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The full name of Pirajak is Mr. Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Jackson).  His former names & pen-names are Pirajak Suwapatdecha, Pittaya Tisuthiwongse, and Pittaya Wong.  


Pirajak is a Gold Tara advocate who was born in a Thai Buddhist family on 6th December 1975.  In his younger years, he had been educated at reputable Catholic Schools since grade 1 to grade 12 (Assumption College, Thonburi and Assumption Commercial College, Bangkok, respectively). However, his parents had cultivated Buddhism deeply into his heart by teaching him how to recite the Buddhist chanting and make merits at Buddhist temples.  As a result, Pirajak had joined his family to make merits at Wat Paknam Temple in Bangkok, the origin of Dhammakaya Meditation tradition, since his childhood.


After Pirajak completed grade 12 in Thailand, he furthered his education in the U.S.A. by studying English language at California State University, Los Angeles, followed by college education at Pasadena City College.  Thereafter, he transferred to the University of Washington in Seattle where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.  After graduation, Pirajak applied to become a fulltime staff of a branch of Dhammakaya Temple in the U.S.A. with a strong determination to pursue spiritual life as a religious worker.  A couple of years later, Pirajak started to experience mental disorder called ‘schizophrenia’ which caused him to return to Thailand for periodic psychiatric treatments.  However, as a schizophrenia patient, Pirajak was able to continue his post graduate education in Thailand and earn a Master's Degree in Translation Art & Science at Thammasat University, a prominent university in Bangkok, with the GPA of 3.76 and a published academic thesis, but he finally returned his Master’s Degree diploma to his scholarship provider to prevent possible disputes.  


In term of working life, since 1995, Pirajak had worked for Dhammakaya Temple / Foundation for many years, as a fulltime staff in the beginning and, later on, as a volunteer, but he decided to resign his membership and discipleship in 2012 in order to run his own projects by collaborating with senior meditation masters of Wat Paknam Temple and other branches of Wat Paknam such as Wat Luang Phor Sodh Dhammakayaram and Suan Kaew Meditation Centre in Rajaburi Province, Thailand.  As such, Pirajak formally applied to become a registered member of Wat Paknam Alumni [Disciple] Association and became an active devout of Wat Paknam as well as other branches of Wat Paknam according to the aforesaid.  (Dhammakaya Temple/Foundation are not officially enlisted as a branch of Wat Paknam in Bangkok).


Soon after Pirajak earned his Master’s Degree in 2012, he entered an ordination to become a Buddhist monk at Wat Paknam in Bangkok given the monastic name 'Dhammavidhu,' having His Holiness Somdet Phramaharatchamangkhalachan (Chuang Varapunyo), Pali Scholar Level 9, the former acting Supreme Patriarch of Thailand and the present abbot of Wat Paknam Temple, as his preceptor. Pirajak spent around six months in monkhood, and he returned home in Bangkok to disrobe and take care of his aging parents.  Although Pirajak lives as a secular, he accepts the Gold Tara ethics and prefers continuing his celibacy practice throughout his life, since he was born until the present, similar to what a Buddhist monk would do, partially due to the motivation from ‘bipolar disorder’ and 'mania episode' which makes him strongly appreciate the ‘purity’ from celibacy rather than the sexual relationship which he regards as ‘impurity.’


From his experience in the monkhood and Dhamma practicing & learning, he authored books and articles related to Buddhism as well as translating several books and articles on Dhammakaya Meditation from Thai to English with an aim to share Buddhist teachings and Vijja Dhammakaya Meditation to English speakers all over the world in order to promote peace and harmony among humankind as a non-profit activity whereas Pirajak has strongly insisted to refuse any form of donation and monetary benefit for himself except the passive fundraising for charity-organisations enlisted on his website of which donations can be made directly to the organisations without Pirajak’s involvement.


For more than a decade of Pirajak’s suffering from schizophrenia symptom, he disclosed to his psychiatrist that his ‘good side’ and ‘dark side’ kept arguing and competing each other.  Pirajak has continued practicing Buddhism and endured over his mental disorder by screening almost every single thought and rejecting the ‘dark side’ repeatedly, over and over, until the ‘good side’ finally ‘prevails’ when Pirajak gave up his vow to be a Bodhisattva (a Buddha-to-be) and consequently attained the primary Buddhist Sainthood instead.  


Hence, with such overcoming and good knowledge and understanding in Buddhism, Pirajak started to discover and develop many extraordinary supramundane expressions on Buddhist teachings and understandings such as the Equation of Time, Time Machine Theorem, Dhammotronics, Dhammonomics, Pirajak’s Translation & Interpretation Theorem, Pittaya’s Evolutionary Theory, Top Quotes, articles, commentaries, publications, translations, interpretations, inventions, symbolic drawings, and innovations which are made available for studying and learning, free of charge, on www.meditation101.org.


After Pirajak disrobed from his monkhood, he became a loyalist to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand who kindly granted Pirajak an opportunity to join Her in contributing ideas to solving problems and developing the Kingdom of Thailand in many aspects including education, socio-politics, economics, agriculture, national security, technology, art & culture, and Buddhism.


For myself, I aim towards selfly cultivation.

For others, I aim towards selfless devotion.


- Pirajak


If you have any inquiry or wish to make a discussion with meditation insight, please ask the golden statue of the Lord Imperial Dhamma Body (Chakkavatti) shown on the top of this page.


Note: Please do not use your psychic power to contact Pirajak because it may stimulate his schizophrenia symptom.


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