Kru (Guru) Lamai Choowongvudh

Master Guru Lamai Choowongvudh

When the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni was alive, Guru Master Lamai was one of the leading female disciples.  She entered Buddhist nun ordination later than Guru Master Nun Pook Muiprasert but earlier than Guru Master Nun Yanee Sirivoharn.  Guru Master Lamai was very faithful upon the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni, so she asked her husband for permission to enter Buddhist nun ordination which he granted.  Thus, she became a Buddhist nun at Wat Paknam, Bangkok, approximately in 1933.

After Guru Master Lamai moved to Wat Paknam Temple, she attained Dhammakaya and the sublime superknowledge of Dhammakaya.  As a result, she was very helpful to the Great Master’s meditation tasks until the Great Master appointed her to be one of the six female chiefs of meditation shifts namely (1) Master Nun Pook Muiprasert (2) Master Nun Yanee Sirivoharn (3) Master Nun Tanom Asawai (4) Guru Chaluay Sombatsuk (5) Guru Lamai Choowongvudh and (6) Guru Treetar Niamkham.

Thereafter, Guru Lamai supervised and instructed the advanced Dhammakaya meditation practice and research.  She also taught meditation to Buddhist nuns and meditation students at Wat Paknam.  She was very helpful in relieving people’s suffering physically by curing diseases with meditation power and mentally with Dhamma and meditation.

During World War II, the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni assigned Guru Lamai to defend and secure Wat Paknam Temple from being bombed by airplanes similar to other ‘Dhammakaya Nuns’ who were advanced Dhammakaya meditation practitioners.

After the Great Master of Dhammakaya meditation passed away, his disciples united to cast the Great Master’s statue in standing posture.  On 5 May 1959, 90 days after the Great Master had passed away, Guru Lamai was one of the five leading disciple representatives namely Mr. Prayoon Soontara, Mrs. Chuea Puranasewee, Guru Lamai Choowongvudh, Ms. Prayoon Nakboontieng, and Guru Treetar Niamkham, who enshrined the 3 sacred crystal balls (3 inches in diameter) into the middle of statue which is now located close to the Great Master’s coffin.  

After the Great Master Phramongkolthepmuni passed away, Guru Lamai disrobed from her nunhood and moved to live with her relative in Bangbuathong, Nonthaburi Province.  Although Guru Lamai aleady disrobed, she still relived people’s suffering with her meditation power.

Compiled by Khun Tharanatham

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Translated by Pittaya Wong on 11 Dec 2016