32. The Secrets of Sacred Emblems

The Secrets of 

Sacred Emblems


First Thai Version on 19 January 2018

First English Version on 16 August 2019


By Pirajak Suwapatdecha (Pittaya Wong)


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Prakasith’ is the vijja technical term for ‘sacred emblem.’  In general, we can refer to it as a logo or brand which represents a shop, business entity, position, or rank. Such emblem can either belong to an entity or an individual.  Mostly, the characteristic of an emblem indicates the rank of such emblem with some exception.


[1]  The ones who supervise the use of emblems in the human world and celestial realms are the Lord Brahmas in the Brahma realms who achieve advanced meditation levels and/or enlightenment up to the level of ‘Anagami’ Buddhist Sainthood.  The Lord Maha Brahma who is the chief of Lord Brahmas assigns the subordinate Brahmas to empower and look after the use of emblems by humans and celestial beings in relationship with the empowerment by the Lords of Color and symbols which represent them.  In combination, they are like the ‘nurturers’ of each emblem.


[2]  An emblem firstly begins from the process of designing by an artist per the wish and preference of its owner.  After that, the owner of such emblem has to declare the use of his or her emblem and/or register the emblem formally abiding to the laws with exceptions to the undisclosed emblems.


[3]  An emblem is ranked according to its type and category such as suriya (the sun), chandara (the moon), dara (the star), chakra (the precious bladed discus), the Dhamma-chakra (the Dhamma wheel), deja (the mighty), vajara (diamond), rattana (gem), prabha (brightening), abha (aura), rangsi (radiance), mani (crystal), vilai (beauty), and etc.  Any of these ranks can be associated to either an emblem or an individual or entity to denote the one’s unique features.  For example, if the owner of an emblem is a human or angel who has bright radiance greater than others, he or she will be titled ‘Lord Prabha’ or ‘Lord Abha.’  If one has colorful radiance, he or she will be titled ‘Lord Rangsi’ which means ‘the ray.’ If one is strongly aromatic, he or she will be titled ‘Lord Suvakhandr’ which means the perfume.  However, if one has more than one special quality, the titles will be extended.  For example, a radiated and fragranced one is titled ‘Lord Suvakhandr Rangsi’ which means the perfumed radiance.


[4]  When the owner of a sacred emblem uses his or her emblem in working, business, or charities, by ways of affixing, stamping, or sealing, the Lord Brahmas will nurture and empower the emblem to be sacred, credible, and appreciable.  These indirectly influence the prosperity of an individual or entity from 20 to 45% of the total end result.


[5]  The celestial beings or angels are like humans, most of them do not have personal emblem.  Those who have emblems are ones with special features including the works they have done.  Some individuals love to use emblems while some others don’t.  As an emblem is frequently used, the emblem becomes more powerful and promoted to a higher rank, becoming well-known as well as reputable.  For example, the emblem of the United Nations which is printed, published, or displayed on different printed materials or media such as websites makes readers feel confident, respectable, and trustworthy.  Moreover, ones who have insight or divine eye will be able to see the radiance and feel the energy spreading out from the highly ranked sacred emblems as celestially energized by the Lord Brahmas.  With the effort of the emblem owner altogether with the empowerment from the Lord Brahmas, an emblem prospers an individual or entity even further until it becomes reputed worldwide.


[6]  Among celestial beings or angels, they are classified into different classes.  When there is a call for an assembly, the Lord Brahmas and angels are seated according to their ranks which may be related to the emblems, if any, or the individuals themselves in case that they own no emblem.  It is quite a concern for an assembly of celestial beings to be seated before or after each other similar to a royal ceremony in the human world where participants are seated according to the superiority of their lordship or dukedom.  In addition, the assembly hall of celestial beings is also decorated with flags showing emblems of important celestial beings who attend the event.  The celestial beings honor each other according to their ranks which they obtain from their karmic merits.  This also involves human beings when there is a merit making event where celestial beings are invited to witness.  The celestial beings will show respect and honor human beings who earn sacred celestial titles either with or without emblems.  And the participating celestial beings themselves participate the event by forming the order according to their superiority and inferiority of titles. 


