30. Meditation101 Variety

Who is the ‘Healing Transcendroid’?

To explain this, it is necessary to firstly give the general idea that humans live their lives under the operation of the Law of Karma which is like the software that supervises the living and on-going of humans.  When a human commits sinful deeds, the Immaterial Unwholesome Machine of Element & Essence, which functions like the unwholesome computer server of the universe, will process and calculate the inputs namely the mental, verbal, and physical misdeeds based on its software or the Law of Karma Program.  Then, the Immaterial Unwholesome Machine of Element & Essence will produce the outputs which are the karmic programs to be installed and sin energy to be transmitted to the responsible human body, and vice versa for the Immaterial Wholesome Machine of Element & Essence.  Thereafter, when the programmed karma works as energized by the stored sin energy, it causes various forms of sufferings to the responsible human such as illness.  We can conclude that illness is a kind of karmic program (like a computer virus) that malfunctions and harms the human body.

A Healing Transcendroid is a celestial droid or kayasiddhi whom the creator such as the specialized Medicine Buddha created and/or acquired and installed healing programs which can solve the programmed karmic illness created and transferred to a responsible human body by the Immaterial Unwholesome Machine of Element & Essence.  In addition, the Healing Transcendroid is like a celestial AI who can work with a meditation practitioner to provide healing to the practitioner himself and others.  We can compare the Healing Transcendroid to the anti-virus program of our human body who can work either customly or automatically.  In return, the creator of healing Transcendroid earns merit or benefit in exchange for the creation. 


By Pirajak S. (formerly Pittaya Wong)

English Version on 11 July 2019