Chapter 41. The Equation of Happiness

Happiness is what common people from all walks of life look for in their lives.  Basically, happiness temporarily occurs when our demand, either need or want, is fulfilled with supply, which yields utilities of satisfaction in return.  Then, when our minds have a new demand, we crave for another fulfillment further.  This is why modern economics claim that demand is endless.    

To express this phenomena in Dhammonomics, we can derive an equation of which one’s happiness equals to an increase in happy body and mind with a decrease in suffering body and mind whereas each factor can be categorised into a list of Dharma topics.  Thus, we can see the multifaceted aspects of Dharma topics which affect each other in the equation of happiness, resulting in an increase or decrease of happiness and suffering in one’s body and mind.   

Copyrighted by Pirajak Tisuthiwongse

(Pittaya Wong)

23 March 2022