28. The Time Being Principia

The Nature of Time

I was questioned if there is anything in the Existence that does not reincarnate, age, deteriorate, and disease.

After I pondered a little bit, the answer arose in my mind.  The answer is ‘time’ because time does not reincarnate, age, deteriorate, and disease.  Time is the ‘co-factor’ of every element (dhatu) and essence (dhamma).

Timing of our human body, which is the speed of electron that revolves around nucleus, works relatively to the timing of realms.

Thus, timing of our human body can be regarded as electro-chronography, biological chronography, and chemistric chronography.

All realms including the Nirvana and the evil lord mara’s world are still subject to change, either progressive or regressive, as long as the different parties of elements and essences still interact, intervene, interfere, and influence each other.

Hence, there is the only one that is not subject to change like all other elements and essences, and it is ‘time’ which can be different in term of speed, either faster or slower, from element to element, and from essence to essence.

By Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)

Vijja Scholar

Copyrighted 8 November 2019

The Time Being Phenomena:

When I studied economics at universities in the U.S.A., I learned micro and macro economics. When I saw the mechanism of nucleus, I discovered that nucleus system is, indeed, the micro unit whereas the solar system is the macro unit of our formation. Thus, electron and nucleus work as the micro electromagnetic system, and the planets in solar system work as the macro electromagnetic system. As planets orbit around the sun, they enable day and night, week and month, year and time. Likewise, the electron that revolves around nucleus enables the 'timing' at the very micro level of formations. So, it is the speed of electron that can be accounted as the speed of time.

Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong) 
as of 17 April 2019 (Thailand Time)


Aging Assumption

If electrons within ourselves revolve around Nucleus at the speed slower than others, we are more likely to age at the slower speed when comparing to others.

by Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)


Equation of Time by Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong) (www.meditation101.org)

As time flies, things in the Existence keep changing (impermanent).  When everything is Permanent, that’s the End.  If Electrons and Protron [or Nucleus System] stop moving, Time will stop.

If Time is Endless,

Timelessness is The End!

Time = Endless

Timeless = Endlessless

Timeless = End


My retrospection on the Time Machine Theorem by Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (as of 13 June 2018)

The average speed of an electron which revolves around a nucleus is still slower than the speed of light.  As I claim that when electrons revolve reversely around nucleuses within an atmosphere of time, the on-going will be reversed while the time flow continues on from past to present and from present to the future.

As such, the speed of electrons that rotate reversely within a time frame must be faster than the average speed of electrons that rotate to the normal direction.  (This is like running or walking up a downward escalator at a certain speed).

Furtherly, if electrons can revers, ‘light’ should be able to ‘travel back’ to its origin within a time frame.  However, light will travel back at the faster speed than electrons within an atmosphere of time frame.

Presently, we can conclude that “Electrons cannot reverse their rotation around nucleuses.”  So, we may conclude that “the on-going within an atmospheric time frame cannot be reversed as well.”  If it were to reverse, all of the electrons in an atmosphere of time frame must be reversible.  And this is impossible in the present..

By Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)


Time-Flow Alteration Theorem

Time is infinite, and it flows at different speeds from realm to realm. When a being moves from a realm to another realm [across dimensions], the time flow will be altered, resulting in disordered timing, within the relocation interval.

Note: Earthly time flows at the average speed of electron.

By Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)

27 May 2018



Time Machine Theorem:

Retrospection by Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)

Time flows at the average speed of electron which revolves around nucleus, if we can move faster than the average speed of electron, we can be faster than the time flow.

Different realms, e.g. heaven and hell, have different speeds of time flow.

When one moves from a realm to another realm, there will be the alteration & variation of time in an interval similar to ones who travel by an airplane from the East to the West against the Earth’s rotation at the faster or slower speed.

If we can reverse the revolve of electron in an atmosphere of time, we will be able to reverse the ongoing, but not the time flow.

Planets orbit around the sun with the electro-magnetic correlation in the same manner that electrons rotate around nucleus.

Equation of Time by Pirajak Tisuthiwongse:

Time = Endless

Timeless = Endless(less)

Timelessness = The End (ness)

By Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)

13 June 2018


In order to travel at the speed faster than ‘time-atmosphere,’ we have to go faster than the speed of all electrons in an atmospheric existence, not just faster than the speed of light.

Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)

25 March 2018



What are the correlations and/or differences between electrons that move around nucleus and planets that revolve around the Sun?  The answer may help us to explain better how the solar system work.

Pirajak Tisuthiwongse (Pittaya Wong)

25 March 2018