[7]  The superior ranks of celestial beings or angels may be engaged to emblems or individuals directly where the top class is given the title of ‘Lord’ such as Lord Ampai, Lord Prabha, Lord Rangsi, Lord Dara, Lord Chakra, and Lord Suvakhandr.


[8]  For ones who enjoy using emblems as their hobby, when they do good deeds in association with their emblems such as making a donation to Buddhist temples by stamping their emblems on the donation envelope, this can be accounted as an honored giving.  Thus, the karmic consequence will make their celestial properties becoming more honorific and beautified by the patterns of the emblems.


[9]  The use of emblems are interrelated between the celestial and the worldly.  As the owner of an emblem uses his or her emblem more frequently, the energy is accumulated while the brand is being built either in a good or bad way.  The branding is progressive hand in hand with the empowerment from the Lord Brahmas.  If one knows about branding, a good logo should be outstanding and easy to remember as well as promoting good attitude.  As the emblem or brand is used along the providing of good products and/or services, people remember the brand in the good way, and vice versa.  Accordingly, an emblem which is regularly used in the good way is empowered and promoted to the higher rank.  On the contrary, when the emblem is used in the bad way, it accumulates bad energy and the sacred rank is downgraded.


[10]  Considering the know-how about branding, the use of an emblem is like doing branding which allows people to remember an individual or entity or product or service in a certain way.  The owner of emblem has to build up the brand by using the brand along good products and services to make people remember the brand in the good way as well as avoiding using the brand in misdeeds that worsen the emblem’s reputation, credibility, and trustworthiness.  Then, the emblem will both directly and indirectly enhances an individual or entity to prosper in the work, either spiritually by becoming respected by celestial beings or worldly by becoming reputed among humans.  If we establish an organization, foundation, institute, association, club, agency, or a partnership where members join to make merit, we should wisely design and use emblems to serve the establishment in order to enhance the efficient meritorious activities in the progressive manner while doing our best to avoid whatever that may destroy our brand.




Q1:  Why does the use of emblem make us earn more merit?

A1:  The factors that contribute to more earning of merit are (1) the purity of alms (2) the purity of giver (3) the purity of receiver, and (4) the purity of intention.  A sacred emblem guarantees the purity of giver who is the owner of emblem and the purity of alms.  The ones who own sacred emblems are, usually, wholesome, virtuous and holy.  None of them is corrupted; otherwise, they cannot earn the superior class or title of sacred emblem.  In addition, an emblem is a symbol of honor and reputation, when it is used altogether with merit making, it makes such deed more admirable.  Thus, the karmic consequence can be in manifold.

(13 August 2019)


Q2:  Why do we have to show our emblem when making merit?

A2:  When I make a donation with my emblem stamped or sealed on the donation envelope, the celestial image of emblem flies into the sky in the middle of the merit event.  This is to make participants aware that Lord(s) of Sacred Emblem(s) is/are participating the event.  The important thing is that when an emblem is handed to the host, the host has to keep it; otherwise, one may have to drop it into a donation box in order to complete the process.  Upon this completion, by the end of the event, the Lord Brahmas will calculate the merit energy for the host and all other participants as well as the owners of sacred emblems.

(13 August 2019)


Q3:  Why does the host have to keep the given sacred emblems?

A3:  It is to complete the process of using sacred emblems.  We can compare it to a giving, when we give something to someone, the receiver should accept and keep the given.  If the receiver returns the given, the giving is incomplete.  This is more like a manner or trait, similar to the stamp of an emblem that is mostly in red or blue only.

(13 August 2019)


Q4:  Why do the Lord Brahmas have to calculate the meritorious deeds in order to generate more merit energy for participants when a sacred emblem is shown?

