16. Law of Karma as an Operation Software of Samsara

The Law of Karma is a Software Used for Governing Sentient Beings in Samsara

Compiled by Pittaya Wong

24 September 2017

The Law of Karma can be compared to a computer operation software which is the result of bargaining and encountering of superknowledge (vijja), rights, might, and power among the Primordial Lords of the three parties namely the wholesome, the neither wholesome nor unwholesome, and the unwholesome.  The Law of Karma governs humans and animals in Samsara or the cycle of birth whereas humans and animals can be compared to ‘End User Stations’ that run this very program within the interconnected network that links the mundane and supra-mundane components altogether. 

When a human or animal commits a deed whether it is (1) good deed (2) bad deed (3) neither good nor bad deed either (a) mentally (b) verbally or (c) physically, the Transcendental Nurturers who rest inside the sublime state of each human and animal and can be classified as the good nurturer, the bad nurturer, and the neither good nor bad nurturer will act like the User Station Administrators who gather the mental, verbal, and physical deed as well as related components which are good, bad, or neither good or bad, and transmit or upload the data through the immaterial network linkage within such human or animal passing through levels of Administrators until reaching the Transcendental Root Element & Root Essence Engine (super mainframe server) which are separated into three parties controlled by (1) the wholesome Lord Primordial Buddha (2) the neither wholesome nor unwholesome Primordial Lord and (3) the unwholesome Lord Primordial Mara (Satan), who act as the top administrators.  

When the input is received by the transcendental server, the server will process and calculate the input per Law of Karma which is the operating software and generate output in the form of merit and virtue energy and/or sin and immorality energy whereas the plans for future are programmed to destine the karmic fruitions.  Then, the generated outputs are transmitted back through different levels of administrators until reaching such human or animal who commits the deeds.  Therefore, the merit and virtue energy and/or sin and immorality energy are charged into such human or animal whereas the karmic fruition programs are installed for further running.  This process is quickly completed, normally, within one or two seconds after a deed is committed.  So, Law of Karma is the operation system that works automatically with the material and immaterial hardware of elements and essences.  However, there are also interventions from both the wholesome and unwholesome party who act like administrators of the overall system.

Common humans and animals in Samsara or the cycle of birth live under the operation of this program.  It is important that we are aware of the system and live of our lives wisely by doing only good deeds to gain karmic rewards and abstain from doing bad deeds to avoid karmic punishment throughout the fulfillment of our virtues cultivation and merit energy accumulation until we are able to attain full enlightenment and be freed from the Law of Karma.  Then, we can enter the Nirvana which is the state of pure and permanent bliss.