Members of Wat Paknam's Meditation Workshop

Members of Wat Paknam's meditation workshop practice the superknowledge of Dhammakaya meditation 24 hours a day by taking turn from shift to shift.  This has been carried on since the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni (Sodh Candasaro) or Luang Phor Sodh was still alive prior to the World War II.  During meditation shifts, members of meditation workshop use their meditation power to solve problems for people such as dissolving problems and healing illness without any profitable charge.




The Ranks of Angels in Heaven

All religious men in this world share the same heaven.  However, heaven can be classified into different levels, zones, districts, and locals.  When angels have a meeting or congregation, they will be seated, respected, and honored according to their ranks and virtues.  The ranks in heaven can be distinguished into 10 major levels namely:

(1) ‘Dhamma’ or ‘Purity’ which is for angels who achieve sainthoods.

(2) ‘Deja’ or ‘Might’ which is for angels who dedicated so much effort and  labor to assist the Lord Buddhas and Holy individuals.

(3) ‘Prabha’ or ‘Radiance’ is the rank for angels who have much aura caused by their offering of light and lanterns to the Lord Buddha and Holy individuals when they were humans. 

(4) ‘Bhastra’ or ‘garment’ is for celestial angels who are adorned with beautiful clothes resulted by their offering of clothes and garments to the Lord Buddha and Holy individuals when they were humans. 

(5) ‘Rattana’ or ‘Jeweled’ is for angels who are beautified with jewelry and gems caused by their karma from offering gems to decorate statues of the Lord Buddha, Holy individuals, and Pagodas or Stupas. 

(6) ‘Cariya’ or ‘Virtuous Conducts’ is for angels who are well-behaved and having exemplified moral disciplines either when they were humans or angels.

(7)  ‘Vichitra’ or ‘Beauty’ is the rank of angels who have superior beauty due to their offering of flowers, ornaments, and gorgeous decorations to the Buddha, Holy persons, and sacred places. 

(8)  ‘Sukanda’ or ‘Fragranced’ is for angels who are blessed with fragrances resulted by their karma from offering incenses and fragrances to the Lord Buddha, Holy persons and places when they were humans. 

(9) ‘Yodha’ or ‘Subordinated’ is for angels who have numerous subordinate-angels resulting from their effort in gathering many people to do good deeds when they were humans.

(10) ‘Turiyanka’ or ‘Music’ is the rank for angels who enjoy much pleasure from musical bands playing due to their meritorious deeds from playing music to please the Lord Buddha and Holy individuals when they were humans.

An angel may be titled one or more ranks of the above titles at the same time.  The more titles, the more admiration, honor, and respect they earn from fellow angels.  This is similar to humans who earn the title of Lordship, Knighthood, Professorship, Military Ranks, and Civilian Decorations.  For more information, please ask our crystal ball shown on the top of this article.

By Supporting Team of Pittaya Wong

26 April 2018

(1) Elements (Dhatu) & Essences (Dhamma)

Essences (Wholesome, Neutral, and Unwholesome Dhamma), are situated on elements. When we have more elements, more essences can be situated. On the contrary, the essences nourish the elements. When the elements are clean, the wholesome essence can develop well. Likewise, when the elements are dirty, the unwholesome essence can develop better. Merit energy is the wholesome element, and sin energy is the unwholesome element. The Dhamma body or Dhammakaya is indeed incorporated from the Dhamma element which is like the wholesome essence but it is more densed and stronger. The element found in the Nirvana is also the pure wholesome Dhamma element with some differences. There is no mundane element in the Dhammakaya and the Nirvana.

by Dhammakaya Masters

21 Feb 2018