4. Mr. Wanchat Thippool

The Double Resurrections


Credit: Ubon TV

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dA7PNA8hVrI

Copyrighted by Mr. Wanchat Thippool


INTERVIEWER: Hello, this Nopporn News Talk program.  I’m now at Chaiburi Village, Chaiburi Sub-District, Tah Utain District, Nakorn Phanom Province.  Today, we have a chance to interview the village scholar who lives in Chaiburi Village.  He is Mr. Wanchat Thippool, a former provincial school director and a retired government officer.  Presently, he has been honored as the village scholar of Tah Utain Sub-District.  He is now 67 years old.  This afternoon, I have a chance to interview him about an interesting story which I wish to publicize, but it is subject to personal belief.  Good afternoon, Mr. Wanchat!

MR. WANCHAT: Good afternoon!

INTERVIEWER: May I address you as Brother Wanchat?  How old are you now?

MR. WANCHAT: I’m 67 years old and turning 68.

INTERVIEWER: Turning 68, and you are still healthy.  I heard that you had experienced resurrections.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, right.

INTERVIEWER: For two times, isn’t it?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, two times.  The first one was in 1984.



INTERVIEWER: And the second time?

MR. WANCHAT: In 2004.

INTERVIEWER: So, the duration between the first and the second is around 20 years.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, 20 years.

INTERVIEWER: How were the two events similar or different?

MR. WANCHAT: They are quite similar.  For the first time, I had an accident where my head was hit by a wooden log while I was working.  Then, I became unconscious.  After that I got headaches.  So, I had medical treatments, but it didn’t go away.  Later on, I passed out.  By that time, I was with my family, but my family didn’t recognize me.  The day that I passed out, I was so exhausted.  So, I told my wife not to disturb me, and I went to sleep.  My wife didn’t disturb me, and it had been twelve hours. 

INTERVIEWER: So, it was twelve hours of sleeping?

MR. WANCHAT: It was like losing my conscious while I was sleeping.

INTERVIEWER: Was it due to a log hitting?

MR. WANCHAT: No, it was afterward.  But before this event, I had an insight telling me that I already reached the end of my lifespan.

INTERVIEWER: Who told you this?

MR. WANCHAT: The ones who told me in my insight were two bold men.  They wore red clothes with bead ornaments holding tridents.

INTERVIEWER: It is like what we see on TV program.

MR. WANCHAT: They looked dreadful like the hell denizen, but they had no horns.  Their complexion was quite dark, having tridents as their weapon.

INTERVIEWER: What is their height?

MR. WANCHAT: They are taller than me.  I had to look up to see them.  My height is 176 to 177 centimeters, their height should be at least 180 to 190 centimeters or more.

INTERVIEWER: They are taller than us..  taller than common people.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes.  By that time, I asked why my lifespan ended.  They said the ‘Listing of the Dead’ showed that my lifespan ended, and I had to follow them with no exception.

INTERVIEWER: That is what you learned from your insight.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, from my insight.  So, I told them why I can’t go because I still worked for the government, and my family would have problems.  They said my name was listed, and I could not refuse.  If I didn’t follow them, they would be punished by beheading.

INTERVIEWER: This means that they would be punished.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, they would be punished.  So, I agreed to follow them with a condition that they had to treat me well.  As such, I was not chained.  They walked ahead and told me to close my eyes.

INTERVIEWER: They told you to close your eyes during your insight?

MR. WANCHAT: I closed my eyes during the insight, for a moment, I reached the end of a tunnel.  It was like the tunnel of purgatory hell that we saw on the TV program.

INTERVIEWER: The tunnel means you could see light glowing from the end destination when you entered the tunnel?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, it was like we entered another world.. another realm, and it was exceptionally crowded. 

INTERVIEWER: After you opened your eyes?

MR. WANCHAT: There were numerous people who were in line.  I was one of them.  And the purgatory officer kept opening the book of record.

INTERVIEWER: Was the book of record opening the same as opening and reading books?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, it is called ‘the golden book’ where good deeds and misdeeds of people are recorded and listed.  When it was my turn, the officer kept flipping from page to page, and he said “Mr. Wanchat used to be a Buddhist monk and did meritorious deeds.”  Then, I was reminded of the merits that I did but I could not remember, and the details which I could not remember were given. 

INTERVIEWER: We can compare it to the ‘Big Data.’

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, the Big Data.  But the officer said my lifespan had not ended, and my spirit must be sent back.

INTERVIEWER: Please excuse me, what language did you use when you communicated with them.  Was it a local tongue, official tongue, or what?  Could it be a telepathy?

MR. WANCHAT: It was by telepathy.

