26. Insight Investigation with ICCI & Insight Imagery Cropping (IIC)

Insight Conditional Crosschecking Investigation (ICCI)

This method is for proving whether what we found within our meditative insight is true or not. For example, to do the ICCI, after we do meditation investigation, we question within the meditative state "If the Repubmocrats will win the election, may the bell ring twice."

Besides, I, Pittaya Wong, also develop the ICCI by adding the 'crosschecking outside in and inside out.' For example, we question within our meditative insight "If the Repubmocrats will win the election, may the fifth word on page 115 of my dictionary appear." Thereafter, we check the word we see within our insight by opening the dictionary. If what we see inside matches what we see outside, the result of meditative investigation is likely to be


The condition used for crosschecking should be changed from time to time, and it should be known by ourselves only to prevent other meditators from influencing our ICCI.

Insight Imagery Cropping (IIC)

All Rights Reserved by Pittaya Tisuthiwongse

The insight imagery cropping is a technique in meditation where one can see the future with insight.  However, one may encounter the problem of clarity and accuracy of the future on-going.  To solve this, Pittaya Wong (Tisuthiwongse) invented the ‘Insight Imagery Cropping.’  To do the IIC, one meditates and aims toward a certain place and time of the future happening, then one ‘crops’ the scene of the future moment for contemplation.  For example, one directs one’s insight to see the newspaper stall at a certain bookstore on Tuesday, April 02, 2019 at 8.00 a.m.  Once the scene appears in meditation insight, one ‘crops’ the scene for contemplation in the present.  Thus, one can read the newspaper printed and released in the future.

Note: Please do not use this method for profit earnings like viewing the winning lottery numbers or the status of stocks at the stock market; otherwise, you may ‘worse-off’ because your greed will pollute your meditation experience.

This method was invented by Pittaya Tisuthiwongse in March 2019.

If you wish to use this method, please contact us for permission where the gratuity is required.