Master Nun Thongsook Samdaengpan


Maechee Thongsook, one of the reputed meditation teachers of Wat Paknam, was born at Ban Saphan Lueang, Bangrak District, Bangkok, on Wednesday, 1 August 1900.  She was the third child of Mr. Rom and Mrs. Wan.  Her parents passed away since Thongsook was a kid.  Then, she was adopted by her uncle and aunt.  Later on, she married Dr. Cheun Samdaengpan, a doctor of Chulalongkorn Hospital.  They had two children.  Afterward, Dr. Cheun passed away.  So, Thongsook became a merchant who raised her children by herself.  At the age of 30 year old, she started to study Dhammakaya Meditation directly with Luang Por Wat Paknam at Wat Paknam in Bangkok.  Luang Por taught her and everyone to meditate at all times by stilling the mind at the center of the body and repeat the mantra ‘Samma Arahang’ repeatedly. 

One day, when she was walking to the market nearby Wat Paknam, her mind was focused at the center of her body according to Luang Por’s teaching.  While she was walking, she saw a clear Dhamma sphere arising at the center of her body.  She could see the bright sphere consistently.  Thus, she rushed to return to see Luang Por to tell him about her meditation experience.

Thongsook finally attained Dhammakaya when she was 35 year old, and she became a Buddhist nun when she was 40 year old.  After she became competent in Dhammakaya Meditation, Luang Por assigned her to propagate Dhamma and Dhammakaya Meditation further.  Maechee Thongsook was an excellent teacher that she could teach thoroughly.  She dedicated herself to teaching Dhamma in order to allow them to be successful either in the mundane or spiritual path.

Maechee Thongsook had taught Dhamma and meditation to people until she got old and passed away peacefully at her residence located in Wat Paknam’s compound on 3 February 1963 at 19.35 p.m. when she was 63 year old and had been in her nunhood for 23 years.


Compiled by Pattana and Suneerat

Translated by Pittaya Wong on 15 Oct 2015