INTERVIEWER: So the conversation went on by thinking?

MR. WANCHAT: Right, we just thought.

INTERVIEWER: You thought in Thai, and they replied?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, the reply was in Thai, and it came along the thought.

INTERVIEWER: It means that you didn’t use your mouth to speak.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, it was like a mental communication.  After that, they were to send me back.

INTERVIEWER: After the officer checked the book of record and found an error that you had not reached the end of your lifespan, they sent your spirit back.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, they sent me back.

INTERVIEWER: How did they send you back?

MR. WANCHAT: When they were to send me back, the purgatory hell officer said “close your eyes,” and I held his arm.  For a moment, the officer told me to open my eyes, and I was at home.  It was the time for me to dress up and go to work, but I had a heart attack (acute coronary syndrome) and became unconscious.  Thus, I was transported to Tah Utain Hospital and transferred to Nakorn Phanom Provincial Hospital for medical checkup and treatments.

INTERVIEWER: After your spirit returned, you had an immediate heart attack and was transported to Tah Utain Hospital.  This happened after your spirit was sent back from the purgatory hell.  Your symptom was of an illness.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, after I arrived the hospital for medical checkup, the doctor diagnosed and said there was nothing wrong with me.

INTERVIEWER: You thought that you had an immediate heart attack, and you went to the hospital.  But the doctor said there was nothing wrong with you.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, there was nothing wrong.  When I was to return from the purgatory hell, the officer said “please do the beneficial things to the society including merits and charities as well as publicizing useful Dhamma media and telling people about merit and sin to those who lack awareness.  This is the cultivation of merit.  It was the first time, which I did, and the second time was twenty years after that.

INTERVIEWER: Please excuse me again, how was your conducts before and after this event.  Did you change yourself?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes.  Before, I was more careless, and I became more contented.

INTERVIEWER: But you did not drink alcohol or gamble, as a good member of the society.

MR. WANCHAT: I have contributed more to the society by spending every single minute of my life beneficially.  I go to bed around 11.00 pm and wake up at 3.30 am to meditate for 10 minutes as a meditation therapy and start to do my routines.

INTERVIEWER: Is it what you can figure out by yourself?

MR. WANCHAT: No, I was taught to do so.

INTERVIEWER: And you put into practice.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, basically from Vipassana (insight) meditation.

INTERVIEWER: You used to be a Buddhist monk.

MR. WANCHAT: I had been a Buddhist monk for three months, and I learned from Venerable Phrakru Sunthornkalayanvudh, my Buddhist master who is very strict.  I got this trait from him as I was his attendant during weekends.  Also, I learned from the teachings of the Most Venerable Phrathepsitthacariya (Luang Pu Chan Suvannavajjo).

INTERVIEWER: We can say that you have some backgrounds.  After you returned from the purgatory hell, did you have a chance to tell the story to family members and others in the society?

MR. WANCHAT: Most of them didn’t believe me.

INTERVIEWER: You told it to your close ones, didn’t you?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, I did.  But they didn’t believe.  They thought that I was abnormal.

INTERVIEWER: After you returned, you were like an abnormal?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, they doubted my mental condition that made be an abnormal person.  The local Thai Northeastern language terms it ‘Puang.’  In fact, I was fully normal.  But I would like to explain my experience in term of science that.. it is like when we use our phone or the television signal that we can’t see with naked eyes.  If we can tune the television signal to match and receive the compatible signal, it is the same concept to telepathy.  The characteristic of mental communication is that we convey the mental signal, and when someone has a channel that matches our signal, they can receive what is conveyed. 

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever told this story to Buddhist monks?

MR. WANCHAT: I used to do it, but they were not interested.  So, I remain silent because most people don’t understand, and I let it go.

INTERVIEWER: This made you telling nobody, but you kept up with your conducts and routines consistently.  Thus, you became the contented person who dedicated yourself to the society.  And it was the first event in 1984.  So, how about the second time?

MR. WANCHAT: The second resurrection occurred when I returned to Tah Utain Village after I followed my wife moving to Nakorn Phanom.  As we returned to the village, we built our new house.  After the new house was constructed, I had an insight which was quite close to the first resurrection.  The denizen officers told me that it was the end of my lifespan, and they were ordered to accompany me.  

INTERVIEWER: How did they tell you during the insight?  Was it a meditation experience or a dream?

MR. WANCHAT: It was during a meditation practice, not a dream.

INTERVIEWER: Was it a voice or an image?

MR. WANCHAT: It was like watching a streaming video.

INTERVIEWER: It was like watching a TV.  How many denizen officer came to pick you up?

MR. WANCHAT: Only two, same as the first resurrection.

