34. Teachers and Wisdom Enhancement

Teachers and Wisdom Enhancement

By Pirajak Tisuthiwongse Suwapatdecha

28 May 2020


Those who follow up my posts on social media and www.meditation101.org may be curious on how I can improve my quotes considerably over a noticeable period of time.  To respond to this, I would like to refer to my earlier quotes which are wordy and not sharp.  After I wrote hundreds of quotes, one day, my later quotes turn supernormal. 

The cause is that I provided the “-gha” merit stream cable to my teachers as an act of gratitude expression.  Hence, my teachers have become the ‘knowledge nurturers’ (a celestial nurturer is a kind of angel who looks after and empowers something or someone) who are more powerful in enhancing my knowledge.

Normally, a regular teacher who wishes to enhance his or her students’ knowledge can motivate the students’ sub-consciousness to gain knowledge realisation as much as 5% of the total idea.  However, my teachers who have become the knowledge nurturers can motivate my sub-consciousness to gain knowledge realisation as much as 15 to 30%.   

To exemplify a teacher’s enhancement of students’ knowledge, a student who studied accounting can gain sub-consciousness in returning ‘changes’ to customer more correctly according to the accounting discipline as motivated by his or her accounting teacher whereas the teacher can be either a living human or a non-living one.  However, when enhancing the knowledge to students, it is not the human teacher or non-living one who does it, but it is the ‘spirit of teacher’ who is responsible of his or her students, except in some case that the soul of teacher contacts the students for specific purposes. 

To exemplify this, we can think of the situation when we dream of our family members or teachers who say something to us in our dream, but the human body of such persons are unaware of the contact when dreaming, and it is possibly due to the ‘spirit’ who makes the contact. Likewise, we call this ‘the spirit of teacher.’

Commonly, a teacher with an academic rank or title like a Ph.D. and professor can do the knowledge enhancement better with an exception to teachers who have strong or powerful ‘spirit of teacher.’  To do the enhancement, the spirit of teacher may choose to do only to the students with good class attendance and good grade whereas he or she may opt out the students who ditch the class, lack good participation and attention, or cheat the examinations.

In general, the teachers with academic rank can earn their energy from the celestial realms, ranging from the Holy Party where element and essence assemble the Nirvana, the Three Realm, the sensual realm, the heaven, the planet earth, the nation, the academic institution, and various schools as per governing laws and under the supervision of responsible celestial nurturers and human personnel who receive right, power, and other energy to maintain, continue, teach, and transfer knowledge, respectively, whereas the merit, perfection, radiance, might, right, absolution, power, and sacredness, are generated by the generator of each Party and distributed according to the settled program like the law of karma which controls sentient beings and realms.

Indeed, various knowledge and know-how are the result of superknowledge processing by each Party of element & essence.  In the Nirvana, knowledge and know-how are maintained by Lord Buddhas and Lord Chakkavatti in the form of superknowledge.  In heaven, the vijjadhara or angels who master knowledge maintain the knowledge.  In the human world, there are professors, teachers, academicians, and researchers, who study, research, and teach knowledge in order to continue and further it.  The research discovery is possible when the Party of element & essence persuades a human to make achievement.  For example, the evil mara world sends the covid 19 virus to cause problems in the planet earth.  Then, the Nirvana has to process the superknowledge to find out how to solve the virus.  Upon superknowledge achievement, the Nirvana will persuade the researchers to make a successful discovery whereas the evil mara usually attempts to prevent or delay it.  So, the two Parties, namely the Nirvana and the evil mara world, encounter each other with might, power, and superknowledge to cause impact in the human world with no exception to the domain of knowledge.

The teachers who have academic rank can be more powerful when enhancing knowledge to students because such teachers gain the energy from the realm of the nurturers who founded the academic institutes.  The teachers with academic rank are like the one with a smart phone which can send text messages more powerfully to students’ mind in order to enhance or motivate the sub-consciousness of the students to gain knowledge realisation, as much as 8 to 12% of the idea.

If an individual has many teachers, the teachers will enhance knowledge jointly, and this influences one’s living and working to be more competent.  If an individual has many virtuous teachers, the teachers will enhance students in the good way by motivating the students’ sub-consciousness, more or less.  If an individual studies with only few teachers and has less diversity of knowledge field, these will affect the knowledge enhancement accordingly.  (For example, studying science with many science teachers or studing many subjects with few teachers).

Remember that what a teacher earns in return is dignity in his or her career as well as earning for living from doing his or her duty.

Pirajak Tisuthiwongse Suwapatdecha

28 May 2020