11. The Angel vs. Devil Scenario in Dhammakaya Meditation

The Angel vs. Devil Scenario

In Dhammakaya Meditation

Compiled by Pittaya Wong

12 April 2017


The Angel vs. Devil Scenario is indeed the metaphor for the common mechanism in every living being where one’s mind is competitively nurtured by (1) the wholesomeness / merit energy via the Wholesome Nurturer, (2) the unwholesomeness / sin energy via the Unwholesome Nurturer, and (3) the neither wholesomeness nor unwholesomeness via the Neutral Nurturer. 

The three parties of Nurturer reside in the sublime state of one’s spirit, and they are governed and functioned per hierarchy in connection with the Transmundane Seed Element & Seed Nature Engine which is like the supernormal mainframe computer controlled by the Lord Primordial Buddha (in the case of  wholesome engine), the Satan or Lord Mara (in the case of unwholesome engine), and the Lord of Neutrality (in the case of the neither wholesome nor unwholesome engine). 

The three parties compete each other all the time to control the living beings’ mind.  When a living being commits a wholesome deed per the direction or influence of the sublime Wholesome Nurturer, such being receives merit energy, stronger virtue perfection, and the programmed karmic consequences in the form of prosperity, success, good health, happiness, and etc.  A living being who frequently commits good deeds will be filled with merit energy which enables him or her to reborn in heaven or human world until s/he will be able to eradicate mental defilement [with the fulfilled merit energy] and his/her spirit will be pulled to the Nirvana which is the state of permanent bliss per the mechanism of the Wholesome Engine. 

On the contrary, if a living being commits bad deeds, mentally, verbally, and physically, per the persuading of the Unwholesome Nurturer, the Unwholesome Nurturer will fill such living being’s mind with sin energy, stronger immorality, and the programmed karmic consequences in the form of recession, problems, bad health, sorrow, suffering, and etc.  The sin energy will result the spirit of such living being to be pulled to hell realm for punishment per the transmundane mechanism operated by the Unwholesome Engine.  When the sin energy is almost used up, such being may reborn again in the human world to experience a life full of suffering. 

However, the three Parties will keep competing to cause happiness, suffering, neither happiness nor suffering, to living beings as well as reward and punishment under the Law of Karma which is like the program or software that operates most of the Existence (hardware) whereas the Law of Karma was derived from the bargaining of power, superknowledge (vijja), merit energy, sin energy, might, seed element & seed nature, and competency of each Party.


Credit: Lecture of Venerable Phrathepyanmongkol (Sermchai Jayamanggalo)

Wat Luang Phor Sodh Dhammakayaram, Thailand