INTERVIEWER: Were they the same ones as the first time?

MR. WANCHAT: No, they were different officers.

INTERVIEWER: The different officers also looked like the earlier ones who were bold, dark, and put on red clothes.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, but the second event was different that they did not come by foot.  They said I was a person of good status, and it was inappropriate to invite me the normal way.  So, they brought a horse cart to pick me up.

INTERVIEWER: Did the cart look like the Thai Northeastern cart?  Was there a shelter?

MR. WANCHAT: It looked like a carriage with horses, similar to the Ramayana Movie.

INTERVIEWER: How many horses they brought?

MR. WANCHAT: According to my insight, there were two horses.

INTERVIEWER: A carriage with two horses to pick you up.

MR. WANCHAT: I told them I had recently built a house.  If I followed them, my family members had to pay debt.  I asked them if their boss would pay the debt on my behalf.  I knew that they came to pick up my spirit.  It was not a good thing.  Their arrival denotes the end of my lifespan. 

INTERVIEWER: Because you experienced it once already.

MR. WANCHAT: I tried to bargain and negotiate with them back and forth.  Finally, they said that if I didn’t follow them they would be beheaded.

INTERVIEWER: It was like the first time.

MR. WANCHAT: Similar to the first time.

INTERVIEWER: If you don’t follow them, they would be beheaded.

MR. WANCHAT: Finally, I followed them with a promise that they had to send me back.

INTERVIEWER: Did they promise?

MR. WANCHAT: They promised.  But I didn’t have to close my eyes this time.  Once I got on to the carriage, the carriage moves down quickly.

INTERVIEWER: Did it speed out?

MR. WANCHAT: Down and down and down

INTERVIEWER: The mind entered their realm, but was there a tunnel like the first time?

MR. WANCHAT: No, the carriage was pulled like a warp amidst the air.

INTERVIEWER: Did it fly?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, it flied like warping.

INTERVIEWER: And you were seated on the carriage?

MR. WANCHAT: I was seated on the carriage.

INTERVIEWER: What about the two officers.

MR. WANCHAT: They were drivers.

INTERVIEWER: You were seated under the shelter, right?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, I was on the upper seat.  They sat below.  It didn’t take a long time to get there.

INTERVIEWER: Was it the same place again? Could you remember it?

MR. WANCHAT: It was the same place which I came in 1984.  I went there before, at the end of tunnel.  Once I arrived, they asked me to get off and invited me to get in line after my name was announced.

INTERVIEWER: Please excuse me, was it overcrowded?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, like the first time.

INTERVIEWER: Were they Thais, foreigners, Westerners, or else?

MR. WANCHAT: They were altogether from every nation.

INTERVIEWER: It means that we can notice from their figures that they are from all races including Westerners, Indians, Thais, and other, right?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, but they didn’t talk to each other.  Everyone was quiet.  It was so quiet that we could hear the sound of a pin-drop.

INTERVIEWER: Were they chained?

MR. WANCHAT: Not yet.  Once I walked up the hall, the officer opened the book of record and read my name “Wanchat Kaew-In, Wanchat Ma-In, Wanchat Thippool.. the one whose lifespan ends today is Wanchat Ma-In, this person is Wanchat Thippool, his lifespan hasn’t ended!”  Upon this, I thought of taking a look at the hell, so I could tell others.

INTERVIEWER: Did you request to look at the list of the dead?

MR. WANCHAT: No, not yet.

INTERVIEWER: You asked for looking at the hell first.

MR. WANCHAT: So, I asked them, but they refused giving the reason that I didn’t have enough time.  They said the timing here and the timing in human world are different, at least 25 years or 52 years at some other spots.

INTERVIEWER: It meant that if we spent time in hell, it would be 52 years or 25 years on earth.

MR. WANCHAT: Right, one day in purgatory hell equals to 25 years on earth.  They said if I would spend time looking at hell, I would die for real.  They questioned if I wanted it that way, and I declined.  Thus, I requested them to take a look at nearby heaven.  They said it’s possible, so they accompanied me there.

INTERVIEWER: Who took you there? By a carriage or what?

MR. WANCHAT: I went by the same carriage.  The two denizen officers who picked me up accompanied me for heaven sightseeing.  The celestial palaces were situated on clouds similar to the images we can see on fresco.  I asked the officers what was gleaming on the palace, they said humans call it ‘diamond’ which is priceless, but it is just a decorating gemstone in heaven.  Continuing the sightseeing further, I saw a big shining yellow chunk decorating the celestial palace, I questioned what it was.  The officer said it is the valuable gold for the human world, but in heaven, it is just like a useless decorating rock.  I saw the fruits in heaven which were ripe, but they didn’t fall down.  So, I asked if anyone was hungry because I was.  The officers said nobody eats foods here because they fulfill their hunger byway of thinking.  Thus, I told them to send me back because I was so hungry already.

