittaya Wong/21 Sept 2018)

355.   Buddhism is awesome.  Capitalism is awful.  (Pittaya Wong/26 Sept 2018)

356.   Hardship can be overcome with Heartship.  (Pittaya Wong/1 Oct 2018)

357.  As more money can increase our possibility, don't let it decrease our integrity.  (Pittaya Wong/30 Sept 2018)

358.  With more respect, we have less defect.  (Pittaya Wong/30 Sept 2018)

359.  In Buddhism, rite is a form, and cultivation is a function, where we perform them for perfection.  (Pittaya Wong/30 Sept 2018)

360.  Dhamma is complex by its nature.  Dhamma is simplex by its feature.  (Pittaya Wong/1 Oct 2018)

361.  Too young to be dependable, too old to be negligible, together the two are dearestable.  (Pittaya Wong/4 Oct 2018)

362.   Production is on weekdays.  Consumption is also on weekends.  Meditation can fulfill these never-ends.  (Pittaya Wong/8 Oct 2018)

363.   There should be a reason for every result, not a result for any reason.  (Pittaya Wong/9 Oct 2018)

364.    Practice makes perfect, Mistake makes defect, Learn from our mistake when it's corrected. (Pittaya Wong/16 Oct 2018)

365.    When the Western discipline and rationality conform to the Eastern enlightened wisdom, it makes such a perfect integrity in Buddhism.  (Pittaya Wong/17 Oct 2018)

366.    Minimise the maximalist, maximise the minimalist, this is the principle of Buddhist economist.  (Pittaya Wong/17 Oct 2018)

367.    The heart of gold is the heart of our goal.  (Pittaya Wong/18 Oct 2018)

368.     It's fine to make mistakes as long as we're willing to make corrections.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Oct 2018)

369.   Everyday is the judgment day with daily reward & punishment enforceable by the universal Law of Karma.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Oct 2018)

370.   Human body can be appealing until we do the peeling.  (Pittaya Wong/21 Oct 2018)

371.   When mindfulness is inconsistent, the consequence is fluctuating wisdom.  (Pittaya Wong/21 Oct 2018)

372.   Investing in love is risky since there is no such thing as lifetime guarantee.  (Pittaya Wong/22 Oct 2018)

373.   Love is like lottery, we have to bear the risk to become lucky.  (Pittaya Wong/22 Oct 2018)

374.   When our element gets older, yet our essence remains younger, we call this state 'the immature elder.'  (Pittaya Wong/28 Oct 2018)

375.   Every milestone marks the achievement from effort, not the enjoyment from comfort.  (Pittaya Wong/31 Oct 2018)

376.    Never treat the tricky.  Never trick the treaty.  (Pittaya Wong/31 Oct 2018)

377.    All standards are well regarded when they are not biased.  (Pittaya Wong/5 Nov 2018)

378.    Truthfulness can always be accountable regardless of less regard.  (Pittaya Wong/5 Nov 2018)

379.     Buddhism makes saint!  Capitalism is non-saint!  (Pittaya Wong/6 Nov 2018)

380.     When we're aimless, our life is desperate in the middle of nowhere.  When we're aimful, our life is meaningful no matter where we're.  (Pittaya Wong/13 Nov 2018)

381.     Whenever we're full of thoughts, we can hardly be thoughtful.  (Pittaya Wong/18 Nov 2018)

382.      From the Neverest to the Everest, our true mission is to end our own unrest.  (Pittaya Wong/19 Nov 2018)

383.     Give me a cup of coffee, and I shall renovate the whole world.  (Pittaya Wong/19 Nov 2018)

384.     We become sages as we age with growing wisdom.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Nov 2018)

385.     The 'Buddhahood' is already within everyone, please activate this with meditation in order to enjoy Buddhism.  (Pittaya Wong/20 Nov 2018)

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