25. When I See the Future

When I See the Future

By Pittaya Wong


30 November 2018


Throughout the development of human science about time, humans still find it uncertain to control the future although the present is well managed.  Thus, so many mysteries about future telling remain secrets such as in the case of Nostradamus’s quatrains and the Gypsy’s crystal ball’s reflection of the future images.  These make many people wonder how future works over time, and we wish to explain this in the arena of Dhammotronics.

Referring to our chapters in Dhammotronics, the Law of Karma is the program that controls many realms of the Existence.  This program is operated by the transcendental mainframes called ‘the Element & Essence Machines’ governed or administered by the Holy Lord or the Primordial Buddha (in case of the wholesome machine) and the Evil Lord or the Primordial Mara or Satan (in case of the unwholesome machine).

According to the Law of Karma which is the program working on the common operation system of Trilakshna (The Three Nature) which makes the human realms impermanent, sufferingful, and non-self, humans who do good deeds are programmed by the Law of Karma to experience good consequences in the present and the future.  This is the same for bad deeds.  Hence, our numerous deeds either good or bad will bear fruits per the Law of Karma Program which operates on the Trilakshna Operation System mechanized by the two Transcendental Element & Essence Machines governed separately by the Holy Lord and the Evil Lord.

So, as a human, with the many deeds we committed, we are programmed to be either good or bad, and the deeds are submitted to and processed by the Element & Essence Machines which transfer the output or the programmed to be installed within ourselves which can be carried on to the future lifetimes after we die.  This is how Dhammotronics can explain the secret about future happenings as per timing.

However, as the Holy Lord and the Evil Lord still encounter each other in many ways including the battling, bargaining, interfering, and manipulating each other, these make the future ‘uncertain.’  But, basically, humans’ future is programmed by the Law of Karma under the preceding agreement between the Holy Lord and the Evil Lord.

To give a good example about humans’ programmed future, I would like to exemplify my own story.  Before I went to the United States to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in 1993, at one night while I was sleeping at home in Thailand, I dreamed of a scene where I was walking in the dark with two other men which I didn’t know.  After I woke up, I could remember the dream which looked so clear, but I didn’t know at all what it meant to me.  Until I went to study English language at California State University of Los Angeles in 1993, one day, I accompanied two men who were my friends from outdoor to enter the university’s parking building and my vision turns a little darker.  When the scene matched my dream, I was surprised that it was the moment which I dreamed of when I was in Thailand.  This is an example which explains well about our programmed future.

In conclusion, as per the Law of Karma, it does not mean that humans’ lives are predestined by someone and unchangeable at all.  The mechanism which lies behind the future happening explained by Dhammonomics makes us understand better about how future works, and it is possible to redesign it, more or less, with the present deeds or karma.