Chapter 19. Human Duty

No matter what religion or creed we belong to, all humans share the same mission in life.  Unfortunately, many people are unable to identify clearly and correctly why they were born.  And religions somehow fail to prove that their claims ‘work’ logically in the modern scientific context. 

However, to generalize all mainstream religions and creeds including science altogether, we can make a common conclusion with the Buddhist conceptualization that all humans were born, from time to time, for the sake of their own wellbeing in the materialistic sense.  Moreover, in the spiritual sense which is not limited to Buddhism only, humankind shares the same mission to promote virtues and demotes immorality, and this mission is carried on for oneself and/or others.  As a result, humans are either rewarded or punished as the fruition of their deeds. 

Thus, we are able to generalize a Dhammonomic equation of Human Duty as

Human Duty = 

(Make Ourselves + Make Others) x (Wellbeing + More Virtuous + Less Immoral)

where Human Duties are to make oneself  being well, virtuous, and less immoral, and it is optional for one to make others being well, virtuous, and less immoral as well.  These are all about life with exception for some uncommoners who may not be the majority. 

By Pittaya Wong

24 January 2019