Chapter 17a. Equation of Right/Wrong View & Intent

According to the Noble Eightfold Path, right wisdom comprises of (1) Right View and (2) Right Intent.  These two components can be broken down further as follows:

(1)            Right View = Knowledge & Understanding

(2)            Right Intent = Resolution & Determination.

Hence, according to our equation, we reflect how they are related whereas the value of terms can be either positive (right) or negative (wrong).  This is because one can have right knowledge but wrong understanding, and vice versa.  In the same manner, one can have wrong resolution but right determination as well.

Firstly, the right / wrong view stems from the right / wrong knowledge and right / wrong understanding.

Secondly, the right / wrong intent stems from the right / wrong resolve and right / wrong determination.

Thus, the right view and right intent equals to ‘wisdom’ whereas the wrong view and wrong intent equals to ‘delusion.’

By Pirajak T. Suwapatdecha (formerly Pittaya Wong)

18 June 2020