The One Who is Worthy of Offerings

The One Who Is Worthy of Offerings

A Sermon by the Most Venerable Phramongkolthepmuni

the Great Master of the Dhammakaya Meditation


Translated by Pittaya Wong


This is in respect to patrons who make donations to Buddhist monks in Thailand… Now, we can say that they give to the appropriate individuals who are worthy of offerings. There are nine groups of beings who can be considered as deserved ones. At Wat Paknam, there are more than 80 people who have attained the Dhammakaya. The patrons donate to the deserved ones, all 80 of them. This is an immensely wholesome deed. Once the donation process is completed, the Buddhist monk, then, has full rights to use and consume, or to give it to children or others per his own volition, whilst the patron’s rights to use it ceases. At that very moment, Punyapisanta, the merit starts to flow along the patron’s own inner route automatically. The merit continuously flows to the Dhamma sphere that forms one’s human body. This Dhamma sphere is clear and pure, having about the same size as that of an egg yolk, existing in the middle of the human body.

In the middle of this sphere is where the merit is located. Merit flows into the middle of this sphere, similar to the way electricity heats the filament at the center of a light bulb, regardless of the wattage. It can contain much merit in the same manner. The Dhamma sphere that forms the human body can automatically contain an infinite amount of merit because there is no limit to its capacity. Today, the owners of such offerings, both the leader and followers, receive merit, which is a rounded sphere located at the center of the Dhamma sphere that forms one’s human body. It is clear and pure, 2000 meters in diameter, and it is the same for all of them. The patrons who join together to make donations to the deserved ones today will therefore receive great merit in return.

Keep your mind at the center of the Dhamma sphere that forms your human body. It is clear and pure, and about the same size as that of an egg yolk. Stop your mind there or still your mind in the middle. When your mind is at the center, think of your own merit, which is measured to be 2000 meters in diameter. Keep your mind there, and think of the donation that you’ve made today and receive great merit like this. Keep your mind within the merit sphere.

Whenever you experience any harm, keep your mind at the merit sphere. Let the merit sphere help you. Do not think of anything else. Think of your own merit that you have made. It is your true refuge. It really can help.