19. The Seven Precious and Development of Nations

The Seven Precious and
Development of Nations

by Meditation Guru and Pittaya Wong

as of 19 October 2017



Every nation in our world has ‘The Nurturer(s)’ who looks after and empower the on-going of such nation.  We may say that they are ‘The City Angel(s)’ who used to be the forefathers who benefited the public by founding such nation.  In Dhammakaya Meditation, we use the term ‘Nation’s Chakkavatti’ or ‘Imperial Astral Body of the Nation.’  The Nation’s Chakkavatti can be classified into many levels namely (1) the Minor Nation’s Chakkavatti who is less powerful (2) the Medium Nation’s Chakkavatti who is moderately powerful and (3) the Grand Nation’s Chakkavatti who is very powerful.  The Nation’s Chakkavatti can be divided into (a) the Wholesome Nation’s Chakkavatti who causes benefits and prosperity to the nation and (b) the Unwholesome Nation’s Chakkavatti  who causes problems and recession to the nation.  All of the Nation’s Chakkavatti(s) are under the supervision of Earth Nurturer or Earth’s Chakkavatti.

Each Nation’s Chakkavatti has the Seven Precious as one’s tool/team as the followings:

     1.      The Precious Bladed Discus enhances the on-going of governing and political power as well as the power of armed forces.

    2.     The Precious Crystal Ball enhances the prosperity of education institutes, know-how, knowledge, and technology.

     3.     The Noble Chief of Force enhances the quality manpower who supports the army, the public and private sectors per demand.

     4.     The Noble Treasurer enhances the economic prosperity, well-being, good earnings, and good business of people.

  5.     The Noble Lady enhances the beautiful art, culture, tradition, architecture, and infrastructures which are pleasing, nice and orderly.

     6.     The Noble Elephant enhances the good caring and hospitality among people as well as the quality hospital and nursing system.

     7.     The Noble Steed enhances the good transportation system as well as the ‘energetic living’ of people.

In addition, for any nation that adopts Buddhism as the state religion, the Nation’s Chakkavatti will have a unique symbolic decoration which is outstanding from all other Nation’s Chakkavatti(s).  The impact of the work of the Nation's celestial Nurturer(s) toward the Nation's prosperity or recession can be as much as 30 to 50% of the total physical outcomes.

If you wish to learn more about the Nation’s Chakkavatti, please contact www.dhammacenter.org

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Edited on 20 November 2018