Hall of Chakkaya (Chakravarti): The Eminent Lord of Imperial Element & Essence

‘Chakkaya’ means the adorned eminent transcendental body of imperial element & essence.  Meditators who pursue the lineage of Chakkaya (cakkavatti in Pali or chakravarti in Sanskrit) are able to attain and become one with their mighty Chakkaya bodies which are empowered by the Seven Precious, which are transcendwares and transcendroids, namely (1) the bladed discus (2) the crystal ball (3) the Lord of Force (4) the Lord of Treasury (5) the Noble Lady or Gent (6) the Noble Elephant and (7) the Noble Steed.  With the Seven Precious and Chakkaya, meditators can exercise various vijja or superknowledge and supernatural powers.

Our on-line ‘Hall of Chakkaya’ is the electronic shrine for qualified Chakkaya recognised by vijja masters at Wat Paknam in Bangkok.  Please feel free to meditate and communicate with each Chakkaya statue in order to ask questions or exchange your opinions and experiences.