Chapter 15. The Ten Virtue Perfection

The 10 Virtues Perfection

In order to attain Buddhahood and Arahantship or Buddhist Sainthood, it is necessary that one has to commit good deeds for many lifetimes as the cultivation of virtues.  Mainly, there are 10 virtues namely:

(a) Generosity (b) Moral Discipline (c) Renunciation or Contentment (d) Wisdom or Comprehendability (e) Endurance (f) Patience (g) Truthfulness (h) Resolution or Determination (i) Compassion and (j) Equanimity.

Indeed, the 10 virtues are merit energy differentiated according to their quality.  For example, Generosity and Determination are both merit, but we can feel the difference of their quality when we give Christmas gifts (Generosity) and do prayer (Determination).

As we practice the 10 aforesaid virtues, we earn merit energy which coexists with virtues.  Over time, as the meritorious deeds are repeated for a long period of time, the merit energy which is dominated by virtues become crystallized or ‘perfected.’  This is similar to baking a loaf of bread where the mass of flour needs appropriate heat and time to become fully baked.

According to our diagram, we can graph our 10 Virtues Perfection relatively to (1) Type of Virtue or ‘x’ (2) Level of Effort or ‘y’ and (3) Duration of Time or ‘T’.  Firstly, we have to figure out the level of effort or ‘y’ for each virtue or ‘x’, then we can plot the graph whereas the inner ring is for the cultivation period of 20 eons, 40 eons, and 80 eons, respectively for Wisdom-Oriented Cultivation, Faith-Oriented Cultivation, and Perseverance-Oriented Cultivation.

In addition, we also have the simple equation in relationship with the diagram as follows:

10 Virtues Cultivation = (xay+xby+xcy+xdy+xey+xfy+xgy+xhy+xiy+xjy) x Time


Effort or ‘y’

= 3 for Dedication of Life

= 2 for Dedication of Self

= 1 for Regular Dedication

Time or ‘T’

= 80 [Asangaiya or Eons] for Perseverance-Oriented One

= 40 [Asangaiya or Eons] for Faith-Oriented One

= 20 [Asangaiya or Eons] for Wisdom-Oriented One


By Pittaya Wong

3 August 2018