Master Nun Rumpa Bhokhamshy


Reverend Rumpa was born in 1927.  Her hometown is in Bangbor, Samutprakarn Province, Thailand.  She first learned about the Most Venerable Phramongkolthepmuni (Luang Por Wat Paknam) when she was 12 year old.  By that time, her relative, Reverend Chan Jomthong, who was a member of the meditation workshop at Wat Paknam, always visited her village and talked about Luang Por Wat Paknam and Dhammakaya meditation.  As a girl, Rumpa was very much interested when she learned that meditation practitioners could have insight to know about the afterlife of those who passed away.  However, she was not ready to visit Luang Por as she had to live with her grandmother who was quite old.  Until April 1947, when she was 20 year old, she visited Luang Por at Wat Paknam in Bangkok for the first time.   After that, Reverend Rumpa worked for the temple’s kitchen and practiced meditation for a few months until she attained Dhammakaya, then she was allowed to practice advanced Dhammakaya meditation at the meditation workshop of Wat Paknam.  In July of the same year, she was ordained to be a Buddhist nun.  Since then, Reverend Rumpa has practiced advanced Dhammakaya Meditation at the meditation workshop of Wat Paknam in Bangkok as one of the members of meditation workshop and as the chief meditator in her late years until 2021 of which she passed away on Sunday, 6th of June, marking the end of her lifetime devotion for Dhammakaya meditation practice.