INTERVIEWER: Excuse me please, were there anyone living inside the celestial palaces?  Were they occupied or unoccupied?

MR. WANCHAT: They were occupied.

INTERVIEWER: How was their dressing, and how did they look like?

MR. WANCHAT: They looked like angels and deities on the fresco, but they were more beautiful and gorgeous. 

INTERVIEWER: Can you still remember the images?

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, I can still draw the images if you wish.

INTERVIEWER: If we show you the fresco images, can you point out how it was like?

MR. WANCHAT: The trees were very beautiful.  There were dwarfs which we can see on fresco.  It was so beautiful just like that as I passed by.

INTERVIEWER: Did angels in each celestial palace smile and greet you?

No, I didn’t have a chance.  There was not enough time.

INTERVIEWER: How was their manner?  Were they sitting or walking?

MR. WANCHAT: Most of them were sitting.  Some of them had aura spreading out, such as from their heads.  Different of them had different radiances.  But I didn’t have enough time.  So, I just passed by when I paid a visit to heaven.  And the officers reminded me that it was time to return, and I agreed.  Hence, I asked for permission to take a look at the book of record.

INTERVIEWER: It means that you returned to the purgatory hell and asked to look at the listing of the dead.

MR. WANCHAT: After I made a request, the officers said they wouldn’t grant others except me because I was meritorious and virtuous.  So, they allowed me to take a look.  I asked if I could take a note, they said I couldn’t do so but I could memorize it.  So, I could remember 11 to 12 names.

INTERVIEWER: Where did the twelve people live?

MR. WANCHAT: All of them lived in Tah Utain Sub-District

INTERVIEWER: It means that they lived in the same area as yours.

MR. WANCHAT: But I didn’t pay attention after I returned.  However, all of the twelve people died in that same year.

INTERVIEWER: In the same year.

MR. WANCHAT: It is unbelievable.  One of them was only 14 years old, and one of them was only 7 years old.  It is unbelievable that they would die.  The 14 years old did a motor-biking and crashed the electricity pole.  The 7 years old had a diarrhea and passed away. 

INTERVIEWER: Excuse me please, when you returned home, how did they accompany you?  Was it the same?

MR. WANCHAT: The same as when I departed.

INTERVIEWER: Well, what actually happened when you passed away and had the second resurrection?

MR. WANCHAT: I was very much exhausted.  So, I went to bed and I became unconscious.

INTERVIEWER: Were you still sleeping when you returned?  Were you unconscious at the hospital or at home?

MR. WANCHAT: At home, and it was on the first of October 2004.  I rose after I returned.

INTERVIEWER: Did you return at daytime or night time?

MR. WANCHAT: I returned in the morning which was the 12th hour after I went to bed at 6 pm.

INTERVIEWER: Did your family members know what you experienced or they just thought that you were sleeping and woke up?

MR. WANCHAT: I seemed like a normal sleeping, so they didn’t know.  They thought I had a deep sleep.  The happening was that after I returned, I had a tight chest.  So, my wife brought me to Tah Utain Hospital.

INTERVIEWER: It was like the first time.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, but this time it was more serious.  I was transferred to Nakorn Phanom Provincial Hospital.  The doctor gave me heparin for the clot, then I recovered and became normal.  The doctor believed that I had Acute Coronary Syndrome just like the first resurrection.

INTERVIEWER: Did you had a heart ballooning?

MR. WANCHAT: No, by that time, it was not that serious.

INTERVIEWER: So, you just took the heparin for the clot.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, and what happened was that the man whose name was Mr. Wanchat Ma-In passed away on that very day.  We share the same first name but different last name.

INTERVIEWER: Did he live in Tah-Utain Sub-District?

MR. WANCHAT: No, we lived in different provinces.  He lived in Na-Gair.

INTERVIEWER: On the very same day?  And how did you know that?

MR. WANCHAT: He is one of my friends.

INTERVIEWER: His first name is also ‘Mr. Wanchat,’ but his last name is ‘Ma-In.’  He passed away on the same day that you…

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, there are two persons whose name and last name are Mr. Wanchat Ma-In.  The first one is Mr. Wanchat Ma-In who is the district agriculture officer.  He is still alive.  But the one who passed away was Mr. Wanchat Ma-In who was my friend.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, that’s the data error!

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, data error.  So, this is about the merit, sin, virtues, and disvirtues

INTERVIEWER: I would like to get back to the list of 12 people.  When you fully recovered, did you tell them that you saw their names on the listing of the dead?

