Master Nun Pook Muiprasert

Master Nun Pook Muiprasert (approx. 1885 - 1984)


Reverend Maechee Pook Muiprasert was one of the most senior and important students of Luang Por Wat Paknam (Phramongkolthepmuni).  She was born at Bangsagair Sub-District, Thonburi (presently Bangkok) on Monday, June 1886.  Pook is the first child of Mr. Somboon and Mrs. Thongdee Muiprasert who were the well-to-do orchadists, and she had helped her parents working at the family’s orchards since her childhood.

Meditation Attainment:

Pook was a very committed person.  She dedicated to whatever she did.  When she was a layperson, she had practiced meditation with Luang Por Wat Paknam whom she respected and be faithful upon so much as her meditation master.  After Pook attained the Dhamma sphere, one day, she wished to make merit but she did not have enough money.  So, she took the fruits from her relative’s orchards for sale without permission.  Then, she donated the money from selling fruits.  This seemed like an insignificant recklessness, but this caused her Dhamma sphere to disappear.  Thus, Pook was so much regretful.

In the evening of that very day, she made a vow before practicing meditation that “If I won’t see the Dhamma sphere again, I won’t rouse from my seat.”

As Pook continued practicing meditation longer, she became achy all over her body. She was also bit by many mosquitoes.  However, she thought of a hen which she saw in the kitchen.  The hen was brooding her eggs without going anywhere until the chicks hatched.  Pook promised to herself that she would not give up her perseverance until it was in the middle of the night.  Finally, she could attain the crystal clear Dhamma sphere again.  Since then, she observed precepts and practiced meditation strictly without being reckless again.


In 1921, when Pook was 35 year old, her parents passed away.  Thereafter, she abandoned her home and properties to be ordained as a Buddhist nun at Wat Paknam, Bhasicharoen, with so much faith upon the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni, in order to continue practicing Dhammakaya meditation wholeheartedly.  Reverend Pook was very strict in observing precepts and respected in the teaching of Luang Por Wat Paknam.  She was both committed and diligent in practicing meditation.  As a consequence, Luang Por Wat Paknam allowed her to practice advanced Dhammakaya Meditation at the meditation workshop.  Reverend Maechee Pook was also assigned by Luang Por to be one of the supervisors of advanced Dhammakaya meditation sessions.  She had to supervise other Buddhist nuns who practiced Vijja Dhammakaya at the meditation workshop.  In addition, she was also an instructor of Dhammakaya meditation.

Reverend Maechee Pook’s practice can be taken as a role model for many people.  One day, Reverend Pook got sick in the evening and she became very hungry.  Someone went to see Luang Por and asked if Reverend Machee Pook would be able to have hot rice soup.  Luang Por told that person to ask Reverend Pook if she was observing her vow [to observe the precept which is not to have no meal after noon].  When Reverend Pook heard this, she recollected of her vow.  So, she decided not to have any food even though she might die of the sickness.  After her decision, she was calmly joyful and her hunger disappeared.

After Luang Por passed away, Reverend Pook still continued to practice advanced meditation at the meditation workshop.  Until there was the construction of the new meditation workshop building, Reverend Pook started to practice and teach meditation at her residence when she was around 80 year old.  She was admired to be the honorary senior of Wat Paknam Temple who had been very strict and earnest to her duties throughout the period of 60 years of her ordination.

As a Role Model:

Normally, Reverend Pook was calm, cheerful, generous, and gentle.  She had no anger and revenge, but she was so compassionate and helpful towards her students and those who seek for help.  As a result, Reverend Pook had helped so many people.  When someone did something wrong, she would caution such person that it would be sinful.  She reminded them not to criticize or overpraise anyone.

Reverend Pook aimed to practice meditation dedicatively in order to reach the utmost purity of her mind which was fully righteous, wholesome, and wisdomful.  She positioned herself well to be the senior who taught only the true and right things.

With her consistent virtues, those who were close to Reverend Pook could feel the warmth and calmness.  She was a perfect role model that everyone wished to follow willingly or be obedient upon.

The Most Venerable Phrarajbrahmathera (Veera Kanuttamo) said about Reverend Pook that “Khun Pook Muiprasert had practiced Vijja Dhammakaya for 60 years since she was 35 year old.  She practiced Vijja throughout without abandoning until the end of her life.  Before she was to pass away, she was fully aware.  When it was close to dawn, she placed her hands in the prayer position on her chest and passed away peacefully.” 

Reverend Maechee Pook Muiprasert passed away on 25 June 1984 due to aging at the age of 99 year old.  She had spent the monastic life for 63 years.  She had abandoned this world leaving her goodness behind for others to be proud of and follow her as an exceptional role model of those who attained Dhammakaya and and those who were students of Luang Por Wat Paknam.


Compiled by Khet Tonrassamee and Peerada Sirijintakarn
Translated by Pittaya Wong on 14 Oct 2015

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