A4:  The Lord Brahmas do this for only the owners of sacred emblem from the level of ‘Sayumbhu’ and superior only.  The reason why the Lord Brahmas do this is because they earn 50% of the additional merit.  For example, if the sacred emblem is not shown, one earns 100 units of merit energy.  When a sacred emblem is shown, the Lord Brahmas calculate to earn the total of 210 units of merit energy.  Then, the additional is 110 units, and the Lord Brahmas deduct 55 units.  So, the owner of a sacred emblem earns the total of 155 units.

(13 August 2019)


Q5:  If we have superknowledge or vijja, isn’t it better to use vijja only without using any emblem?

A5:  Between two individuals who have the same level of superknowledge or vijja and the Dhamma/Chakra rank, the individual who owns a sacred emblem is more honored and prioritized.

(13 August 2019)


Q6:  Is it necessary for ones who pursue the Chakkavatti path to create emblems that look like the precious bladed discus or Chakra?

A6:  One will be naturally motivated by the innerself.  However, normally ones who wish to use the Chakra emblem do not make a direct figure of the precious bladed discus because this may attract more challenge against oneself.  So, the design may be adapted to look like a wheel or else instead.

(13 August 2019) 


Q7:  Why does the celestial emblem appears when a material emblem is shown?

A7:  According to Vijja Meditation, every material being has the immaterial part resting within.  This is like a human who has an astral body within, and the astral body can be seen during dreaming.

(13 August 2019)


Q8:  How does a beautiful emblem affect the karmic consequences?

A8:   A beautiful emblem that is used during merit making normally makes the merit making superior.  Thus, the celestial properties that ones earn or gain will be perfected with more beautiful patterns and designs.  In addition, the color, designs, and symbol used on an emblem will contribute around 20 to 45% of the end result.  For example, the lady mermaid on Starbucks emblem put on a crown of star.  This enhances the outstanding products and services of Starbucks.

(13 August 2019)


Q9:  What is the Merit Stream Cable?

A9:  The merit stream cable is punnabhisandhan or the stream of merit energy which one earns from having wholesome thought, speech, and action.  Normally, when one makes merit, the nurturers will take the inputs of thought, speech, and action and report to the Wholesome Machine which is like the computer server of the Existence.  The machine will process the inputs and calculate as well as creating the outputs in the form of karmic programs to be returned and installed into oneself.  In addition, the merit energy is, more or less, granted and transferred from its source to be stored in oneself as well.  In case of a normal merit making, the merit stream may flow from the source to be stored within oneself for the period of five minutes, an hour, or a day.  However, in case of a merit making which yields infinite results, one earns the merit stream which continues flowing infinitely.  This happens when the owners of sacred emblems show their sacred emblems when making merit, the Lord Brahamas will make an additional calculation to acquire the merit stream cable to be shared among the host, the owner of sacred emblem, and the Lord Brahmas.  There are different merit stream cables as follows from the inferior to the superior:

     1.      Sanvivadayi Merit Stream Cable

     2.     Maha Sanvivadayi Merit Stream Cable

     3.     Parama Sanvivadayi Merit Stream Cable

     4.     Raka Merit Stream Cable

     5.     Suraka Merit Stream Cable

     6.     Adhika Merit Stream Cable

     7.     Santika Merit Stream Cable


Although the merit stream cable fills merit into oneself infinitely, one can receive and store more or less of merit depending on one’s available dhatu which is like the storage capacity.  In addition, the merit earns from merit stream cable is like the merit earned from doing meditation.  It does not make one becomes handsome or beautiful like the merit from observing precepts.  However, the merit from merit stream cable is very useful for exercising the superknowledge or vijja as it can be compared to the fuel that enables meditative superknowledge activities.


End Note:

If you are interested in using a sacred emblem or ‘prakasith,’ you can learn more from our meditation masters at www.dhammakaya.org or you can do the insight investigation by yourself to see and compare how celestial beings or angels are ranked and seated during an assembly. 

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