Definition of Terms

Definition of Important Terms

on Dhammakaya Meditation

1.  Dhammakaya = The Dhamma body

2.  Samma Arahang ("Araham" in pali spelling) = The noble one who is righteous (literal translation).

3.  Phramongkolthepmuni = The auspicious deity sage

4.  Luang Por Wat Paknam = Venerable father of Wat Paknam temple

5.  Luang Pu Wat Paknam = Venerable grandfather of Wat Paknam temple (some people refer to the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni as 'lung pu' instead of 'luang por.'

6.  Luang Por Sodh = Venerable father Sodh (The great master's given name when he was born)

7.  Candasaro = the great master's monastic name given on the date of his ordination; meaning 'the moon.'

6.  Somdet = His Holiness

7.  Wat Paknam = The estuary temple

8.  Maechee = Buddhist Nun

9.  Kru = Guru