MR. WANCHAT: I told them, but they didn’t believe me.

INTERVIEWER: How many of them did you tell? Twelve?

MR. WANCHAT: Well, around 4 to 5 of them.

INTERVIEWER: How did you mention this to them?

MR. WANCHAT: I told them that we should make more merit to better our lives.  Some are well-to-do, so we should donate our clothes to those who are in need such as on the occasion of our birthday, we can donate caskets instead of buying liquor which is a nonsensical thing, right?  Or we can donate to the non-profit foundation and hospital for the public benefit.  But they didn’t believe me. 

INTERVIEWER: That’s how you approached.

MR. WANCHAT: They got upset thinking that my words would bring them misfortune.  Soon after that, they passed away.

INTERVIEWER: Were they ill or killed by an accident?

MR. WANCHAT: Most of them died of accidents.  Some died of diarrhea.  Some died of immediate heart attack.

INTERVIEWER: To conclude, among the 12 people, you told around 4 to 5 of them.  Among the 4 to 5 people you told, they got upset and disbelieved in your words.  So, you didn’t tell the rest of them.  But all of the people you saw their names in the list died in the same year.

MR. WANCHAT: I cannot disclose their names because this will affect them.  So, I would like to reserve the right by now.

INTERVIEWER: But they are the people whose names you can remember.


INTERVIEWER: After they passed away, did you tell their relatives, later on, that you earlier saw their names on the list?

MR. WANCHAT: I declined to tell them, because they were not educated to comprehend the belief about this realm, similar to the TV signal that cannot be seen, when we ask how the TV signal works..  but when the Dhamma Master Fhan explained when someone asked him if ghosts were real, he was wise not to answer directly, but he said that if we could fine tune our mind to be more refined equal to the television signal, we will be able to see the ghosts.  The mental refinement is like the television, if we can fine tune the mind to become more focused and subtle, we can see the ghosts.

INTERVIEWER: It means that the two events make you confident that reincarnation, hell, and heaven are real.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, heaven and hell are real.  Before my resurrections, I didn’t believe these because I was more scientifically oriented.

INTERVIEWER: Because you studied science.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, I didn’t believe in heaven, hell, and reincarnation.  I didn’t believe in merit and virtues as well as the book of record which was even more unbelievable.

INTERVIEWER: Now you confirm that they are real.

MR. WANCHAT: I do confirm and I have strong faith in Buddhism and believe so.

INTERVIEWER: Do people believe in your story these days?

MR. WANCHAT: Very few people believe my story.

INTERVIEWER: How do the few believers change?

MR. WANCHAT: Mostly people think that I exaggerate the story.  But some people said.. one time, I was a school director.  And I saw in my insight during meditation that the son of my subordinate teacher would face an accident by driving a motorcycle to hit an electricity pole.  By that time I was to move to another school.  I didn’t know how I should caution my subordinate teacher.  So, I told him that I had a dream of his son driving a motorcycle and hit an electricity pole.

INTERVIEWER: You used the word ‘dream’ instead.

MR. WANCHAT: Yes, if I told him that I knew it from meditation, he would think that I was abnormal.  So, I told him that I had a dream last night that his son would drive a motorcycle and hit an electricity pole.  This dream made me concern.  Finally, I moved to another school on the 25th of November.  Until the Father’s Day which was the 4th to the 5th of December, it was around 7 to 8 days later, his son asked for 200 baht to play internet games, but the father who was my subordinate teacher gave only 100 baht explaining that gaming was no good, the son dissatisfied and threw money to the face of his father.  Then, he drove his motorcycle outside and fell down from the road and hit an electricity pole, just like what I saw in meditation.  Then, his father called me saying that ‘Mr.Director, his motorcycle crashed the electricity pole just like what you said.  Will there be something wrong with him?’  I replied ‘Don’t worry, he will be sent to Khon Kaen Provincial Hospital and receive medical treatment for one month and return home as a good person.’  This came true as the son recovered and returned from Khon Kaen Provincial Hospital.  He has repented and studied at a reputable school in Nakhon Phanom School, having better conducts and study achievements.

INTERVIEWER: Did he experience anything?

MR. WANCHAT: I didn’t interview him.  But I knew that he would improve to be better.  He no longer plays game.

INTERVIEWER: What about his father?  Did the changes made him question you?

MR. WANCHAT: I just laughed saying that it could happen by chance, that’s all.

- Discontinued –

Transliterated & Translated from Thai to English

by Pirajak Suwapatdecha (Pittaya Wong)

on Saturday, 23 November 2019