Master Nun Taweeporn Liabprasert


Reverend Taweeporn’s hometown is in Bangbor, Samutprakarn Province, Thailand.  She went to Wat Paknam for the first time in 1948 when she was 19 year old with an aim to be ordained as a Buddhist nun.  When she arrived Wat Paknam on her first visit, she met the Most Venerable Phramongkolthepmuni (Luang Por Wat Paknam) who taught meditation to her directly. After working at the kitchen of Wat Paknam for a period of time, she was ordained to be a Buddhist nun.  Later on, after Reverend Taweeporn attained Dhammakaya, she was allowed to practice advanced Dhammakaya meditation at the meditation workshop.  While Luang Por was alive, Reverend Taweeporn was occasionally assigned to teach Dhammakaya meditation at various temples in Chachoengsao Province in Thailand.  After Luang Por passed away, she still practiced advanced Dhammakaya meditation at the meditation workshop of Wat Paknam until the present.